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Fantasia And Antwaun Cook’s Baby Photo Leak! 5 Things A Side Chick Should NEVER Do


The first rule to being a side chick is playing your role! If side chicks would learn how to do that, Fantasia’s business and an unauthorized photo of her baby would not be out in the streets right now!

That’s right. Fantasia (who started out as the side chick) and the father of her baby, Antwaun Cook have yet to release any photos of their baby, but that all ended when his new side chick decided to leak a photo of him and the baby. Allegedly, he is cheating on Fantasia with another woman, and in an attempt to proof that he is scum, she released the photo and let the world know that he’s likely sleeping with his estranged wife again. You can read more about that messy love triangle and see the photo of the baby over at Baller Alert.

Now, that brings me back to side chicks. There are rules that side chicks are simply required by the unwritten laws of cheating to abide by.

1. Know your role: A side chick must know her role and she must know it well. She’s aware that she’s a side chick, so she shouldn’t be expecting much but good D and maybe a good meal every now and then. I mean, c’mon, how often does being the side chick result in a Brad and Angie ending? This means she has no rights to holidays, nor does she have rights to lash out at him for “cheating” on her. By following the number one rule, she may be able to prevent herself from breaking the rest.

2. Be The Cool Chick I have a friend who’s a side chick and gets upset when dude never texts her back after she sends him angry texts. He waits a couple of days to see if she’s over it before he contacts her again. The job of a side chick is to be the cool get-away from the main chick. If the guy wanted to hear a bunch of lip, he could easily get that from his girlfriend. This means a side chick isn’t allowed to constantly nag. The complaints and arguments should be kept to a bare minimum, if not zero.

3. Keep It Cute This is one rule of many that Antwaun Cook’s side chick broke. A side chick should also keep all messiness at a minimum. She has to remember her role and accept that. She agreed to playing the role of the side chick, so there is no reason she should be playing scorned and doing things like releasing private photos or taunting the main chick on the nearest social network. As much as I love Rihanna, posting funny racist jokesthat you know the main chick will see is not cool.

4. Know Your Schedule This runs hand in hand with being messy. A side chick is not allowed to hit the guy up at any random time she feels like it, especially if she knows he’s with his main chick at the time. Set up a Twitter smoke signal, or something. Hit him with an “I know that’s right,” reply to one of his tweets. He’ll get the point and contact you when he can, outside of Twitter. See, Twitter isn’t like Facebook. Unless the main chick is crazy enough to go checking his mentions, she’ll never even know about it unless he responds to the side chick via Twitter. Knowing your schedule also applies to when the side chick and the guy can see each other in person. A side chick needs to accept open availability and shouldn’t complain about not spending enough time.

5. Be What His Woman Cannot The job of the side chick is to give a man what he’s not getting at home. That means being available when he needs you, being a good ear when he needs to talk, and being able to slurp him like his girlfriend never has — pull out all the stops when you two get it on. What does he need a side chick for if he’s not getting anything that he can’t get from his main?

Now, that doesn’t mean men should forget how much power she has and that she can make him lose everything if she so chooses, but for now, the focus is on the side chick. I say all of this to say that there are cardinal rules to being a side chick and they all boil down to knowing her role and not being messy.

Have you ever had a side chick break the most important rules? Have you been that spiteful side chick before? What was the result? Do tell!

~ Teesha

25 Responses to “Fantasia And Antwaun Cook’s Baby Photo Leak! 5 Things A Side Chick Should NEVER Do”
  1. heatherw says:

    Please don’t have this up. Its very ignorant that something like this would be written for all the cheaters who make relationships harder then they should be.

    • Xilla says:

      its a part of relationships. At the end of the day this topic makes it easier for women in relationships.

    • dgirl says:

      i definitely agree! Just encourage these bastards to be single, dont enable them to cheat…just disgusting as hell. I mean you need to play your part and say have more RESPECT for people’s relationships

      • Xilla says:

        Well the side chick doesn’t owe the girlfriend anything. The least she can do not put it out there. She wants the guy, she doesn’t mind being a side piece but causing pain!! .

