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Cinderella: From A Foot Rub To The Floor

I laid on her bed in my work clothes, watching Sportscenter on her 19 inch box television. Wait, it could have been old episodes of Seinfeld, I can’t recall. I spent so many days between 2000 – 2003 on her bed, that they all seem to blend together. Except for this one particular day that stands out. It was the height of our love for one another and she was feeling frisky. She loved when I massage her feet. For the most part I loved rubbing her feet, her toes were supermodels in my mind, but this one day… I wasn’t in the mood.

I was focus on the television and she got rough. She punched me in my arm. I grabbed her and pinned her down. Kissed on her neck and told her to let me watch the show then we could play. I let her up, but she wasn’t about to let up. She punched me again, and I ignored her, then she mounted me and blocked my view of ┬áthe television. It was okay because commercial was on, but if she wanted to play fight, we would play fight. I pinned her down again, and got her into a headlock. She tried to get out, laughing and we were truly having fun.

She was my favorite girl in the world. Her giant breast, flat stomach and perfect 19 year old body was flawless. But then something happened. She got too playful, things got too real, because after I let her up, her hand shot up in the air, her elbow went straight and her entire arm had extended to the sky like she was going to answer a question in class, except this was no test. With the speed of mama’s belt when I did something wrong, her open palm connected with my face like Rick James did Charlie Murphy. My girl had just slapped the shit out of me.

There was a brief moment of awkward silence, as I stood there in shock. She climbed back on top of me saying sorry and trying to kiss on me, but all I did was sit there, tears running down my face. My girl tried to console me, saying don’t cry, why are you crying, I didn’t mean it, she said caring, but still laughing. It was a few minutes before I said anything, but I was crying because it took every bit of will power in my body not to beat her ass like she was a grown man. That slap hurt like hell.

She started kissing me, as the tears rolled down my face, I fought back the urge to smack the shit out of her. I resisted my instinct to choke the shit out of her and shake her like something was wrong. This whole time I sat there silent as she cracked jokes as she tried to console me.

I knew she didn’t mean it, her kisses felt good, and I could tell she was getting turned on by my anger. I grabbed her neck, flipped from from on top of me and pinned her back to the bed. I was choking her with one hand ripping off her shirt with the other hand.

“Now you wanna get tough?” she said as my hand pulled her giant double d tits from her bra. I started sucking them, this stopped her from talking shit. I kissed her belly button and soon I was eating her pussy.

My tongue swirling around her lips, then going inside her vagina and licking her walls. I sucked on her clit because I knew she liked it. Occasionally I would lift her legs up as far as they would go, manhandling her petite frame and even licked her ass.

Then I pulled her up, kissed her on the mouth she could taste her juices. Then I stood up told her, “suck my dick,” she obliged. She went to work on the manxilla. Her mouth already filled with spit, as her necked moved back and forth with my dick in her mouth. She sucked me so good my knees began to buckle, I grabbed the back of her head to keep my balance, she put her hand on my midsection for leverage.

Before long I was laying on my back and she was slobbing my knob intentionally sending streams of saliva traveling down my shaft for added sensation and visual effect. She was trying to make this feel good, but I wanted to hurt her.

Her knees were now on the floor, her mouth still on my dick, sharing space with her spit covered hands. When she came up for breath, I grabbed a handful of her hair to yank her off of me.

With my other hand I clutched her throat and choked her. “you like slapping people huh?”

I bent her over the bed, got behind her and stuck it deep into her pussy. Hard forcefully and I began to fuck her good. I would slide inside of her walls and when I got to my deepest point I would try to push it in deeper.

I grabbed onto her waist and pounded her pussy, giving her long fast strokes of raw sex then I would stop. “Say my fucking name! Say sorry”

She wouldn’t say a word! Grab her hair, kiss her from behind her, “you not gonna say my name huh?”

“Make me!” She would playfully biting my lip. I grabbed the back of her neck, pushed her face down!

“You’re gonna say my name! You’re sexy ass is going to say my name” I started back slow.

You love me? Yes. She moaned. Cried oh my God and other sounds of joy, as my thick dick eased in and out of her wet pussy.

Suddenly I shoved my thumb deep into her ass, which I had just put my thumb into my mouth, to get it wet. At the same time I began pounding her lady hole. Fucking her good, fucking her deep.

She was loving every minute of it. I moved her on the floor got on top of her. I love to fuck her and suck her toes. Loved that when I put her feet on my chest she would press her toes into my body. As I used my fingers to rub her clit as we fucked.

The manxilla drilled into her body, she still didn’t say my name. I demanded her to say it. She refused. I grabbed her neck, cut off her air supply and banged her pussy good and hard. Letting go of her throat to let her get a few breaths.

I would give her a few shallow strokes while I let her catch her breath, then cut off her oxygen supply while I banged that moist box. She cried “ah yes!” damn. As we slide across the floor. I would pull her back tell her to stop running. Then she began to complain about her back. I told her to say my name, and she did, but not in the way I wanted her too.

It seems that we fucked so hard she got a nasty rug burn on her back, her flesh open, her insides exposed, a small bit of pain for some good sex. We had to take a small break but once we got her wound taken care off she finished me off with her mouth. Told me she came like 5 times.

I laugh about it now but she really did smack the shit out of me. We had fun together. Ended up breaking up around summer of 2001. Long story. She is still a friend, and happily married and me. I still don’t think I am truly over how we broke up but that is another blog in itself.

I am still searching for my Cinderella.

9 Responses to “Cinderella: From A Foot Rub To The Floor”
  1. Nicki says:

    I almost dont want to believe this is true… It just sounds so damn amazing! Good one

  2. Stephanie says:

    I was super juiced when I got on and saw that there was a new Cinderella story. Lol. I love these so much and this was a really good one! Thinking about going to slap my dude and pray to God that it turns out this way and not the other way. :)

  3. Ms. YKM says:

    This sounds like some WWF type sh*t, but I had a couple good laughs. I liked it.

  4. Yani says:

    Sounds good minus the rug burn.

  5. Nicole says:

    I love these stories!!!! Haven’t had it like that in years im still fanning myself!!

  6. Raven says:

    I wish my boyfriend would get rough like this :( by the way GREAT story Zilla! I’ve been visiting the site everyday hoping for another Cinderella story.

  7. Princess says:

    Wish my man would do me lik that…should i hit him on the face?? hahah that could turn ugly, let me avoid that lol
    love your blog xilla

    kisses all the way from africa…

  8. Shameca says:

    Sounds good. Sometimes you want it rough.

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