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5 Ways A Good Woman Can Become A Sexual Intellectual

Written by Robin Smith Specifically For 

In the recent blog post, Stop Giving It Up For VIP Access And A Couple Of Sips From My Bottle, the question was posed: which is better the freaky girl or the good girl?

On the surface, it appears the freaky girl wins, but ultimately, the good girl actually does. With that said, you can be naughty, freaky, or whatever name you want to assign to it and still be the good girl, you just have to know how to do it. Being freaky only really implies two things: that you’re confident and enjoy sex. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. The difference between the freaky girl and the Sexual Intellectual is that the freaky girl puts it out there for all to see and have, while the good girl shares it with only one person.

If you’re a good girl who’s been trying to tap into your freaky girl side, you’ve come to the right place. Use some of these fun tips and tricks to embrace your inner freak.

Share your fantasies

Do you and your partner primarily kick it missionary and vanilla style? If so, you can change it up by sharing some of your deepest and darkest fantasies with each other. You might feel a little shy at first, but be rest assured that even some of your weirdest fantasies are actually quite normal. Once you’ve shared a few with each other, pick one or two to actually live out. Maybe it includes role playing or a little BDSM, whatever it is make it happen!
Dress it up

Wearing lingerie can be a really great way to tap into a different side of yourself and find some hidden confidence. Lingerie can help you shelve some inhibitions you may have and really let you let go. Look for a few pieces that flatter your shape and will knock your partner out. Make it extra special by picking something in their favorite color, doing your hair and donning some stilettos. You’ll feel freakier by the moment.
Toy around

Get to know yourself better and bring some new fun to the bedroom by getting a sex toy–or a few. Go to your nearest adult toy store like Adam & Eve and look for a toy that you think could be fun to use on your own and a toy that you could mix with your partner. The Rabbit vibrator, made famous by Sex and the City, has stood the test of time and remains at the top for being one of the best vibrators you can get. Pick one of those up for yourself and get a cock ring for a little extra bedroom fun. Make your trip even better by having your partner go with you.
Get tantric with it

Check out local tantric sex classes if you feel like your sexing skills are lacking or like you need a deeper connection with your partner. Tantric sex classes can teach you new moves and tricks, as well as how to truly connect with your partner during sex, have multiple orgasms and give you more sexual confidence. Freaky sex and tantric sex go hand-in-hand.
Talk it up

The easiest and sexiest way to be the freaky girl is to start talking dirty. If you’re a little intimidated, start by sending your partner a few sexy text messages. From there you can read each other pages of an erotic novel, or you can just dive in. Tell your partner when you like something or how something feels. Use this guide to get yourself started and see where it can go. Your partner will be pleasantly surprised.

8 Responses to “5 Ways A Good Woman Can Become A Sexual Intellectual”
  1. Bornlady says:

    I wish my man was more adventurous in the bedroom.. sighhh.

  2. jasmine M. says:

    why is it every time i try something new and spontaneous in the bedroom my man thinks im cheating on him or messing around with someone else? is he just crazy insecure or do i need to work new things in slower?

    • MR IGNORANT says:

      @Jasmine, have u tried telling your man about your “new desires” before u have sex?? If u slip it in during casual conversation he’ll probably be more accepting of it…rather than being suspicious LOL. #just my .02$

  3. bree says:

    it sucks being a sexual intellectual without having someone to enjoy the sexual part.

  4. rachel says:

    mmmm dress up, i agree !

    • MR IGNORANT says:

      @Rachel, yeah us men are visual creatures,so we love it when women dress up for us….especially when its spontaneous! I once had a lady dress up as a stripper,when i arrived to her place she was oiled up,had dollar bills in a pile on the table,and my drink already made with her music on standby LOL. #great surprise,great night!

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