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The Difference Between Making Love and Phucking!

All month Wale’s song Bad has been playing in my head. So when my friend, invited me to the DC rapper’s concert at Bowery Ballroom I was like “no doubt I’ll roll with you.”

I had only planned to go home, cook and work on the completion of my book, The Blueprint For Sexual Intellectuals: Vol 1. The show was cool but the highlight of the evening was when Tiara Thomas came out with the guitar and started singing the hook to Bad. If you want to listen to it, click here.

Is it bad that I never made I never made love, no I never did it, but I sure know how to fuck

Then it dawned on me. A lot of girls never made love before and I felt like it was my fault.

Now you know me better than anyone, I am unapologetic about how I like to have sex. I mean for Christ sakes I am the man who wrote the art of choking during sex, 5 back breaking tips to fucking a girl doggy style and everything else in the rated grown up section of my blog. But I have yet wrote a blog instructing dudes on how to make love to a girl or even informing women how a guy should make love to them. So today I am going to do that. While it won’t be an in depth guide I will provide a few tips on how to make love.

A few things that must happen in order for it to be considered making love.

What’s the difference between making love and fucking. Some people think you make love differently than you fuck, others think as long as you’re in love, you’re making love. Regardless of how rough you like to have sex. Others think love making is more sensual, slower, more passionate than regular screwing.

You close your eyes, lick your lips and press them against the person you’re making love to. ¬†For me when I am in love and the ManXilla is inside of her and I press my lips against hers the feelings is unexplainable. If you know that feelings then you’re like me.

But what’s making love to you? Does it involved a lot of four play, talking, ass smacking? Let’s converse. Lets hit the comment section and come up with a solid idea of what exactly it means to make love.

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10 Responses to “The Difference Between Making Love and Phucking!”
  1. King says:

    She knows im making love to her if im considered about her getting that first, second and third orgasm.

  2. itmatters says:

    Love making surpasses the realm of verbal expression, it is the manifestation of words being spoken physically. When there are no emotions intertwined between the two lovers, the act is just physical. But, when there is love involved, the connection of bodies becomes one of the purest, honest and most sincere expressions of l-o-v-e. It’s an amazing spiritual connection that every person deserves to experience at least once in their lifetimes. Each kiss and every touch silently echoes a thousand “i love you’s, I need you’s and I want you’s.” My desire is to please him, his desire to please me and in pleasing each other we are beyond gratified in feeling and touch…. wow! My explanation does it no justice, but once you’ve been made love to, you will forever know the difference between being loved & being phucked.

  3. Rae says:

    @itmatters expressed it as perfectly as words permit. Love making borders on indescribable. Words have not yet been formed to encapsulate the feeling of love making.

  4. femmefatale says:

    Making love is that ish u be craving for all day at work especially as a lady once u experience that its hard to let it go. All i can say is da passsion that ignites between two ppl in love ina di bedroom is unreal every kiss every touch str8 fiiree very different to
    some1 u have no care for and jus phucking with.

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