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Rihanna and BFF Melissa Forde Take Brazil


Rihanna most definitely lives it up. I have been in awe with her photos of her vacation with her girls in Brazil that she’s been instagramming. Her and Melissa Forde definitely are two peas in a pod. ¬†Oh, and looks like plenty of the good good was being lit too. #completelyserius. Photo Credit: Instagram  

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Myspace Cheaters Exposed

Location: The mean, mean eStreets of MySpace Ave. Ride or Die Biotch! Yes folks! Taymah goes undercover. To the heart of the World Wide Web of Pedophiliac Parasites. Objective: To catch an adult male engaging in improper and unsavory contact with a minor via MySpace. Strategy: To create a mock page of an underage, teenage [...]

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Attention! Our Kids Are Dying Too

When JFK said “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” I can’t believe he intended for the handsome young American pictured above to have to go through all of what he went through. Sgt. Merlin German was hit with a road side bomb in Iraq [...]

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