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How To Get Your Boo To Tell The Truth: Send A Text Message

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The next time you want your boo to be more truthful, you may have better luck by way of text messaging. Now, I’m not saying they’re going to admit to smashing the neighbor behind your back or anything, but they may give their honest opinion on your new hairstyle. Why? Because people are more honest via text. Have you noticed this? Well, it’s not just an observation, it’s true.

According to a new study from the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research, people give more honest answers when they text, and also tend to provide more details than they do when they answer a question in person.

For example, if you snap a pic of a dress you’re not totally sold on and text it to him, your man is more likely to say something like, “I like it because it makes your boobs look great” versus “I like it” or “it’s okay” if you ask him in person.

For their research, scientists asked 600 iPhone users questions—some in person and some via text—like “how often do you exercise?” and “during the last month, how many movies did you watch?” Overall, they found people answered questions better over text—even when they were distracted by walking around or shopping.

The researchers who conducted this study concluded that one reason people are more honest via text may be because they have more time to put thought into their response. I think another reason may be that people just aren’t bold enough to say things in person that they would via text.


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  1. cokebokkleshape says:

    Yep i find this to be soooo true but me ? , ask me via any method of communication and I have noooo prob saying how I feel ! :)

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