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Carly McKinney Sexy Crunk Bear Photos (UNCENSORED)


Carly McKinney found herself in hot water, after the 23 year old teacher posted some sexy drug induced pictures on the internet. Teacher can’t do anything fun! Since the Crunk Bear Sexy Photos hit the internet she was placed on paid leave from her job at Overland High School in Aurora, Colorado. Now the kids [...]

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An App For Sleeping With Your Friends On Facebook


Is there someone on your facebook profile who keeps poking you? Is there someone on your facebook you can get the goods? Well now there is an app for making that happen. In come Bang With Friends: The Daily Beast writes: legacy in the making just yet, they did open up about their first [...]

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A Sexy Moment With The Beautiful @LauraDore (PHOTOS)


This week I got to kick it with the beautiful Laura Dore. If you follow me on instagram then you know she’s featured in my upcoming book, The Blueprint For Sexual Intellectuals dropping in February. So that makes for the perfect reason to put these sexy ass pictures of Laura right?

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@TheTanayaShow Takes It All Off To Promote @LaceByTanaya (PHOTOS)


When I first saw these pictures my heart dropped. The lovely Tanaya Henry who you’ve seen in almost every music video and in numerous high fashion spreads completely naked selling the hell out of her own line of body jewelry. Wow! Honestly this is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for any man. Instead of buying [...]

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The Condom Drawer: Beyonce Writes, Kim K’s Sister Disses Kris & More


Beyonce Says Happy Birthday Michelle Obama But Didn’t Say Anything For… << — Click Kourtney Kardashian Straight Clowned Kris Humphries On The Late Show! Too Funny <<— Click 5 Real Flicks Of Manti Te’o And His Fake Girlfriend Lennay Kekoa <<— Click Well Apparently Rush Limbaugh Does It For The Ratchets <<— Click Behind The Scenes [...]

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The Whole Weekend Is Naked Lazy Sunday


Thank goodness it’s Friday! I plan on shooting some pictures of the holiday scenery around town, but other than that, my entire weekend will be a lazy Sunday. There aren’t too many things better than lounging around naked.

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@RosaAcosta Appreciation


Rosa Acosta is a self proclaimed “ballet dancer, massage therapist, personal trainer, elbow lover, nippologist, scar kisser, shower opera singer, midget hunter and future chef.” She’s also one of my favorite people to creep follow on Instagram. Let’s have a moment of appreciation, shall we?

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Sex Ain’t Better Than… Music?


Could you imagine music turning you on more than your partner? College Candy found a study that says so. Spotify commissioned music psychologist Dr. Daniel Müllensiefen who surveyed 2,000 people and found strong connections between music and seduction with 40% of people saying listening to music was more arousing than touching during sex!  The survey also showed that one [...]

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Rihanna Goes Nude For GQ (PHOTOS)


In the words of Theophilus London, “Every time I see this photo my mind goes sexjdisjjakslessexjsushsexjsj”. I can’t believe there’s actually debate about being tired of Rihanna’s naked body. I’m sure not. These new naked pictures of Rihanna proves why she lives up to the name Bad Gal RiRi. Rihanna topless pictures from GQ are [...]

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Is Smoking A Big Deal?


As I play “Smokin Drink” off of Cabin Fever 2, I wonder… is smoking or drinking a complete turn off for you? Why?

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Kanye Accessorizes With His Chick


Kanye feels Kim is his “perfect bitch”, so it’s almost like she is a statement piece for him to show off to the world. The two posed for the camera over the weekend at the European Music Awards.

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Rihanna Probably Wants My D…


Yup. Rihanna probably wants my D taking pictures like this and now I can’t wait to see her Victoria Secret fashion show performance. Lawd! Check out photos from the performance and a recent shoot she did with the Kate Moss for V Magazine.

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