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What If You Do Want A One Minute Man?

Is it really true that all women want a man who can go all night long? Durex condoms recently did a survey, where 37 percent of participants found that sex doesn’t last long enough, but another portion of the surveyors found themselves counting down the time until it’s over. 14 percent of the survey participants think that sex lasts too long.

Some think sex lasts too long. Fourteen percent of people admitted that they think sex lasts too long. Come on, people, beggars can’t be choosers here. There are people in the world not having sex, though they badly want to, yet you’re complaining that it lasts too long? It must depend on who you are and who you’re doing it with; however, if you’re finding sex to be long and unpleasant, chances are you have some issues with your partner.

Some think sex doesn’t last long enough. Meanwhile, 37 percent of people think sex ends too quickly. This seems more in line with what sexual complaints should be. Missy Elliot didn’t want no one-minute man, and neither do you. Nicely done, America.

Some are being proactive. Luckily, our great nation of sexually active adults isn’t just a country of complainers — many are trying to do something about it. Seventy-five percent of men and 66 percent of women have made (or will make) an effort to change the pace during intercourse in an effort to achieve mutual climax that is neither too fast nor to slow. That’s more like it, people! Previous Durex-funded research also found that people are willing to use lubricants, adult toys and rings to help heighten the pleasure of a climax. Well done.

Are you amongst the untraditional group of people who doesn’t like to have sex for too long?

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