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The Real Reason Men Love Being Called Daddy

Lamar Valentine

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One of my Twitter followers made reference to an old blog I wrote called 5 Reason Why men like being called daddy. She was responding to a guy who tweeted “if one more girl call me daddy during sex I am gonna call her daughter and ruin everything.”

Childish logic if you ask me. Being called daddy by a woman is the ultimate form of flattery and respect in a relationship. Just as the term you ain’t my daddy one of the worst things a man can hear in his relationship.

In my classic blog I wrote:

When it comes to sex, just call me “Daddy Long Stroke”. I’ll admit it, I love it when my lady calls me daddy during sex, and I never really had a problem getting any of my women to call me daddy during sex. But, I have noticed a lot of women say they don’t understand the phenomenon. So allow me to ‘splain it to you. Here are 3 reasons men like to be called daddy during sex.

The James Evans Factor: Think about dads of old. Back when being a father was common in the urban community and not something to be rewarded. I think power, respect, compentence. When I think of fathers I think of a man who takes care of home. A man who protects her so good its sexy. James Evans was the type of father who you knew would beat that ass. He had a look that would send chills up your spine. So when my lady calls me daddy I feel like superman like right at that moment while I’ll all in her ribs with the manxilla. I’m her protector, I’m her super man.

Kiss My Boo Boo: Ever girl needs their daddy. So when my lady calls me daddy she’s telling me she needs me. She needs me to kiss her to make her feel better, she’s telling me she needs me to drive the manxilla deeper inside of her, to make all of her troubles go away.

All Girls Say It: Another one of the main reasons men like to be called daddy is because all girls have said this at one time or another. I think y’all know what that phrase is: “You ain’t my daddy” well now that’s not what you said last night. I know for me, once a girl says that to me, it is now my goal to make her not only call me daddy, but to make her scream it. Once she screams daddy ain’t much else she can say after that.

Which brings me to this, I was dealing with this girl who used to call me daddy during regular conversation. If we were walking down Madison ave she would say something like “you like how I look in these pumps daddy?” or “daddy can I suck you off in the movies?” all this was verbal forplay for the things we did.

I won’t speak for all men but I like being called daddy because it let’s me know I am doing something right. It let’s me know that the woman I am with has given herself to me. That I am her king, her man and that I hold the number one spot in her heart.

No one should be thinking about their parents during love making. This is a different sort of daddy. I’ve come across a few women who object to calling a dude daddy, to them I say give in. It’s about submitting, it’s about kissing it and making every thing better. As I previously wrote “ So when my lady calls me daddy she’s telling me she needs me. She needs me to kiss her to make her feel better, she’s telling me she needs me to drive the manxilla deeper inside of her, to make all of her troubles go away.” So when you hear a man objecting to being called Daddy it’s probably because he has daddy issues himself.

But to each their own. What are your thoughts on the term Daddy?

37 Responses to “The Real Reason Men Love Being Called Daddy”
  1. buttercremebabe says:

    Like you say to each their own. Ill call a deserving man my king but not daddy. I don’t wanna think of anything parental while my lover is inside me. If he is all that he should be king is more than befitting for that, only time I want to think of my man as daddy is when is he that for our children.

    • Xilla says:

      True indeed. I can respect that. but c’mon its fun have you ever tried it or been asked?

      • buttercremebabe says:

        Ive called guys papi but not daddy. No guy has ever asked me to call him daddy.

      • Alex says:

        As a daddy’s girl myself, I never have or will use that term as I find it disrespectful to the actual father in my life. For those that don’t have that connection I can understand the appeal. But if you’re calling him daddy he should be calling you mommy as well! Lol

  2. 9thdilla says:

    I’ll say it sparingly if he likes it (sparingly meaning during sex) but I don’t get anything out of it so I don’t make a habit of it, especially not in regular conversation it seems kinda silly.

