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5 Reasons Women Shouldn’t Get Mad Over Instagram Likes

Last night on Love & Hip Hop an interesting situation came up. When Yandy and Mandeecees started talking about moving in with each other, she mentioned that he got an iPad thrown at his face, for liking too many booty pictures. I immediately thought is it really that serious.

I sent out a tweet on my @BlogXilla twitter account asking my readers:

The response was a bit surprising. Through out all the replies the top one was insecurities. Until Necole Bitchie stepped up and replied:

It’s an interesting thought process, and while the idea of my lady not following me instagram bothers me a little bit, at the end of the day, I think Necole actually has a point.

Before I go into why she has a point I just want to highlight some of the other replies I got when I asked for a Good Reason why women get mad when their man likes other woman’s pictures.

KayKi Speaks says, “There is no good reason. It’s the same when some women can’t take their man noticing another fine woman. They aren’t” Surely men aren’t blind, but there has to be a valid reason why women get upset over their man liking a booty picture. Would these women get upset over this man watching a music video, or even an episode of Love & Hip Hop. Maybe next week I’ll count the number of times the camera zooms in on Tahiry and Erica Mena’s ass.

Heartbreak Cake replied, “This is what separates MySpace from other social networks. Your importance in someone’s life was on public display.” Another great point in my book, considering that Instagram just lets the world know what you like and has no concept of letting people know who you like.

But still with a lot of replies I found myself getting no where until Tamar Bazin replied with a bit of brilliance. She said, “No woman wants to see the kinds of women their man lusts after. Leaves room for insecurities and comparisons.” Now this is something I can understand. It’s the ugly truth. Take myself for instance, I can appreciate a girl with a big booty, but as most of you know, I like my ladies slim, model like, fit and beautiful.

A fat ass is candy in my book, and I don’t want to settle down with the brown M&M, but i digress. These pictures we like are mere passing images in our mind. At least for me, when I look at a model’s pictures I am more or less liking the fact that she’s working, but then again this is my business. Sometimes I like pictures to return to them so I can post them. Sometimes I like the pictures because these women are my friends and I am applauding their efforts to promote.

Since I am in the business of sex, there is rarely a time when these images move me to be like DAMN that’s sexy, but again most men aren’t sex bloggers. Also most men have a thing for tits and ass that I cannot understand. There is this girl, I went to school with. She is not attractive. On a scale of 1-10 I would rate her a 4. Still if she post a picture of her pimpled covered breast or her round crater covered ass, she’ll get the most comments about how sexy she is. I am perplexed.

Not to mention photoshop, filters, airbrushing and the magic of cameras, these pictures dudes are not that attractive in real life. So should women really be upset? As Necole says she wouldn’t follow her man on social network, I asked her why because my weak ego would want my lady to follow me, even if it would cause problems.

Necole replied:

She’s absolutely right. So I decided to provide 5 great reasons why women shouldn’t get upset when their man likes another chick’s pictures on Instagram.

1. We would all be far more productive if we used that time we spent checking out who liked what, and arguing over a simple like of a nice booty picture. So productive that we could make money for a romantic vacation for two.

2. Girls who post sexy pictures get so many likes on their pictures that they are no paying attention to one like, with no comment. Now if your dude is commenting, “Drools, you look like a (bag of money emoticon) I’d stick my (eggplant emoticon) in your (apple emoticon) bottom.” then you have a problem. Until then…

3. Look but don’t touch has always been accepted in the streets, but why should instagram be any different?

4. Don’t you have better things to do?

5. Because you should start liking random dude’s pictures and see what he says about it.

Why do you think women get mad over instagram likes, is it stupid or a valid reason to argue?

