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New Video: Chester French – “Black Girls”

Chester French loves black women so much, they made a song about it. The director of the video, Francesco Carrozzini described it’s purpose to “celebrate the female form, the beauty of black women, interracial and same sex love”, according to Rap-Up. I think this is something people will either love or hate. What do you think of it?

If you’re around anyone sensitive to racy images and lesbians, I’d suggest you watch later.

3 Responses to “New Video: Chester French – “Black Girls””
  1. NikaG says:

    I couldn’t even watch the whole thing. It was vulgar and degrading. How is this a song about black women and yet you see two women screwing? Plus they show the white woman far more often. Why is a white woman in it at all? The song is about him having a thing for black girls and yet you barely see her and tge one they show looks vulgar. I like the son but the video really missed the mark.

  2. Billie says:

    i think the first line of this blog is a little more degrading than the video could ever think of being. The song is a celebration. finally a song about black women that doesnt include the words bitch, ho, or talk about big butts. A song about interracial relationships is in no way vulgar. but saying “Not everyone loves black women, but ….” is crazy…

    • teesha says:

      Sorry. That line wasn’t meant to be degrading.

      I’m a black woman, myself. That first line is hyperlinked to another post about some black women being bitter about some (not all) black men not liking black women. Poor word choice, I suppose. /:

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