    • Xilla says:

      Its cool to say it, but does your man enjoy it? Because if he does than shouldn’t you get pleasure out of that? I mean what does a chick get out of giving head?

      • MentalOrgasm says:

        I get plenty out of giving head. That isn’t even a comparison.

        And in the article, you say it isn’t parental, but it clearly is… Just by the comparisons you give. Lol.

  3. StephOnIt says:

    I’ve done it before and he enjoyed it, he even started asking me to call him that, which I found sexy and didn’t mind it and it didn’t make me think of my father AT ALL

  4. MR IGNORANT says:

    “Daddy” is the ultimate sign of respect from ur lady. I agree with xilla 100%

  5. Stephanie says:

    I was against it at first but now I love to call my guy ‘daddy’. He had to force it out of me during sex and wouldn’t take his sword out of my ribs until I screamed “Yes daddy!” Lol. Now I think it’s sexy! I use it outside of the bedroom as well. He likes it. I use it as my way of letting him know that I want him and that I am his.

  6. megpie says:

    I must say I have been reading ur site for years and i have never left a comment but I can’t holdback ,as I love and long for that Good Dick I can call daddy, when a man is putting it down so great on every level he has earned it

  7. megpie says:

    I have been reading ur site for years and I have never left a comment but I can’t holdback as I love and long for that Good Dick that I can call daddy,its ultra sexy and I know he’s gonna Fuck me harder and better even if I think it can’t get any better …….call em Daddy ooh and u gon get it

  8. MissNovember says:

    I don’t mind calling my guy ‘daddy.’ I like to say it in my sexy, baby voice :-)

  9. Cokebokkleshape says:

    Seems like I’m a bit late to the tea party but I couldn’t pass it up ; cute reasoning but I still don’t buy it I could/have never ever called anyone daddy I’ll be damned if I start calling my d*ck on demand daddy I say u want to hear that so bad have a kid or two & earn that right

  10. weirdone says:

    I didnt ever think to say it until I read that article. I tried it on my boyfriend and I’ve loved the results ever since

  11. domi_versaix says:

    My man always make comments like ” daddy’s home…” or “did you miss daddy?” but I always choke up when it comes to saying it in bed…and sometimes it’s right on the tip of my tongue- ugh! It just feels weird, we don’t have kids, and I haven’t been saying it these last 3 years…is it too late? Anyway, Xilla, you’ve inspired me, I’m about to give my man the ultimate compliment!

  12. heather says:

    I call my man daddy cause he is in all aspects but he prefers me not to :-( ive just now got he to ask me his name during sex so i guess baby syeps i call him daddy in public if im asking his opinion but he say dont call me that plz give me some insight as to maybe why he dont like being called daddy

  13. Johnslovingqueen says:

    I thoroughly enjoy calling the love of my life Daddy. He mentioned it one day and it stuck, I love calling him Daddy whether making love or in normal conversations. He loves it when I call him Daddy while making love, makes both of us go harder. I definitely agree with you xilla, thank you for the insight. My love and I are very sexual creatures.

  14. sinister says:

    I adore my daddy to peices. He makes me feel so safe and loved. When he fucks me idk its intense. he’s amazing, constantly aware of me and my needs and I him as well. Always makes sure im fed. He puts me to sleep at night. He will lay with me untill ive fallen to sleep holding me sweetly. Before departing for man time with the t.v. I am his baby girl. He is my everything. He takes care of me like no man can even try To ccompare to. I am devoutly his. Other men appear obsolete and beneath me bc my daddy makes me feel special. Its gets me off to make him my daddy feel. I wont squirt unless my daddies completely satisfied and hjear his chest rumble and him tell me im a good girl. I love my man morebthan my own father and its 1 million times better than an actual fathers love because daddy shows me how much he loves in the best ways

  15. Kat says:

    I’m totally a daddy’s girl. I have to bite my lip not to say it during sex. My favorite men are men who love it. Sexually I’m submissive. I think I like daddy best because its powerful and loving. It’s dominate and sweet. Sub/Dom or master/slave are to weird and mean, and require props. Daddy is sweet and easy. I’m white, and some white guys like it, but pretty much every man of color seems to LOVE it. I like to use it all the time, like in public too, but it’s always flirty and a little naughty.