38 Responses to “5 Reasons Women Shouldn’t Get Mad Over Instagram Likes”
  1. sloveuless says:

    you said you was going to provide XX reasons just to tell you i was looking for 20. V is 5….but any who i think its dumb i think that women shouldn’t worry about a picture that their man like when they most likely will never see these girls in real life. they liked an ass they are guys that’s what they are supposed to do. and even if a female is not on social networks liking ass they know when they see a nice ass they like it in their head. and i think if a man is going to just like a picture and not out chasing ass you should be fine with that…but i am bisexual so im the girl who see a nice ass and tell my bf come look at this ass…its not like he will ever ever get that ass

    • Xilla says:

      Yeah I did… lol thanks for pointing that out.

      But yeah thats the part that i don’t understands. Women have become okay with men peeking a glimpse at a girl with a big booty in the streets as long as they are not like staring and drooling over them but what makes IG so different? I guess dudes should look and not double tap!

      • sloveuless says:

        but if you tell a guy not to like on IG its always facebook tumblr which is 10 times worse then IG and twitter …girls kill me but they are the same ones posting the picture of their butts hoping to get likes on their page but is upset when their man like someone one else ass…and they liking guys with their shirt off and their excuse is its just the internet

    • Mela says:

      Okay. What if he follows an account that strictly posts pictures of women with big butts? I mean that’s worrisome to me

  2. MR IGNORANT says:

    @xilla, wow!!! Any woman who considers herself a adult/grown ass woman that invests her emotions into instagram likes is a clown!!!…point blank period LOL. I can understand it may raise some insecurity in women when their man looks at booty models pics or wuteva,but women have to remember that…HE’S YOUR MAN!! Obviously ur attractive to him if he’s with u. MEN will always check out other women,just as long as he doesn’t go too far…no harm! I honestly suggest to women that when they see pics of booty models in a magazine that their man may have or instagram pics he’s liked,instead of letting it become a problem why don’t they try wearing some of the outfits seen in the pictures to surprise ur man,instead of the same boring ass lingerie most women have alike LOL. It’s a very silly situation…make the best of it for women & men. #my 2 cents

    • Xilla says:

      its like that old saying… I fuck her but i make love to you!! lol but nah I get it, as long as dude is coming home every night… but women also don’t understand that we can admire and not stray they don’t give us nearly as much credit as we deserve! lol

  3. WhoCaresWhatMyNameIs says:

    Um… The fact that someone is grown or not, is completely irrelevant to lust and cheating. Adults cheat all the time & stemming from what— could be a number of things. Now, I’m not saying that Instagram is a cause of cheating, but it I believe it has the potential to allow something to develop into something else.

    Think about it, the difference between a man walking past a beautiful girl down the street is well, he’s probably never going to see her again. Instagram allows everybody to go look at whomevers picture whenever, on demand. And plus, it’s not even like they are solely appreciating their beauty, they investigate to see who exactly it is. It’s more than just a damn she’s pretty, it’s a who is she. & to me that should be irrelevant when you choose to be in a relationship.

    I get that men look at and will still look at beautiful women, but there’s a line of simple respect doesn’t need to be crossed.

    • Xilla says:

      Very well stated, i can see where you’re coming from saying it might lead to cheating. For some people it might, but at the end of the day anything might lead to cheating. A pretty ass waitress might lead to cheating.

      You make great points, but IG is also very public if you try to holla its there forever for everyone to see. It’s no DMs on Instagram. A like is a like a comment is a comment.

  4. WhoCaresWhatMyNameIs says:

    And too many people are saying “well, as long as he doesn’t do this…” No. why is it so difficult to fully be respected? As they say these niggas be actin up, And y’all be lettin em! There should be no ultimatums or half assing in a relationship. Especially when it comes to respect

  5. SICK says:

    They get upset for a multitude of reasons, obviously.

    First and foremost, I agree with the insecurity factor. Many women have been cheated on, and perhaps this behavior reminds them of the last stray dog that wandered into pink’er pastures.

    Next might be the fact that every man I know who is in a healthy committed relationship doesn’t spend much time on social networks looking at Instagram pics LOL. They just dont. Look around. See many non-industry *married* ppl making a huge impact on that place? No. Its teenagers. And hot girls. And the guys that are addicted to them.

