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Who’s Sitting Where at The Grammy’s???


I cannot being to tell you how excited I am for another year of The Grammy’s! But I’m extra hype for this year’s awards show because Beyonce and Jay Z will be opening and gracing the stage together. Can we talk about an epic moment waiting to happen. #completelyserius. The Grammy’s is just a few [...]

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Nicki Minaj and Kobe Bryant On The Cover Of ESPN Magazine


I’m saluting Nicki Minaj right now! Because she straight slayed the cover of ESPN Magazine with Kobe Bryant. Nicki Minaj has definitely been chillen lately enjoying life, but I know that she’s got some major projects heating up and ready to release, including a new album. Meanwhile, ESPN Magazine is gearing up for Superbowl XLVIII [...]

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3 Reasons Your Boo Is Not Talking To You

If you’re anything like me then this has happened to you before, the person you love is mad at you and you have no idea why they’re mad. Even though they insist there is no problem, you can tell their heated because of the cold concentrated look they have on the wall, and by how [...]

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Are Black Woman Really Angry Btches?

Neck twirls, finger snaps, cuss words, rolling eyes and ripped out tracks of yaki weave on the ground are all sign that an angry black woman is in the area. The media portrays black women in the worst light. A quick glance at the evening news and your guaranteed to see at least one toothless [...]

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Attention! Our Kids Are Dying Too

When JFK said “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” I can’t believe he intended for the handsome young American pictured above to have to go through all of what he went through. Sgt. Merlin German was hit with a road side bomb in Iraq [...]

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