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Stop Giving It Up For VIP Access And A Couple Of Sips From My Bottle

The church girl versus the freaky girl which one is better?

At first glance one might say its the freaky girl. She is the object of affection all rap videos, all movies and even commercials. The gallant prince risk life and limb to win the beautiful princess. Who just so happens to be a willing virgin with double d breast and long hair. Music is no different you have to be willing to pop it open for a real nigga and that doesn’t mean when the preacher ask you to open your bible to Romans 4:17.

If you let today’s society tell it, you have to be a freaky bitch if you ever expect to get a ring. They want you to think “hoes” be winning, and maybe they are, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Right now most men and women have a if you can’t be them join them philosophy. So good girls are giving it up to anyone who sells them a dream in an effort to have a better life or even a chance to stand on couches in the VIP and pop a few bottles.

I used to spew this rhetoric telling women the way to win a man’s heart is to open up your legs and do the things these rappers are rapping about. The thing is I only told that to the women I wanted to sleep with, never to the women I wanted to settle down with. You see there are still some women out there who demand a dude treat them like a queen. If he is not treating her how she wants to be treated he will get X’d out, replaced or banished to the friend zone quicker than those Harlem Shake Videos got old.

You see there is hope for the church girls, the good chicks and the chicks who don’t want to pimp their body for the idea of getting a man to be with them. Now don’t get me wrong a good woman must be a sexual intellectual. That’s when a “freaky” girl has all the qualities of being a good woman but only desires to be with one guy. To safely practice her sexual desires with one partner, regardless of how extreme those Desires. She only wish to have it with him.

This can be accomplished and must be accomplished or else marriage will die. Relationships will die. We must demand more from the people we give our sex too.

So while the freaky girl might be winning right now. Her lead is shrinking, there is hope for the good chick. If not come twerk for a good because until we find the one us men are going to take advantage of all the free sex being passed out by this lost generation of females.

19 Responses to “Stop Giving It Up For VIP Access And A Couple Of Sips From My Bottle”
  1. Rachel says:

    Its about time somebody said it. thanks Xilla!

    • Xilla says:

      we gotta start saying it a lot more.

    • Candace says:

      I have been wondering for the longest whether guys actually want a girlfriend with twerk videos on YouTube and Worldstar or a girl who looks like those same girls just not putting there goods out on display for the world to see.

  2. lady says:

    Im not sure im a 100% sure the good girls are gaining ground. I think the men of our generation are lost enough that they dont actually aspire to be with good women so much anymore.

    • Xilla says:

      Oh they are not gaining ground in popularity, but what i am trying to say is that they can gain ground. Good girls can win if they demnd more. I know a girl who says men want xyz so i do this… it’s a bad way to think.

    • Almonetta says:

      I agree. It seems like US good girls finish last. I’ve only had a couple of strong relationships and both of them ended with the guy cheating on me for a loose chick.

  3. jasmine M. says:

    Men are supposed to be the leaders in a relationship so i believe in order to save this generation of women we first have to revive the state of the black man and the women will easily follow suit. How long do you think females will continue hanging out on the strip clubs if there are no men in there paying them attention? how many chicks will you see posting titty pics and rolling weed on their instagram if that no longer garnishes attention from male suitors? change the male mind and the females are soon to follow.

    • Xilla says:

      Men are the leaders but that doesn’t mean they are the ones running the show. For example the president is the leader right, but he has a team of advisors that pretty much tell him what to do.

      Same thing with celebrities. they have a team that tell them what to do. A manager, a publicist, etc.

      So Sure men are the leaders but it’ up to women to guide his thoughts and actions. A man is only going to do what a woman allows him to, women mold our behaviors. So when women demand more men will do more. It’s really as simple as that.

  4. ebony says:

    I may not be a “good girl, but im good enough for me. And until I meet someone whos better, or makes me want to be better, im okay with where im at.

  5. bree says:

    yeahhh tell this to blacchyna, kim k, adrienne bosh, lola monroe, and all the other industry pussy out there getting knocked up and rings put on their fingers.

  6. MR IGNORANT says:

    The key is having the correct balance in a woman. Men want the good girl..who is freaky and may even be religious LOL. The women who “demand” men treat them likes queens…will be single and lonely forever!! Men just ain’t going for that anymore. My advice to women is to just simply try to have the correct balance. A good girl who’s a freak will definitely have men wanting to make her the wife. The freaky chick is just for temporary fun LOL. But the woman who isnt a freak at all…there’s no hope for her with todays men lol. I know a lady who’s in her late 30′s and says she doesn’t give oral pleasure to men……needless to say..shes single and probably will be passes around by different men because she’s not a freak smh. It sounds harsh but its true!!

    • Xilla says:

      First off all religious girls are freaky. I know a girl who skipped church just to come slob my knob. So yeah.

      but you’re saying the girl is single because she doesn’t give head? I think she’s single b/c she’s probably not that cute.

  7. Xilla says:


  8. innocenteyes says:

    Xilla you’ve been having a lot of ephiany’s lately and I like it. In honesty most strong good girls already practice what you’ve said but your article is definitely a positive push to keep doing what’s right for them.

  9. great blog… there is a fine line that us women must walk not only to GET the mans attention but to KEEP his attention. Lady in the streets – Freak in the sheets. That saying never gets old and is very true. And love both equally, ladies… don’t be afraid. embrace it. ;-) xoxo *jamilah*

  10. J says:

    “…until we find the one us men are going to take advantage of all the free sex being passed out by this lost generation of females.”

    THAT right there. Biology isn’t changing anytime soon, if they can get it WHY would they say no.

    I do also think there is an argument around what is taking place in society that is making women so insecure that they are living solely to fulfil what they think men desire. Redirect that energy into becoming comfortable and confident women who really understand and own their sexuality. Then maybe females wouldn’t be so eager to throw it around in a desperate bid to please men.

    The argument about who’s really in control or who sets the pace when it comes to sex and sexuality, is an argument that will always rage because one sex always seems to blame the other. I just really think it’s about taking responsibility as individuals regardless of gender, instead if saying it’s up to women or it’s up to men to take the “necessary” action.

  11. Rain says:

    Well said. I grew up in the church and sometimes felt less than desirable because I’m not “out there” like the “freaky girls” when I was younger. Now, its doesn’t matter much anymore because I know I am a prize — flaws and all. And yes, I only want to be freaky with one man.

  12. tori says:

    i guess it all boils down to self-respect at the end of the day…it has nothing to do with being freaky/sleazy or goodie goodie!

  13. Faith Talk says:

    BlogXilla, I love your Blog my friend. I was wondering if you would consider posting an article that I wrote titled, “Lord Erase My Sex Drive”? Now the title can be confusing but no of us want our desire to have sex to be erased but what I am talking about in this Blog is not that. Please read my Blog and post if you think it may be a benefit to some of your readers. God Bless my friend and keep doing what you are doing.

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