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Summer Sex: No One Wants To Smell It

Summer sex can be fun and hot — literally. Knocking boots in the coming months will involve pleasure and excitement, along with sweat and smell! You don’t want to pass out this summer from working out too hard in the heat, now do you? You also don’t want everyone to be able to smell that you had sex earlier. Here are some summertime precautions for sex.

Sweat. You will sweat. Fact. If you’re sitting in a pool of sweat, just think about how that sweat factor is going to triple or quadruple the second you start getting it on. If you’re not comfortable dripping in mass amounts of salty sweat in front of your partner, then you may want to wait until that air conditioner is fixed — or Labor Day, to make the “beast with two backs,” as Shakespeare called it.

Smell. Excessive sweating can lead to a stinky situation. Sweat is all that toxic stuff being released through your epidermis so your body can function properly. If you don’t sweat, things get clogged up, organs get screwed and you can count on a total malfunction of your system. What does a malfunction get you? No sex for sure. Accept that you might be a wee bit on the sour side if you take the sex-in-the-summer route.

Dehydration. Any good news anchor will inform you all summer long that hydrating yourself is key. All this sweating you’re going to be doing from having sex will lead to even more need for hydration. So have the water or electrolyte beverages nearby and make sure you keep yourself from getting parched. It’s hard to kiss when your tongue is stuck to the roof of your mouth.

Moderation. Normally I say moderation, shmoderation when it comes to most things in life, especially sex. However, in the summer months you need to be wary of the fact that extreme weather can take its toll on even the healthiest and most perfectly fit men and women. No matter how much you desire more, give it a break, take a breather, drink some liquid, and then, and only then, get ready for the next round. When you’re done, don’t forget to hit the shower. The rest of the world doesn’t need to be privy to your sexy, sweaty stench. You’ll just make them jealous of all the fun you had.

Beating the summer heat is the perfect time to bring cool treats like ice and water into your bedroom!

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    Thanks for the tips Xilla. :-)

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