  16. heartfeltwritten says:

    I love calling my man Daddy if he actually deserves it and completely understand why it turns him on, it’s the same reason it turns me on. It has nothing to do with being my father & everything to do with takin care, protecting, & completely satisfying me. I don’t have daddy issues either, I love my actual father. Besides, I can only call a man Daddy during sex if he really does meet all my needs like that so it’s a way of me showing him this ass ;)

  17. Ashley says:

    Ahh Papi fuck me harder and faster

  18. Ada says:

    I love calling my man, Daddy!! It comforts me, I like making him know how big his part in my life is. He is my king! <3

  19. Red Diva says:

    I’ve falling in Love with this man! Most of the time when I call him, he’ll say what’s my name? So I say his name ! He’ll say that’s not my name, call me Daddy! So I say your not my Daddy ! Then I say Sir, r Mr. Then he’ll say you going to say it one day, lol ! Now I’m really feeling this real, true love In my heart soul! Is it okay to really call him Daddy? I knew my Daddy I grown with my Daddy live with my parents until I grow up n move out, lol

  20. TJ says:

    I’ve only had one girl who liked to call me daddy in bed, and another online-only girlfriend who called me daddy in a sexy way. Both of them drove me crazy, but of course the former more than the latter.

    It helped that she was only 19 while I was 34, but even now I’d like my current lover to do that for me, though I know she never would. I agree with the poster above who says it is a “sweet” form of domination. My lover now is too dominant in her own head to ever call me daddy in the bedroom, no matter how much it turned me on. It’s a shame, sexually submissive women are way hotter, at least to me.

    Anyway, my point is, girls if you want to call your man “daddy” in bed, you are a treasure. If he can’t appreciate it and f*ck the breath out of you for doing it, he’s probably not a man worth keeping around.

  21. Mami says:

    I call my man Papi in everyday conversation but especially in bed when it really counts. For me it is cultural and a sign of respect.All the women in my family all do it. And, yes, I’m his Mami.

  22. ECfromDC says:

    Meh i’m more sexually submissive than dominant but not calling a man whose not him daddy as a pet name or sexually … weird.
    Screams daddy (your actual daddy) issues.

  23. dolograteful says:

    So does this mean that when you have a daughter, your dick will get hard when she calls you daddy? Most men fantasize about fucking little girls anyway, so I understand.

  24. ... says:

    See I just wouldn’t want to be called daddy for the exact reasons you gave. I don’t wanna be someone’s king because it’d make me think that they were my slave or something. I prefer to treat my partner as my equal, like as a friend you have sex with. Being called daddy sounds too much like your an overlord or something and I just don’t like that.

  25. Mrs.Phipps says:

    I love this article its so true calling your man daddy is the ultimate bond when your that comfortable then you know its real. i dont think calling ere body u sleep wit daddy is cool tho but like you said i need my daddy my king to protect me so if calling him daddy is what turns him on then so be it! it turns me on as well especially when hes beggig for it when we are in the momment thats how i know im doing something right

  26. eva says:

    I don’t call my man Daddy. Nope. He is Big Daddy to me<3

  27. Kayy says:

    Calling him daddy just makes my pussy wet! It just makes me feel so feminine and he loves it! And I love it when he asks did you miss daddy dick

  28. Kayy says:

    Calling him daddy just makes my pussy wet! It just makes me feel so feminine and he loves it! And I love it when he asks did you miss daddy dick

  29. Hi says:

    I can’t call any man daddy. Especially during sex. It reminds me too much of my daddy………………who I still call daddy.

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