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Cool Story Babe, Now Go Make Me A Sandwich

There seems to be a new craze going on in the apparel world playing on the “Cool story, bro” phrase, but now that it’s hit a mainstream store like Walmart, people aren’t having it. The Frisky writes,

In Vandalia, IL, Kayla Hyde shared with her Twitter followers her disgust over a black T-shirt in Walmart’s clothing section. With blue lettering reading “Cool Story Babe,” white lettering below orders the “babe” to “Now Go Make Me a Sandwich.”

While this message is stupid and gross, I’m not surprised to find it on Walmart’s shelves. I’ve been amazed by the lame sexist jokes that I occasionally hear (always from men), including, “Want to hear a funny joke? Women’s rights,” and “Why did the woman cross the road? I don’t know, but what is she doing out of the kitchen?”

Hmm… what do you think? Is this disgusting sexism or do people just need to lighten up?

2 Responses to “Cool Story Babe, Now Go Make Me A Sandwich”
  1. Yea... says:

    Cool article… Ahhh nevermind your sandwiches suck anyway.

  2. Heaven says:

    I am a young woman and I don’t feel any kind of way about it. I think its funny and even if it is so called “sexist” they need to shut up. Its a shirt , that saying has been around forever and now people are mad because its hitting the main stream.
    Also the word babe applys to anyone female or male.. Thats why their is a girl wearing it in the picture.

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