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Have You Ever Wondered What Sex With Trey Songz Is Like?

Well, today is your lucky day. While I like Trey Songz’ music, he’s never soaked my panties, but I wouldn’t spare you guys. I was browsing Miss Jia this morning, when I came across this groupie tale.

We talked a bit, I felt him up, he did the same, and he asked me to come “CHILL” with him that night. Im not dumb, I knew what that meant. So I did. In the car while all his people were there he tried to put his hand up my dress. I let him rub on me a little, but then he tried to full on finger me with others there!!! I pushed his hand away at that point. We got to the hotel, and he asked if I wanted a drink. I replied yes. We had some small talk, and he literally cut me off and said was I ready to get f-cked.

Would you give Trey Songz some groupie love if you had the chance?

Read the full story here.

13 Responses to “Have You Ever Wondered What Sex With Trey Songz Is Like?”
  1. candance says:

    He’s fine as hell great music but considering the amount of groupie cooch he has probably accumulated throughout his career i’ll pass lol.

  2. Stephanie says:

    The way this story is starting off, I’d have to decline. He’s coming on way too strong already.

  3. Ms. YKM says:

    I wonder what these women really gain from telling these (stories)…..a couple of dollars?….a pat on the back?

  4. Jackie Rayne says:

    Trey Songz is cute and all but he gets coochie thrown at him all the time. He seems too much like a “playa” to me and his dick game is probably lame since he talks about sex too much. A dude that talk a lot of shit can’t back it up and I feel that’s Trey Songz.

    The End.

  5. Chanel says:

    This story is made up, the day in question, Trey just got home from NY. I follow him on twitter daily!

  6. LadyLibra says:

    I approve of Jackie Rayne message so true. Trey looks like he can’t f*ck (side-eye).

  7. ME says:

    I love Trey w/ his sexy ass & cute smile but I get the feeling that I would “break” Trey when really I like to be the one getting “broke” off…. then that’d just ruin my fantasy of him forever so no thx.
    SN: how incredibly RUDE of him to try to finger her w/ others in the car(even tho that act is SO SEXY & such a turn on to me!) dang she was already gonna give it to him geez.

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