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Why Marriage Is A Business!

Photo by Johann Bona

If you’re thinking about getting married, you’d better grab your work clothes! How many times have you heard that marriage is a business arrangement? Well, that rings true according to a survey Your Tango found.

The new Singles in America study found that 25 percent of men will agree to commit to a woman even if they aren’t romantically or sexually attracted to her. According to the study, it seems that both single men and women — although men more so — are looking for companionship, rather than completion. So forget about that scene in Jerry Maguire and accept that you may never hear those words: “You complete me.” You’re more likely to hear, “Honey, what’s for dinner?”

Would you marry for reasons other than “love”?

One Response to “Why Marriage Is A Business!”
  1. cokebokkleshape says:

    I think love should be the last reason for anyone to get married just because its sooo much more than loving someone. It is an arrangement of finances, emotional and physical support, sex and guaranteed companionship, one that should be taken seriously but that’s just my opinion *shrugs*

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