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So The Whole Yellow #5 Thing Is True?

Not completely. Cosmopolitan gives you a random list of possibilities to sift through that could be the reason for a drop in your man’s sex drive.

Neon-Colored Drinks: Animal testing has shown that brominated vegetable oil, a common ingredient in both citrus-flavored flavored sodas and electrolyte-replenishing drinks can cause testicular damage. Bromine has also been connected with impotence and low sex drive in men. So if your guy is a fan, it might be time to get him to cut back.

Licorice: In a study published by the New England Journal of Medicine, researchers found that men’s testosterone levels dropped dramatically when they were given licorice supplements to eat. Random, right?

Forgetting to Floss: Not only does flossing keep your choppers healthy, according to the Journal of Periodontology, men who don’t regularly floss their teeth have a higher chance of erectile dysfunction than men who do.

Soy: Ladies with vegetarian boyfriends, take note: Soy has also been known to trigger feminizing qualities in men, like breast growth and high estrogen levels, as well as decrease men’s horniness and erection size.

Akin to the “yellow #5″ thing, what’s are some sex myths you’ve heard?



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