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There Is No Cure For A Broken Heart

They say karma has no expiration date. So as I sit here I wonder which one of my sins am I paying for now? Karma is bitch with her period, and bitches ain’t shit and hell knows no fury like a woman scorn. The worst thing a guy can do is fall in love. These days the word love can have so many meanings but then again when a woman breaks your heart they all turn into a valid reason to chug a whole bottle of Hennessy while listening to Anthony Hamilton, Blue Magic and NeYo’s Should Be You all night long.

There is no way to get over a broken heart. None. When you break your arm, you go to the hospital and they put a cast on it. When you cut yourself with a knife a doctor can stitch you up. Make the bleeding stop. Give you pills to stop the pain and its over. Get a black eye and a steak or some ice can heal you up in a couple of days. But when your heart is broken nothing can help you with the pain. Not alcohol, new pussy or anything else. The pain sits there digs in and hits the walls of your heart with more force than the blow that Juan Manuel Marquez hit Pacquiao with when he put him to sleep in their fourth fight.

You can try to keep busy and do things to take your mind off of the person who broke your heart, but all you can think about is that she should be right next to you laying in your bed resting her pretty little head on your chest like she was for the past 6 months with out fail, every weekend with a smile on her face. A smile that was so contagious it would infect you so much that when she wasn’t around you’d smile just because remembered how she smelled. Or how her rolled her eyes when she said “okay!” or whenever you decided to look through your phone because you just wanted to see her face.

There is no way to get over a broken heart. There is no cast to be applied. There is no doctor who can fix it. There is no magic potion or special formula to fix things. There is only time. Until then it’s torture. Love please stop waterboarding our hearts.

Signed the brokenhearted.

5 Responses to “There Is No Cure For A Broken Heart”
  1. Nicole says:

    You’re sooooo right xilla.

  2. sincindy says:

    Sure u can…better and badder works everytime

  3. poetic_butterfly says:

    I love it! I can relate and been there. It defiantly times take in the meantime you have to work through the pain.

  4. Jackie Rayne says:

    Needed this. Thanks Xilla! <3

  5. iyonah says:

    This is so on point. ((Sighs))

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