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A Woman’s Burden: The Stray Dog Theory Of Keeping Love

I haven’t been able to write anything great lately. Every time I sit in front of the screen with the urge to write nothing comes out. It’s just hasn’t been working. Then while sitting in deep thought I began to wondering if women are responsible making sure their man remains faithful.

A lot of women, some more bitter than others will say, a man should be man enough to stay with one woman, but that’s bullshit. There are 11 women to every man, half of the men are ugly. That makes 22 women to every man, half of those guys are gay. So that puts it at 44 women for every man, but half of the guys left have a small dick. So that leaves it at 88 women for a good dude like myself so unless a woman is doing her thing the good men have a whole bunch of options.

That means a phenomenal woman must be woman enough to make sure her man has no desire to cheat, step off or even think about another woman.

With that said, women have the burden of proof. It is her job to make sure her man’s mind does like grow thoughts of getting a side chick of tapping into the 87 other women out there in search of a good dude. It’s a woman’s job to make her man feel like no other pussy is worth losing her pussy. Until you’re able to do that you are not a good woman. Point blank period.

When I tweeted this one of our members said a stray dog will stray… Now I am sure she considers herself a premium catch for a good man with the qualities of Barack Obama, but until she understands that a stray dog only strays from home because it is not treated with love, fed and rubbed to its liking she can never be considered a good woman.

A good businessman is not a great businessman until he has a successful business.

You see a man who is being treated like he wants to be treated can be in a room full of models and not give a damn about any other woman except the one he calls his own.

But it’s not all gloom and doom for you ladies thinking I did everything right and he still cheated. Well obviously you didn’t do EVERYthing right. When I was younger Coolio and MC Eiht were two of my favorite emcees. But if my girl were to buy me tickets to see them perform I would tell her she wasted her money.

All too often we waste our times trying to give our lovers stuff they no longer want any more. So a woman might be doing the right things for the guy she meet 2 or 3 years ago, but if the person is someone worth being with they are going to be a different person 2 years from the time y’all met. It’s called growth.

You see all we have to do is just pay attention to our lovers. Be observant. Listen when they talk and they will tell you exactly what they want from you… Ladies please understand a GOOD MAN doesn’t need options. If your man is dipping his stick into the pool, he is not a good man yet. He is not ripe yet, for a man understands that while having a bunch of keys is cool, you only need one to open the door of love.

Don’t believe me just read this blog. Then go back and listen to my four laws of love. You might also want to pay attention to the theory of lanes.

But as part of life it’s the woman’s job to be great enough to keep her man coming to her yard to taste her milkshake.

6 Responses to “A Woman’s Burden: The Stray Dog Theory Of Keeping Love”
  1. Stephanie says:

    I disagree with the notion that it is a womans responsibility to ensure that her man does not stray. Woman usually love whole heartedly. So what you see is what you get. If one person does not meet your needs and expectations, then there is no need to stray-just keep it moving. While you’re out trying to achieve those expections, keep in mind that maybe you are not ready to be loved and therefore no one can ever do enough or be enough for your needy ass!

    • Xilla says:

      I understand where you’re coming from, but as a man I can tell you that when we are satisfied. And I am not just talking about sexually. I’m talking about when a man has a woman who pushes him and stimulates him mentally, physically, and in every way possible he will not stray. Secondly I understand it’s a two way street, but what I am trying to tell my phenomenal women is that when you are responsible then you are in control of your destiny and until you are in control of your heart and where it goes then you can truly be the best woman you can be.

      Sure women can say I disagree with this, but that mean you are giving the man control of your heart how you feel and what happens. Women control men. Women are the most powerful and until you get your ducks in order then you will always been controlled.

  2. MR IGNORANT says:

    Woo @xilla,this is waay to real for women to handle sir. Most women probably wont understand it & therefore will disagree with ur theory LOL. I agree with u 100% sir. Men won’t stray if they have a woman that they are completely happy with. Us fellas are smart enough not to risk losing that great woman over a fling with a chick that we only wanted 2 smash. Lots of women wanna claim that all men are dogs,but how many women honestly would look at them selves and see how they may have contributed to their mans “dog-ish” behavior?..not many! Why?? Becuz its easier for a woman to say “men are dogs” and play the victim role versus looking at herself and being honest about if she really was listening and doing the things her man asked of her. I tell women all the time that their worst enemy is themselves. I hope women really do understand that women to men ratio too @xilla lol. Some really need to get outta that “im the catch” mindset that they have when dealing with men,as if its all about what a man needs to do to make them happy smh. As i stated earlier @xilla….this was waay to real!!

  3. Raya says:

    I feel like men try to put all responsibility for their transgressions against women on anyone but themselves.

  4. Rachel says:

    Theres so much pressure put on women to do everything right for their man, its no wonder they dont leave when things go awry. You have become so enveloped into being perfect for him or being his good woman, that it doesnt make feasible sense to take the time you’ve spent becoming what he needed, throwing that away, and trying to become someone elses definition of a good woman. Its too much pressure.

  5. jasmine M. says:

    I dont have a problem becoming the best woman I can be for my man, that is really what I am striving for right now. I just dont think that being the best woman is always security. I still think men slip out when they want to regardless

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