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Carly McKinney Sexy Crunk Bear Photos (UNCENSORED)

Carly McKinney found herself in hot water, after the 23 year old teacher posted some sexy drug induced pictures on the internet. Teacher can’t do anything fun! Since the Crunk Bear Sexy Photos hit the internet she was placed on paid leave from her job at Overland High School in Aurora, Colorado. Now the kids at the school want Carly Crunk Bear! She should be back! #FreeCrunkBear

“It’s a teacher that’s only five or six years older than our oldest students, so we kind of relate to her on a personal level,” Shaun, an Overland High School student, said.

The students have taken their protest to Twitter where “#freecrunkbear” has become a popular tag amongst the students.

If you want to see the pictures, you can see the Carly Crunk Bear Sexy Photos Below.

Source News 9 Co

2 Responses to “Carly McKinney Sexy Crunk Bear Photos (UNCENSORED)”
  1. Ms. Kameria says:

    What exactly did she “teach” now?……

  2. Damien Costanza says:

    THESE are UNCENSORED photos?!?!!!?! Where’s the flesh then?

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