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The Internet Killed The Art Of Trying To Holla

Last night my cousin Luke spoke to me from the grave. He appeared to me in a dream. Which is weird because we never really spoke much, while I was an adult. Luke was older than my mother, the head of his own household, but I alway thought he was cool. Ice cold. But what is does a kid say to a grown up that he would want to talk about?

Who knows? Anyway, in my dream I was at a family function, bored. I wanted to hop on the phone and call my ex. Remember there are no more relationships, just situations and agreements? I digress.

Maybe this is why Luke came to me in the dream, because he got tired of staring down on me sulking from heaven. I was sitting at the table when he walked in. He made a few jokes, I laughed mostly focused on my phone. Casual conversation, he mentioned something about me being able to bring a girl into the spare room. I explained to him that I didn’t know anyone in South Carolina.

He said, “What the fuck does that got to do with it? You can’t go out and get you someone to bring home?”

I woke up immediately. The way people wake up in scary movies when they have a bad dream. Yet, this wasn’t a nightmare. His comment floored me. Of course I could. I could get up and use my charm, wit and good looks to produced the baddest woman in the world into my life. #CultivatedLife. I just don’t do it. It’s not even an option for me when I can just go on twitter, facebook and Instagram  meet a new woman.

I used to do this all the time when I was younger, but the internet sorta killed that for me. I wonder if I’m the only one. You see I’ve been meeting women online for well over 13 years now. Hell, my second black planet page was created in 2000, so it’s been a long time. Since I had to go out in the streets, walk up to a beautiful woman I don’t know, spark up a conversation, get the digits, and you know the rest.

Since the creation of the internet, I’d much rather find a profile and court a woman that way. If you can call that courting. But I even stopped doing that. It’s not that I got lazy, per say.

I just used my “friends” as a safety net. I’ve got bored with multiple girls I met online or at an industry event. I got used to having someone to call, if I didn’t want to go out and run the streets. I got comfortable with the idea of being in a relationship even though I wasn’t in a relationship.

But I tell you to say that the internet has sort of killed the art of trying to holla for me. In person? Do civilized people still do that? Let’s discuss this in the comment section.


6 Responses to “The Internet Killed The Art Of Trying To Holla”
  1. MR IGNORANT says:

    I personally still like the challenge of approaching women out in public,face to face on a more personal level. It’s waaaaaaay too many posers & liars on the internet LOL,from a persons personal profile all the way to current & real photos of the actual person ur attempting to connect with(mtv catfish show). Meeting someone in person can give u a better feel of a person than internet profiles can. #I’m keeping it ol school

  2. Gemyel says:

    Talking to someone on the internet is easier only when you already knew that person to me. Like someone you hadn’t seen in forever then y’all strike something up and go at it, but meeting a totally brand new person on a site that’s not dedicated to making people meet up is hard you are constantly trying to prove yourself. You have to make yourself standout then you run the risk of someone calling you thirsty because you showed interest or someone posting a screenshot of y’all conversation. Whereas, i believe meeting someone in person is more memorable than online. If you meet someone at a restaurant that they frequent then they have that memory of “i met so and so here we had a good time maybe i should call so and so back”

  3. Talking to men on the internet is definitely easier for me. In public they seem to become shy or just like to stare. I don’t know why it’s hard in public, but on the internet men seem to have more confidence.

  4. Richard says:

    That is future man, we need to face it. Internet is the new trend y’all

  5. Justin says:

    I agree, try to get at a female nowadays is much more, I don’t want to use easier, but convenient I guess. I feel I’m not as nervous when I’m online. I’m still myself but it seems things flow smoother behind the computer if that makes any sense.

  6. Riri P says:

    I feel that you can get more personal with someone in the flesh versus the internet, online people can lie to you all day everyday and you will never, time to step outside and get connected the real live way not behind a pc in fear

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