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Flabby And Saggy: Men Love A Woman’s Perfect Imperfections

I want women to know they are perfect just the way they are! I’ll admit it, when it comes to the blogs I write, I can be a bit hard on women, but I want them to know one thing: There is no need for women to be self conscious of their body in the bedroom all men love their perfect imperfections.

Whether she is a 32a or a 38DD in the heat of the moment men think a tit is a tit!

I’ll speak for all men when I say that if a guy has spent the time it takes to have sex with a woman he likes her boobs just the way they are. Personally I prefer small tits more than big ole water balloons, but at the end of the day a tit is a tit. If a man stops in the middle of sex and says “Baby your tits are uglier than Flavor Flav.” He is probably an evil bastard who never deserved the puss in the first place and he likes men.

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Bush or Oh Mama! Also in my sexual encounters I’ve learned that women are obsessed with their pubic hair.

I’ve been denied sex because her pubes weren’t groomed. Some women even use it as an excuse not to have sex. Ladies you should know men understand that hair grows back, and if a woman wasn’t expecting to have sex, it’s okay. Sometimes we all have unexpected company and we deal with it. Honestly even if she was expecting to have sex and just didn’t have the time to clean up down there… We are good, lets do it anyway! While hair balls in our throats aren’t fun we are a lot more understanding than women believe.

Ass, feet, toes and nails, regardless of what it might be letting go of minor cosmetic issues only makes sex better. I find that women spend too much time focusing on what her man is thinking about her body, and not enough time thinking about how good the sex feels so she can have an orgasm. I don’t know about y’all but I feel like a lot of women will be better off if they actually had orgasms.¬†Instead of walking around with attitudes welded on to their face because she didn’t get any dick in a while.

So calm down, let go of the insecurities and have better sex in the process. It has to be hard for a woman to have an orgasm when she’s worried about hiding her love handles from a guy who has his penis in her. Hey, I’m just trying to help.

What are some of your body insecurities? Are you self conscious about your body? Why do you think women care so much about appearance in the bedroom? Which perfect imperfections turn you on the most?

29 Responses to “Flabby And Saggy: Men Love A Woman’s Perfect Imperfections”
  1. Tanisha M says:

    OMG! The fist time I had sex with my ex boyfriend, I wore a long t-shirt during sex. As I started feeling more comfotable, I wore shorter tops and then just a bra and then nothing and as i did the sex got a lot better!

    After I broke up with him, I said you know what they gonna love my body and imma get mine! Sex has been amazing ever since.

    Xilla you did it again.

    • Xilla says:

      Thanks. glad you enjoyed the post. I’ve had sex with the t-shirt wearing girl too. couldn’t even lick her boobies b/c she was so worried about what i thought. strange.

  2. Red Shoe Princess says:

    I am a little overweight and hate my body. I don’t know if it will be possible for me to embrace my body so until i do I just have sex in the dark! lol :-(

    • Xilla says:

      dude like a “soft” woman. turn on the lights or at least the tv. sex to tv light is like instagram for real life.

    • Sam says:

      I’m a size 14, thick and quite self conscious of that. I too hate how I look in light. Hubby on the other hand doesn’t care. But to appease me, we open up the curtains enough for some moon light to shine through…Xilla’s right, a little subdued light has a wonderful effect on the electricity between us.

  3. White Girl Wasted says:

    I ain’t self conscious at all If we are both adults and are mature enough to handle sex then he should be mature enough to luv my body. Sex shld be special so I dont worry about being embarrassed the whole time.

  4. debbie 400 degreez says:

    i hate the way my body is, so when I have sex I hurry up and get in the bed and get under the covers! Lol I always think the guy is thinking crazy stuff, but you know what i wanna cum! I never had an orgasm. Zilla can you give me one?

    • Xilla says:

      Well I’m not sure if Zilla can give you an orgasm you should try to ask him. I am XILLA with an X b/c i’m the best. but you deserve to cum.

