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So, What Does The Election Mean For Your Vagina?

If you had any doubt who Beyoncé voted for yesterday, the “Take That Mitches” photo she posted should give you a clue.

A main issue in this election was women’s health. Cosmo breaks down what President Obama’s win means for your vaginas.

No matter your politics, ladies can take heart in the president’s support of their reproductive rights. As our editor-in-chief Joanna Coles proudly tweeted last night: “Single girls get to keep on having sex and health care.”

Obama’s re-election means his pro-choice stance on abortion rights will stand, along with the probability that any Supreme Court justices appointed in his second term won’t be overturning Roe v. Wade.

The president’s Affordable Care Act will also be upheld, which means, depending on your plan, ladies may have access to free birth control, copay-free gyno checkups, STD counseling and more.

Funding to Planned Parenthood will also be protected, whereas Republican challenger Mitt Romney had voiced his desire to defund the non-profit organization, a champion of women’s health.

… and with that, vaginas rejoice!

One Response to “So, What Does The Election Mean For Your Vagina?”
  1. Ms. Kameria says:

    In my opinion, it doesn’t matter if free health care is given, if (some) women aren’t responsible enough to use it. It will still be about 1,000 bastard children born every year because some young girl will think it’s “cute” to be someone’s baby mama, and people who don’t have kids will still have to help pay for them with tax dollars.

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