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A New Benchmark for Whores

50 Cent has a serious problem, he can’t ignore the small things. BET’s Rocsi had an opinion about his album and he calls her a hoe. Does she sell her cooch to the highest bidder? No!! He claims that she has slept with 4 people he knows. 4!!

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Jennifer Hudson – Sexy Is About How You Carry Yourself

- Jennifer Hudson might be one of the most beautiful women on the face of the Earth. Ok Well maybe I’m reaching but she always looks nice. She uses her weight and her body to her advantage. But one thing That Irks my nerve is when a women goes out the house looking and acting [...]

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Game – All The Way To The Top If You’re Not Afraid

There is a certain way a MAN should approach a lady. Some call it confidence, others call it swagger. One of my females friends once said I had that big dick walk when I pushed up on her. You know that walk that is telling you, you’re going to give ME the number unless he [...]

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Reggie Bush, Kim Kardashian New Years Eve – Your GirlFriends A Whore

Kim Kardashian & Reggie Bush Host Mansion Party on New Years Eve. I’ll admit I do think these too make a good couple, and with their publicist they’ll be seen every where they go, and they might even become the power couple of 2008. But one thing brother’s both men & women alike… That’s being [...]

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