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Is There A Such Thing As “Thinking Like A Man”?

One of the first things that usually comes to mind when the topic of “thinking like a man” comes up is the ability to acquire a good amount of ass, with minimal feelings. Clarke of Madame Noire says women aren’t necessarily looking for Mr. Right, but are capable of “thinking like a man” too.

I’m sure that when you think of the idea of “Thinking Like A Man,” you conjure up thoughts of a bald head black man cheesing on the cover of a book that tells you ways you can get the respect and commitment you deserve in a full-fledged relationship. But that’s actually the complete opposite of what I mean when I talk about women I know who “think like men.” They’re not looking for commitment necessarily, they’re looking to collect men for leisure to see if they can—just like many men do.

Is there a such thing as thinking like a man to you? What is it? Are you looking for Mr. Right Now, instead of Mr. Right?

2 Responses to “Is There A Such Thing As “Thinking Like A Man”?”
  1. Icy says:

    Thinking like a man = using “supposed” logic, vs going with your heart. It’s a tricky topic in my oppinion.

  2. Alana says:

    Thinking like a man is really a mindset that prevents emotional bonding or attachment absent a conscious choice to do so. Women who try to think like a man who really want the emotional attachment are setting themselves up for failure. I went through a phase in college where I didn’t give a damn about being in a relationship and everything was all in fun, no matter how connected the man became to me…. it’s really hard to tell someone how to disconnect, you just do. Lastly, any woman using the bald headed guys method to get or keep a man is setting themselves up to get played!!! REAL women have been doing the shit for years and I don’t think they relied on a 90 day rule. The names may be different, but the game really doesn’t change.

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