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“When Snagging A Baller Goes Wrong”

Beneath the glitz and the glamour, celebrities and ballers are just like us. Yet, people see them regularly in the media, start to feel like they know them and don’t even think twice about the kind of person that they could be. All caution goes out the window! Remember the chick who hopped in the car with Gucci Mane for breakfast, only to get pushed out of a moving car when she declined to go to a hotel with him instead, for $150? Check out what one woman says happened to her after snagging ball player Charles Johnson.

The next thing I know, Im in the back of a police car.  Only to spend the next 12 hours in the Las Vegas jail with prostitues and drug addicts.  I had no idea how I ended up there or what had happened.  My mind was completely blank.  Fast forward to my release, I texted him immediately to find out what happened,  He said don’t ever text me again.  I was so confused.  I asked him how I was going to get home, he wasn’t going to send me back but after calling my best friend and having her convince him to get me back home he finally booked me a flight.  So the only thing I can get out of him is that I assualted two girls, and a security gaurd.  Now being that I am NOT a violent person and have never been, I was so confused.  What had led up to that point? Why couldn’t I remember anything? What was I mad about?  All questions he will not answer and just keeps laughing at me and telling me I did this to myself.  Now I would take full responsibility for my actions had I been able to remember anything but I can’t.  Not a single thing.  I went to the ER the next day after I got home, scared and upset at how something like this could happen.  I shouldve went sooner.  They drew blood and did drug and toxicology screens which all came back negative. Of course it had been two days.  They said if GHB was given to me, it wouldn’t be detected anymore.

So basically here I am.  Charges pending towards me of battery and trespassing.  Neither of which I have any recollection of. After being told I would be taken care of and promised nothing would happen to me, here I sit, needing attourney representation and $2500.00.  My career will absolutely be ruined if these charges stand.  I can’t afford to lose my job.  When I text him to find out more answers and try to make him understand that it wasn’t me who knew what they were doing, he just laughs at me.  I’m horrified to know that people can just throw others away like this.  Im nothing to him.  And yes we all have to live with our mistakes but I didn’t have control of this one.  Now Im paying for it, because I trusted someone. I care about people so much.  I never seek to hurt anyone.  I  always look for the good in people and I just feel so violated.  I am not the person that he is making me out to be.  All I do is take care of people.  I cant afford to live where I live now and will have to move.  Im working as much as I can just to pay for this attourney.

How’d she get into this situation in the first place? Read the full story over at Baller Alert.

2 Responses to ““When Snagging A Baller Goes Wrong””
  1. Ms. YKM says:

    Girl stop……how are you gona “care” about somebody you barely know. She got caught up, and ended up in a foolish situation. First insticts are to worry about yourself, how NOT to get into these situations, and how to get yourself out of these situations.

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