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Justin Timberlake – Mirrors (LISTEN)

For those of us who tuned in to watch the Grammys last night I’m sure we each have our favorite and least favorite moments of the night. But one highlight I think we can all agree on is seeing Justin Timberlake blaze the stage along side Jay-Z. Well a new track from JT’s upcoming album entitled The 20/20 Experience ┬áhas dropped and it’s just as smooth and seductive as you probably hoped for. Check it out and be sure to cop JT’s new album on March 19th!

One Response to “Justin Timberlake – Mirrors (LISTEN)”
  1. I dont want to really say exactly what everyone else will be thinking when they let the rhythm play through on this one, but i will say that JT will sell millions………………. lovers will make it far past the four play on this one. It sounds so so angelic, it’s crazy. All I could say is he did that so hard fans will be holding back the curse words. No lie, Rihanna’s unapologetic turns to a forgiving I’m sorry like Ciara, on this one. The content is super, super rich even with the melodic nature of the whole eight minutes. The perfect couples song, except after hearing it, you don’t want to move, go to work or nothing. Everything except the minor chat in the ending says don’t move. Great post!

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