    Third, it’s kinda douchey when you get CAUGHT doing it. And Im not talking about web stalking, where your significant other browses through your recent activity & sees what you “liked” that day. If you have a chic like that, BOUNCE NOW. Im saying CAUGHT as if you are in front of your girl @ home, she looks at ur screen and sees some half naked “hotties” whose cheeks are closer to the camera than their face. For that: you are *asking* to get called out as some d-bagg who doesnt give a lick about enhancing or supporting her confidence.

    Then again, if you live a life like Hugh Hefner, ur game is different. Industry ppls rules are not suburban ppls rules. B.E.Z. XILLA!

    • Xilla says:

      Very valid point Sick! Like for real for real. You’re 100% right! lol I understand my rules are different but like chicks are throwing ipads at people! lol

  6. sloveuless says:

    my comment is awaiting moderation all day

  7. Tai says:

    I like this because it does pose logical reasons for why this shouldn’t upset women, but it’s naturally gonna upset them anyway. The anger doesn’t come from a logical place.
    I think the feeling that your special to this man is shattered once you see he’s been lusting after these girls. And when you feel that way, its hard to just leave it alone especially when you know you have none of the assets that girl has.”

    • Xilla says:

      OMG you’re a genius. I firmly believe a lot of women are not logical beings. lol you however! Broke the mold. Thanks for the comment.

      • Cecily Jamelia says:

        Great article btw! >>> Emotions are not logical and feelings don’t equal fact. Both men and women have the potential to be logical/illogical beings. Love is not logical and one questions why we enter relationships over and over in search of some cosmic connection, but once you enter a relationship its important to care and validate your partners feelings for the lifetime of the relationship. If your woman is insecure because you lust after Latina with big boobs and she’s a flat-chested brown skinned black woman you are going to create a doubt in her head that she is the one and if you publicly lust/follow/stalk these woman and “like” their pics, there’s gonna be problems at home, point. blank.period.

  8. Justsaying says:

    Why click like though?? Why not just look and go on about your business?? It seems we’re excusing(yet again) the inability of some men to control their loins. We know that men are going to be attracted to other women, that goes without saying but must we be okay when they make it so obvious??? When my man and I are walking down the street,I think it’s darn right rude for him to turn around and gawk at some chick with a bigger butt than mine. Discretion has it’s place, just as much as the self-confidence/security men want us to have in relationships. Is it so wrong for us to NOT want our men to leave the cyber hands on every phat ass they like online??

    • Xilla says:

      Honestly I thought about it. Why men click like. Because the button is telling us to like it. We’ve been trained to click like and no one has ever told us not to click like. You see it, our brain says we like this, we click like and we move on… I know for a lot of dudes its really that simple and thats why we cannot understand why women get so upset. Well at least thats why I don’t understand it. Because for me it’s really that simple. But I also understands why it bothers women… but to the extent that it bothers some women is borderline insane.

      We all want to be liked right?

      • Justsaying says:

        So, I guess the bottom line is women need to stop tripping about it?? Lol! And, this is why I don’t snoop. If you go looking for problems, you’re bound to find them. Men are going to look and like, end of story. Oh well. Good I have better things to worry about. I agree with you Xilla, some of us women do take it too far.

  9. Shoeicide says:

    I just wonder why men in relationships have to “like” the picture…ha! And I’m serious. Why can’t men just admire the beauty that is Maliah Michel and move on? You can look, but you can’t like…?

