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… But What If She’s Out To Get Your Man?

This is a real, pressing issue for some women. It can be a task to not get jealous of your boyfriend’s female friends, especially if she’s good looking. Jazmine at Madame Noire talks about knowing the difference between a woman who is out to get your man and a woman who’s genuinely his friend.

In my experience, I can say with affirmation that not all female friends are man-stealers and in the same breath say that not all female friends are on the up-and-up either. It all comes down to the woman’s motives. Sometimes her only intention is to have a great friendship with your guy. Other times, she’s merely occupying the friend role until the girlfriend role is available. And that’s only if she’s not scandalous enough to try to push up on him while he is still in a relationship with you. But how can you tell the difference? How do you separate the reals from the fakes? Peep her moves, they’ll almost always reveal her motives, and of course, his behavior will also help in determining what the deal is as well. Coping with a boyfriend’s close relationship with another woman can be difficult for some women, but before you go getting your panties in a bunch and giving all of your guy’s lady pals the side-eye, check out these signs that may indicate whether she’s just a friend or a woman on a mission.

For some women, though, this isn’t a big deal. But would you be friends with her?

One Response to “… But What If She’s Out To Get Your Man?”
  1. missa says:

    I’ve never been in this situation, but I have been the female best friend. None of his girlfriends ever liked me, even though we were just friends. If I wanted him, I would’ve gone for him. I have very few female friends because they just don’t like me for whatever reason. If my man had a female best friend, I would try to get to know her….although she would probably hate me.

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