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5 Hoe Things Men Want All Classy Women To Do

There is a saying that goes, hoes be winning! That’s because a lot of men like hoe activities, we just hate hoes. It goes back to the whole woman in the streets, but a freak in the sheets theory. But how do we balance our wants with our needs? I am not trying to wait 90 days for sex, but I also don’t want a girl who is going to drop her panties quicker than a groupie in the front row of a Trey Songz concert. So I’ve came up with 5 hoe things that will get a good girl a man, without making her look like… A hoe.

Leave your panties home. Ladies, we check out your ass and we see your panty line or lack there of. The thought of ‘she ain’t got no panties on‘ will turn me on and make me want her more.

Be vocal about your sexuality. I love a woman who is honest about who she is sexually. There is something attractive about a sexually free woman that draws us men to them. Liberate yourself, privately of course.

Don’t shy away from public blow jobs. I know a lot of ladies don’t want to suck dick in public, but I’m not talking about slobbing my knob in the middle of the street. Let’s find a private place in a public facility and make it happen. I’ll even return the favor.

Touch It. Another thing women can do is masturbate for their man. I hear a lot of girls tell me they only like the real thing, but at the end of the day sometimes us guys want to watch before we slide up in it. Ladies should have fun and warm themselves up.

Kiss a girl. I like girls who like girls. Hell my girl doesn’t even have to like girls for real, just like them enough to act like she does. I mean I know I said don’t say another girl is pretty if she is never plan on having a threesome but there isn’t anything wrong with letting me think that one day a threesome is possible.

Do you think hoes be winning? Do hoes do more in the bedroom than regular chicks? Why don’t women open up to do more sexually?

5 Responses to “5 Hoe Things Men Want All Classy Women To Do”
  1. MR IGNORANT says:

    This is dead on xilla lol!!! All five pointers are very true. A lot of women don’t want to let loose sexually because they are still affected by other peoples perception of them. It’s the old “I wanna do anal but I don’t want him to think I’m a hoe” LOL *shrugs*. I personally don’t think hoes do more in the bedroom…its probably about the same. Once a woman is comfortable sexually,she will be her true self in the bedroom

  2. Jackie Rayne says:

    I’m agreeing with you ^^^

    Hoes be winning *2 thumbs up*

  3. Lei says:

    lady in the streets. freak in the sheets.

  4. EP says:

    Women still give blowjobs?

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