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It’s Hip Hop’s Fault That Women In Their 20s Have No Heart Or Soul


Hip Hop has raised a society of soulless women in their twenties. Yes I’m blaming hip hop for the reason there are so many heartless 2o something year old women in the world. Not men, because we have dogged and mistreated women since cavemen used to club women over the head with logs.

They’ve grown up listening to bitches ain’t shit but hoes and tricks. They grew up listening to stories of their older brothers playing bitches, stories of their older sisters either getting played or sleeping with so and so’s man. The things we did while listening to Snoop Dogg, Jay Z and R Kelly corrupted every child that are now in their 20s in such a way that love is now, “Lets be cut buddies,” “Who needs titles,” and “What my man doesn’t know won’t hurt him.”

Then when you throw in the addition of social media you get some crazed, insane 24 year olds who completely defy logic. I had this girl get upset with me because another girl asked me why I am single. I replied “There are many reasons, but one is, I’m picky.” I didn’t mention that I was hurt, I didn’t mention that a heartless young woman had my nose open, then proceeded to destroy ever idea about love I ever had. My bad I got a little emotional, but I didn’t mention all of that.

I also didn’t mention that I asked said insane 24 year old to be official the day before and she said no! So when I was asked why am I single, I thought “I’m picky,” was the appropriate choice. Needless to say this led to an argument at 2am about why am I telling girls I’m single if I’m fucking her. I flipped out, said a lot of curse words and told this crazy woman to never call my phone again. She text me 5 minutes later, the message was long as hell. I replied to her don’t text me either.

So here are just a few quick reasons why women in their 20s have no soul.

  • They got called a bitch way too many times.
  • The music influenced some dude to really believe that all women are bitches and he totally abused some young girl.
  • They haven’t heard a love song from anyone under 30.
  • Today’s love songs are Say Ahh, Birthday Sex, & Let Me Hit That By August Alsina.
  • Its more acceptable for women to be sexually free…
  • …So women are doing guys, exactly how men have been doing them for generations.
  • They will cheat on you, and have no remorse.
  • They act just like men used to act.
  • They forgot how to be honest.
  • They know how to not lie, and not tell the truth at the same damn time.
  • They believe in a God who think it’s okay to do hood rat things with their friends.
  • They’ve full embraced the idea of casual sex
  • They give double blow jobs for bottles of liquor and VIP access.

So if you try to debate me that today’s women are not heartless, I’ll win. If you want to debate me on whether or not it’s hip hop’s fault then you might stand a chance. I grew up on all of this horrible music, hell I even made some that you will probably never hear, but I digress.

I’m a man, from a certain generation we don’t take responsibility for much. So don’t bring up the fact that we’ve been playing women and destroying the idea of “waiting until marriage” since God knows when. Don’t bring up the fact that this whole casual sex thing was our idea. Don’t mention how we talked you into letting us go raw, but leave you to do our job as a dad. Despite that it’s not our fault that men in their 20s are a race  of babies that hate you ladies, that make the babies.

So are women in their 20s heartless and soulless or nah?

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5 Responses to “It’s Hip Hop’s Fault That Women In Their 20s Have No Heart Or Soul”
  1. Di says:

    I’m a 25 year old female and what I see around me is just scary. I think that the problem is that young woman have absolutely no self worth. We think that the only way to get a man’s attention is to lower ourselves. We allow ourselves to be treated like property. I wish we could all pull together and start loving ourselves and celebrate our beauty instead of exploit it and allow ourselves to be exploited. We need to remember our strength.

  2. May says:

    I’ve missed your posts. I legit would come here every other day to check if you had uploaded any content… And as a 20 something female myself, this is why we need you Blogxilla! Your relationship posts and sex tips were bomb

  3. Winter says:

    I’m 23 and I’m pretty much heartless. I’m not sure if hip hop is to blame but something happened along the way that made me the heartless woman I am today

  4. Shalonda says:

    I agree this is so true and tha t hiphop is the blame for what we women do for love and sex but most of all some men get the degrading from there father s uncles grandfathers not all do but 75% of them do

  5. Riri P says:

    I wouldn’t blame hip hop persay but music can be a bit of an influence depending on the mood you’re in. If I get into it with a dude and then hear jhene aiko the worst. The yeah I’ll sit there and think that n*ggas ain’t sh*t. But everyone is raised ddifferently and your perception of things is a huge key in life.

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