  10. Bornlady says:

    i roll my eyes at women like necole (sorry, i promise i love you) who swear they “dont have time time” or “its not important”. when it comes to real love, you cant always be Ray charles to the bull. sorry but im not going to be naive to the fact that like some women stated above, when you choose to actually LIKE the picture, your asking for some sort of recognition or acknowledgment. now, for a regular (even average looking dude) im not talking about some real life model vixen getting 20,000 likes on one picture and you adding to that. im talking about hoe ass tasha around the corner posting the ass shots, and all the neighborhood niggas know shes looking for some after work dick. And liking that picture will the the iMAC thrown at your face, cause your not slick. lol

    • Xilla says:

      but honestly those women who have better things to do, are the ones in the best relationships or who are less stressed. Even that means nothing. Its something about a woman who is secure in herself and knowing her man is her man that is so sexy and makes a man not want to cheat. So security goes a long way. If you have to worry about your man giving tasha some after work dick, it’s not real love to begin with.

      • CC says:

        @xilla after reading this my thoughts & feelings have changed. At first I use to get really upset that my boyfriend liked other girls pictures. There is this one girl that went to the same school as him, he likes her pictures often. Not every single day but it is often. She always looks nice in her pics and even sexy in them. It would make me upset to the point I asked him why he did it. I asked if he liked her or had a crush on her. He told me that just because he likes a picture doesn’t mean he has a crush on them. But he wouldn’t tell me that he finds her attractive. I guess he didn’t want to hurt my feelings. I know that he does find her attractive because he likes her pics. I use to really get upset over it but after reading this I realize I have other things to worry about in life and that I’m a sexy woman as well with great assests. Guys will always look at other females that is true. And I realized that I don’t need to sit there and be jealous when I’m beautiful and hot as well. And if he didn’t want to be with me he would have left me for her. I think if I kept or keep coming off insecure thet will make him want to leave. So instead of getting jealous I realized I should just see my own delf worth & hotness.

        • Cecily Jamelia says:

          …And start liking some hot guys pics!Often we are setup as the victims of Love and War. I bet if you started liking a hot guys pics that was in your reach, he’d probably be a little bothered too.

  11. sloveuless says:

    so you dont like a women who dont have time to go in her man phone and in all his social networks and trust their man you like the females who dont trust their man and trying to find something to be upset about that doesnt make sense. i told get what is the problem with him liking a picture ? ass or anything else. its not like he wrote and said “damn baby i like that ass when can i hit.” and no liking it is not saying he wants to hit.

  12. Jackie Rayne says:

    I don’t stress over IG posts. At the end of the day my man coming home to this ass so liking photos of other bitches asses don’t do it for me. Now let me find out my man is getting more than just liking photos, we won’t have problems until private text messages are being sent. No one should let it get that far though. Some females are insecure and they don’t need to be. Let your man be a man if you fucking him right & doing your job at home. “Liking” some photos shouldn’t hurt your relationship. Just grow up!

  13. Mayakeith says:

    Lets put it this way how would you feel if your girl liked pictures of a mans penis? Exactly it seems vulgar and disrespectful I feel that it makes your man look like a thirst bucket is the problem like he can’t control his finger lol and couldn’t just admire from a far. The previous person stated its like a man admiring a women in public liking the picture is like going up to the girl and saying nice ass.

    • Maya says:

      I agree with Mayakeith. I do not understand why a man cannot look at the pic amd “like” in his head. I do not expect a man to not look at booty pics, but must you post like on the facebook, so now all your friends, my friends, and all our colleagues can see that you are up at 3am liking” booty pics. It especially boggles my mind when we (I am and the guy I was dating) are in our mid 30s, and doctors and lawyers…you have colleagues on these social networking sites that are making judgements on your behavior too. I say enjoy your booty pics and porn and looking at women in public BUT can you have some respect and be a tad more discrete about it.

    • Anon says:

      Exactly!! It’s just downright disrespectful to the person you are dating, and makes you look like a thirsty ass. I told my man to stop following and liking and he keep doing it. Fuck his OBSESSION of women!

