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Grow A Pair! Why Are Women So Afraid To Be Aggressive?

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… Or are they? There are some women who see what they want and they go right after it, making sure that they get it. Other women, are more apprehensive about approaching men they’re interested in. There are so many people who would be rich, if they got a dollar for every time they referred to a woman as “thirsty”. That just makes some women even more reluctant about approaching men.

The male and female stereotypes of attraction and seduction are so ingrained in society, we can easily make jokes about them and everyone gets it. In other words, it’s funny because it’s true. The guys are always the aggressors and do most of the pursuing, especially in a public place. Women are always bombarded with advances by men who are too forward, or end up “taking a chance” on a stranger that was less weird than her other options.

But neither of the sexes really have it that easy. Guys can be rude and abrasive and their friends won’t care. Guys can have emotionless sexcapades without being worried about getting their hearts broken. But women do get all the attention. And, of course, we can dance with our friends pretty much anywhere and still look hot.

Personally, I used to feel that if a guy is interested, he’ll make it known and there’s no need for the woman to approach him. We all know, though, that that’s not always the case and why should men have to put in all of the work? Sometimes, a bit of a “go getter” attitude will get you just what you want. So what do you think? Should women be more aggressive? Do you like it when a woman approaches you? Does it turn you off? Are you afraid to approach men? Why? Let’s talk!


2 Responses to “Grow A Pair! Why Are Women So Afraid To Be Aggressive?”
  1. MR IGNORANT says:

    Allow me to drop my 2cents lol!!! Women don’t approach us fellas mainly because of two reasons….fear of rejection & inflated ego. Some women simply are 2 afraid a dude will reject their advance,while the ones with the big ego feel they should never have to approach a dude because a man should want to come & talk to her *shrugs*. But a woman who would approach a man would get credit just for having the confidence to approach a dude. I always ask these so called old fashioned-shy-huge ego having women…when your type of man is at a party or any social event with several attractive would u stand out from the rest??? Grow a pair LOL!!!!

  2. dave says:

    Yes! Make the women approach! When they learn about rejection, they will be better people ( rejection builds character,remember?) for it!

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