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It’s Hip Hop’s Fault That Women In Their 20s Have No Heart Or Soul


Hip Hop has raised a society of soulless women in their twenties. Yes I’m blaming hip hop for the reason there are so many heartless 2o something year old women in the world. Not men, because we have dogged and mistreated women since cavemen used to club women over the head with logs. They’ve grown [...]

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No Judgment Zone: Kaylin Garcia & Wavey K Talks Wild Sex, Men With Small Members & More


The Killa K’s aka Kaylin Garcia and Wavey K stopped by the No Judgment Zone to discuss Kaylin’s body paint calendar, their twerk out sessions and much more. Check out it out.

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The Internet Killed The Art Of Trying To Holla


Last night my cousin Luke spoke to me from the grave. He appeared to me in a dream. Which is weird because we never really spoke much, while I was an adult. Luke was older than my mother, the head of his own household, but I alway thought he was cool. Ice cold. But what [...]

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Do You Pull Your Weight in Relationships?


Written by Ariana G. for When I think about relationships, I think of the word partnership. The 50/50, I scratch your back, you scratch mine, “if you keep it real with me, I keep it real with you” kind of deal. Now, I’m not referencing the sentimental, walk in the park and kiss me [...]

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Arguments In Relationships Can Be A Good Thing


Arguments in a relationship can be a good thing. Matter fact if it wasn’t for an argument I never would of started this blog and I can honestly say I don’t know where would I be in life? I remember first time I wrote a blog, I was sitting on one of my extra dining [...]

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Stop Giving It Up For VIP Access And A Couple Of Sips From My Bottle


The church girl versus the freaky girl which one is better? At first glance one might say its the freaky girl. She is the object of affection all rap videos, all movies and even commercials. The gallant prince risk life and limb to win the beautiful princess. Who just so happens to be a willing [...]

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There Are No More Girlfriends, Just Situations & Friends With Benefits


There are no more girlfriends and boyfriends have been extinct since around the time that Snoop Dogg dropped his first album. A few years ago someone said you’re single unless you’re married and the whole idea of a relationship went poof. There are no more couples just people who love each other without titles. Everyone [...]

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What If Cops Gave Tickets For Relationship Violations?


Written by Ron Brown For I have a tendency to drive beyond the speed limit when on the highway. I drive even faster when I am running late! For the most part, no harm, no foul, as I usually get to my destination as anticipated. But every now and then, the red and blue [...]

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Don’t Take Advice From Baby Mamas With No Prospect Of A Ring by @718_pen_artist

Photo By Last Night's Party

Written by Ariana G for The 20s is a critical time in any woman’s life. However, when you throw relationships into the equation, many people are quick to give you a laundry list of why you shouldn’t do it. Trust me, I should know. From the unwanted “You should date around and enjoy your life” speech [...]

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A Woman’s Burden: The Stray Dog Theory Of Keeping Love


I haven’t been able to write anything great lately. Every time I sit in front of the screen with the urge to write nothing comes out. It’s just hasn’t been working. Then while sitting in deep thought I began to wondering if women are responsible making sure their man remains faithful. A lot of women, [...]

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The Reason Those Other Girls Got Men And YOU DON’T

Photo via Jumping Jasmine via

You can’t expect the same results as the person next to you when it comes to love because that person might be in a different lane than you. I see it all the time, a young girl is upset because the next chick has found love, while she’s still out here lonely on Friday night. [...]

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Monkey Bars Are Good For Kids, Not Relationships: How To Move On

Photo by Damian Loeb

Written by Ron Brown For Most of the world does not find true love the first time out. A lot of people will never find it, but will never give up on the quest. This got me thinking about my past relationships and how I handled the transition from what was proven not to [...]

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