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Man vs. Woman: The First Sexual Experience


This is going to be an ongoing series where we debate how men and women feel about certain issues. You tell us who wins, who’s right, who’s wrong and why. Men and women have been┬ádisagreeing since the beginning of time, so we’re not going to break that mold. We like keeping the trend alive.

There are a lot of conflicting views between the sexes. In most cases, I just believe in letting the shorty win, because I really don’t feel like arguing, and most of the time men never win, even if they win. You ever get that funny feeling when you know you’re about to sex someone for the first time? There are all of these thoughts running through your head. Do’s and don’ts? To suck or not to suck? Well a womans thoughts can be very different from a mans thoughts…and here’s how.

1.Who should make the first attempt at sexual activity? The Man or Woman?

Eskee: Well women are always saying that men are to pressing the poonany, so I think the female should be the first one to try us. I mean, all you have to do in give us a nice inner thigh rub, kiss up on our neck or just come over to the crib commando style…I think we can handle it from there.

Teesha: I don’t think it should matter who makes the first move. It seems to be expected for women to make the first attempt, but it’s always cool for women to be bold and do it, as well

2.Should You Be Freaky Or Conservative The First Time?

Eskee: This is a tough one, because I’ve been one to say that if a girl is too freaky, it makes her wifey points go down. I can’t wife someone who just has no regard, how do I explain that to our kids? So even though I would never sure down some INSANE horizontal polka, I’d have to say conservative.

Teesha: Both. You don’t want to pull out all the stops the first time, but you don’t want to be a bore, either. You should be freaky enough to make them want to come back, but conservative enough to have them wondering just how freaky you can get.

3.Who’s Place Should You Do It At The First Time? The Man’s or Woman’s?

Eskee: Umm, not a huge deal, but I would prefer to do it at her house first. I don’t want her to know where I live right away. Plus, I can just roll out in the morning or 5 minutes after I’m done.

Teesha: Personally, I would prefer for it to be at the man’s house, but I don’t think it’s a big deal.

4. Is It Ok To Tell Your Friends You Hit It The Next Day?

Eskee: Yes and no, if its just a chick you wanted the drawers from, ohhh, its getting told to all my boys, but if its a chick I really cared about, no one would know our business for a long long time, until we’re comfortable letting people in.

Teesha: I think it’s okay to tell your friends you hit it the next day. Personally, I would probably tell my best friend about it, so I wouldn’t expect him not to, either. We all have sex. What’s the secret? Now if you’re broadcasting it all over Twitter and tell everyone willing to listen, no.

5. Is Head Required The First Time?

Eskee: Another tricky one, because if you give me head the first time, honestly, idk how many times we’d be having sex after that. It’s like giving me the best Pokemon card from your deck, so why would I want your other pieces? I would never turn it down though, but its not required.

Teesha: No, I don’t feel like head is required the first time. Of course, it’s not unwanted, though.

Join in on the conversation, tell us how you feel!

by Eskee: LifeWithNeCee
Teesha: @CupidBlitzen

2 Responses to “Man vs. Woman: The First Sexual Experience”
  1. sheartless says:

    Good convo
    Women should make the first move when it comes to sex cause if a guy does it and the female doesn’t it can be a bad night and sometimes guys can come off to strong
    You should be conservative the first time a little freaky but you shouldnt give head the first time if he does that’s OKAY to me
    Yes I will tell my bestfriend but not everybody everybody is having no need to make a big deal out of it
    I rather be at my house the first time I feel like when i’m at his son is being pressured on me

  2. StaffWriter says:

    The part when you said “you shouldn’t give head the first time, if he does that’s okay with me” haha nobody turns down head


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