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Most Like To Do It In The Car, Others Have Sex In Church: Top Sex Locations

I think church is the one place to have sex that always has and always will freak me out and that’s probably why a recent survey revealed only 5% of it’s participants having sex there. Of course, car sex topped the list at %80. Check out other top locations for public sex, according to the survey.

During a recent survey of 1,000 Americans age 18 and up, sex toy company¬†Adam & Eve found that 52% of adults admit to having had sex in public. Personally, I’m shocked by this statistic. Here I was thinking I was in the minority with my long list of public sexing. Guess I’m not as unique as I thought I was. Le sigh.

The top three locations for getting it on in public are parked cars, with 80% (I thought this was only for high school kids, but I digress), the woods with 55% (I thought this was only for hippies), and a park with 44% (I do not have an opinion on this one). Also on the list are spots one would think would be more popular, like public bathrooms (22%), airplanes (7%), and another spot that would make my Catholic grammy weep: a church, with 5%. I’m just hoping this isn’t happening during Mass, or, well, I’ll refrain from any Catholic priest jokes here.

Adam & Eve’s “resident sex expert,” Dr. Kat Van Kirk, finds these numbers to be a great sign and proof that “Sex in public can add a sense of adventure to routine lovemaking habits.”

Would you have sex in a church, or is that too freaky for you? Where’s the wildest place you’ve had sex?


4 Responses to “Most Like To Do It In The Car, Others Have Sex In Church: Top Sex Locations”
  1. MR IGNORANT says:

    Hmm sex in a church….churrrch!!! I’d probably wouldn’t consider it unless the chick really pushed for it lol. Honestly I’ve convinced more than a few ladies to have sex where ever just by grabbing them aggressively & pulling out my love muscle not rape lol. But the wildest place has to be at this chicks apartment building in the hallway lol. Neighbors could have easily caught us but we got it in for 10mins…good times lol

  2. Jackie Rayne says:

    I’m that catholic girl, I’ve thought about sex in the church but respect for the Lord and my family. I couldn’t see myself doing that. Wwwaaaayyyyy to freaky! Wildest place would in my work building and I believe they have me on camera but who cares I got a mean orgasm that day!

    I would love to do it on a roof or in a club restroom…have everything rocking!!!

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