  14. Nicole says:

    I do agree with Necole Bitchie on not wanting to see what your man is liking. To me what the issue is is that It’s public record what your liking on your instagram. A girl wouldn’t want you blatantly checking out another woman’s butt ((breaking your neck)), and would feel embarrassed that your mutual friends saw you checking her out. Just because you like a picture doesn’t mean you have to be moved to actually let that random person know you like there picture. Let the single men stroke those girls egos. Lol. A social network isn’t worth starting drama. Women need to chill and men need to think. You know what type of chick you’re with and where her insecurities lay.

  15. Maryjay says:

    Yesterday my bf was showing me something on ig and stumbles upon a pic of a girl bending over doing squats in white see through shorts and doesn’t click on it although I seem his finger twitch to click on it, I jus turned around and grabbed my phone I was kinda annoyed by it but didn’t wanna fight I turn back and he had already gone back and clicked on the picture I was like alright 2 can play at that I seem a picture of NIck Jonas shirtless so I opened the picture he turnes around and starts telling me shit about it I’m like really ? What gives him the right but not me ? This is just rediculous he’s the one that follows a million girls likes all their pictures never compliments me ever ! But will talk about other girls boobs and ass in front of me. I’m not used to that behavior my ex NEVER noticed any other girls ever. I just don’t get why men can’t be content with what they have. Why are men so weak? To lust for another girl when you get it all from your girlfriend ?

  16. Jazmin lauren says:

    It’s not about just liking boots pictures that raises women’s ” insecurities” I have my own big butt so I don’t care about him liking certain pictures.. What bothers me is when he is the first one to like a girls pics and when you go through her album it seems as if he likes a lot of her pics one after another. The fact that she then starts putting like to all of his pictures that he is by himself and not the pictures of him and his girlfriend.. That me to Is flirting.. I feel like men don’t think about stuff like that. A women is a women and attention to some is the best thing in the world and so by him putting likes to all the pics she post it’s making her think he likes what he sees and is interested. So the fact that she goes out her way to put likes to all his pics he post too and to be one of the first ones.. Shoes that she is signaling back that she likes what she sees also. That can always lead to them trying to talk or even one start a conversation with the other. And the fact that the female lives locally is not making things any better

  17. Maryjay, you are so right. It’s like some men are trying to make everything acceptable by “we men are just like that”.

    I find it pretty nerdy and desperate, if some guy is constantly liking and commenting on girls pictures, cause all he wants is their attention.

    “Strange” enough, guys in a relationship, don’t find it funny or ok, when their girls are following, liking and commenting on hot male-models, actors etc.
    - And it has nothing to do with insecurety, it has all to do with respect.

    In the real world it’s the same: A guy can have a stripper doing a lapdance on him at a bachelorparty, but his girl can not have a male stripper doing the same thing. – and she is not allowed to do lapdance on other guys, eventhough it’s ok for him to recieve.

    So no more excuses, be man, not a desperate teenager.

  18. Don'tMatta says:

    Honestly, it’s like it’s already been said. What respectable man has time for social networking. If I can walk in a bar, ask a group of guys a series of questions, and everyone who’s been dumped for thinking with their dick, instead of their head can tell the one single guy there. Dude, it’s not worth it. Forget about it. Do you want up lose your lady? Because, it’s like this. If a mans going to fuck up and has time to waste liking some skanks ass or done hoes cleavage. He ain’t worth your time. Drop his ghetto ass and move onto someone worth your time and effort. You can’t make a mutt a ribbon winner. You can’t make a bitch nigga a real migga.

  19. deeplyconnected says:

    Ok so I’ve been seeing my “friend” for a few yrs now. We r not in a relationship but I see him & do things wit him a lot. He knows this one chick thru a mutual. They met once at a group gathering tht he told me about but she doesn’t seem into him at all. She doesn’t follow him or lik any of his post. But his ass stay liking all her post. I know I shouldn’t wrry but one day he clld her his wce she ignored it. Now I don’t know if they txt or DM but she def hrs his attention but she seems uninterested. Am I over reacting to this social media NON sense????

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