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@TwerkTeam Heads To The Beach! @TTladyluscious & @MizzTwerkSum Take Over Instagram

If you’re not following my girlfriend in my head Lady Lucsious and her sister Mizz Twerksum on twitter, you should surely be following them on Instagram. These two young ladies have built quite the rep on YouTube, their twitter is all about Girl Power and their instagram is just the icing on the cake. Do yourself a favor. Follow them.

|| Lady Luscious IG Page || Mizz Twerksum IG Page || BlogXilla IG Page ||

3 Responses to “@TwerkTeam Heads To The Beach! @TTladyluscious & @MizzTwerkSum Take Over Instagram”
  1. cokebokkleshape says:

    Hmm hate or shade but I don’t see the hype with them *shrugs*

  2. Ms_esk says:

    Can you please post the direct links to their instagrams.. I seem to be having problems searching for them..

  3. rachel says:

    well i think that they do what they do well and have no time for HATERS!!

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