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Eiza Gonzalez Shows Off Her Snake Dance On The No Judgement Zone


Eiza Gonzalez stops by The No Judgment Zone to discuss her new show Dusk Till Dawn. She also talks about the rumors of her dating Liam Hemsworth, her singing career and more.

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Dear Xilla, My My Myspace, I’m Not Number 1

Dear BlogXilla, I read a lot of your blogs and it seem like you give really good advice so I have a question for you. If I was your woman what number would I be on you friends list? I have been dating a guy for about 2 two years and I am ONLY number [...]

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I Can Order Chinese By Myself

There is an old adage which states that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well I believe that a lot of females have forgotten that saying. But whose fault is it? The Mother’s for not teaching her daughter how to cook? The Daughter for not learning how to cook? or the [...]

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A New Benchmark for Whores

50 Cent has a serious problem, he can’t ignore the small things. BET’s Rocsi had an opinion about his album and he calls her a hoe. Does she sell her cooch to the highest bidder? No!! He claims that she has slept with 4 people he knows. 4!!

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Xilla On…Flavored Kisses

I’m wondering which one of these classy women will be the first one to kiss all over our spokesperson for black people “Flavor Flav” I’ll admit this season does look like it’s going to be good . I got a message recently from one of my readers. it goes. Dear Xilla How is it that [...]

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Xilla on – Cheaters, Trust, & Betrayal

Please send all request for advice to Dear BlogXilla I figured I could ask u this, as a Libra I know I can trust your advice. My boyfriend recently told me that he knows that my best friend’s boyfriend has cheated on her plenty of times, but made me promise not to tell. Now [...]

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