  5. SassyTexan says:

    maturity is the operative word.

    as i’ve matured, my body imperfections have moved wayyyy to the back. instead of focusing on my outer appearance i focus on more of what my body likes which makes for an exciting bedroom experience. besides an active sex life can help you shave those bulges off.. ;-)

    • Xilla says:

      Word! When you start having more sex, you start to give a damn less! lol I get it! Nice to meet you sassy texan. #POP

  6. Shereseyup says:

    This is my first time commenting but I have turned down sex because I wasn’t groomed down I just kept thinking I dont want my hairs in his mouth o_O lol

    • Xilla says:

      Welcome to the site! Allow me to pop your cherry! #POP! lol

      But honestly I can understand the first time, but after we’ve been together… let go. We don’t mind a little hair if we’ve been around the woman for a while. Now first impressions that can be a little different. I had a girl who turned me down b/c it wasn’t clean but came over the next day right and ready! lol Cray!

  7. Shereseyup says:

    Why thank you kindly lol Ive also turned down sex b/c I thought I wasn’t fresh enough.. Lol

    • Xilla says:

      Lol now that might be a good reason unless the man insist. I’ve let a ton of girls suck me off when my balls were extra sweaty. None of them ever said anything. #XILLASHRUG!

  8. Sweetheart_Jade says:

    No lie I have done the t-shirt thing because I always thought my boobs were small I’v gotten a little bolder though. The not being groomed thing I’ll say no in a heart beat if it’s not top notch, I don’t know if I’ll ever get over that one.

    I think we care for the same reason we care about everything from our nail polish colors to our hair we want to atleast try to reach perfection in every way possible. So I think sex and our bodies are no exception those are probably the 2 things that keep our minds racing the most.

    • Xilla says:

      I think the T-shirt thing is pretty common, but im glad you’re getting a little more bold lately.

      I think it’s a genetic thing. Like how animals only mate when their gold feathers bloom for example.

  9. Lei says:

    This pudge of mine has to go, but it doesn’t stop me from sex lol.

    • Xilla says:

      It’s summer time too. It’s about time to get rid of it…. We don’t mind it tho! lol

    • Jackie Rayne says:

      I agree with you Lei, I hate my pudge but never once has a man said “baby you need to loose some weight.” instead “that’s just some love for me to grab on while you riding.” lol

  10. sexxxyfox says:

    Speaking of t-shirts… I’m perfectly happy being 10000% naked but my man, a man I’ve been ‘getting it in with’ for 13 years!!!!!!!!!!!!! not days, but YEARS (on and off) will NEVER take off his t-shirt! LOL He will let me lift it up, cause I love his chest, and his chest hair… but he will never sex without it! :) Fascinating huh?

  11. Quinetta says:

    I am sure if I had an orgasm, I would care less about my insecurities and more about the sex. Haven’t quite met that man to evoke the big “O”.

  12. sinclair says:

    Xilla, I have stretch marks on my butt and my bf enjoys the doggy style. I actually feel weird when we have sex from behind but I don’t say a word or ask what he thinks about my marks, please advice me

    • Xilla says:

      He’s seen them and he doesn’t care. He probably thinks they are sexy. Imperfections on a woman are dope! Embrace them love them. Let go of your concerns and enjoy the backshots!

  13. Cakezilla says:

    I’ve found myself insecure about my breast size. But the funny thing about it is..I am comfortable with my body… insecurities and all! BUT I do have those moments during sex, if he
    leans forward to maybe ‘fondle’ my “smaller boob” (lol) I will close my eyes super tight thinking “omg why that one?!” lol …When I’m not thinking about it, I am more comfortable and the sex is better though.
    I think women care so much about their appearance because…well…guys are guys. We want to be the picture perfect image for a guy so his eyes don’t go wandering.

  14. briepeace says:

    i have saggy tits!lol but i love to fuck and perform well enough that it doesnt matter what i look like!

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