    • teesha says:

      Well, if the chick wants to be a side chick, she’s going to do it regardless, right? So if she’s going to do it anyway, she should know not to do things like post private pictures for the world to see. She knew he wasn’t sh*t when he was willing to cheat on his girlfriend with her, so she should have left him alone then if it was a problem, rather than causing problems, that’s all. /:

  2. cokebokkleshape says:

    Thank u @heatherw , how bout u wont have any drama if u just choose to be single its that easy !!!! And furthermore how bout these guys don’t tell the chick she’s a side chick hence more drama than necessary !!!!!!

  3. BlackBeauty says:

    im a side chick,at the moment..! so i feel that this is so freaking tru,if most females played there part drama with the main woulndt be a issue. keep ya mouth shut,fuck an do right. cause at the end of the day your side not main.. your cant try an play main in a side position…! i hate those chicks

    • teesha says:

      Yes! It’s the man who owes the main chick something, not the side chick, but at the same time, who is the side chick to be causing problems? She knew what she was getting herself into in the first place.

  4. Honeybee says:

    You can’t just blame the side chick though. If it wasn’t her, the guy would’ve found someone else to cheat with. I was a side chick once, but we were both in relationships and each others sides…unfortunately for him, he didn’t get it and wanted too much of my time. He even wanted me to give up my lunch breaks at work! I just cut him off and eventually he got the point.

    • teesha says:

      Rule Number 5: Be available whenever. ;)

      I agree that everything isn’t the side chick’s fault though. Absolutely. :)

      • Honeybee says:

        Yeah, but we were each other’s sides so that rule didn’t really apply for us. Both of us were going home to another person, so neither of us could expect the other to be available whenever.

  5. ifkyng says:

    Mistresses of old stayed in their lanes. Ever since Lil Kim put it on worldwide blast that she was not only sleeping with Faith Evans husband, but battled Faith at every turn over her husband, physically and verbally, side chicks have totally come undone. Swerving all over the lanes, posting pics of themselves in bed with the man. Getting the wife’s phone number and playing on her phone. I mean really? Angelina Jolie denied sleeping with Brad Pitt and then the two of them did a photo-shoot of them having a family picnic complete with kids and Angelina was baking Shiloh the entire time. Kobe Bryant was almost jailed for trying to have illicit butt sex with his jumpoff. No…she wasn’t with him shooting at the gym, she was sitting next to him with 800 cameras flashing and fielding questions about whether or not this happened b/c she wasn’t giving her husband enough butt-sex in the first place. We all know that the rules don’t just apply to the side chick! At the end of the day, it’s the man that gets caught red-handed! It’s his phone that has the saaaame number with no damn name popping up everyday! It’s him that’s walking thru the club holding hands with the broad, looking like a deer in headlights on Mediatakeout cuz he just realized ATL Pics caught his ass. The side-chick game would be much more tolerable if the girlfriend truly could enjoy her blissful ignorance. The new-age side-chick seems to really believe that she’s in heavy competition for the throne b/c he’s confiding in her the things he’s missing at home…u aren’t his confidant heaux, you’re a filler…like the soy lecithin they use to make Twinkies fluffier. My ex’s side-chick told me that I was less than a woman b/c she had to pay our phone bill for three months straight…I told that heaux she was angel sent by God cuz Lord knows I needed the help. She told me she had sex with my man all over my house all the time…I asked that heaux why she didn’t fold the damn laundry or wash a damn dish since she was here so much?? I thanked her for handling up every month when I was on my cycle and when she told me she sucked him off on a regular I thanked her immensely for giving my jaws a rest. I told her that at the end of the day, her lane and mine could never be one and the same. A side-chick, even if the main chick left would always be a side-chick. He’ll get a new main chick and you’ll still be road kill heaux. And when you finally get the esteem up to realize you’re worth more than he’s ever, ever, ever going to give you and leave him alone…he’ll get a new side-chick to replace you.

    • teesha says:

      Agreed. The main chick shouldn’t get a “he’s mine, you might have had him once, but I have him all the time” mentality, because that’s juvenile; but side chicks just seem to want to completely overstep their boundaries. If she can’t handle being on the side and playing her role, she needn’t agree to the situation in the first place.

  6. Well damn.. @Ifkyng you laid it out…. At the end of the day you are the side chick hence you are replaceable… And relieving me of all the duties lol…. #DEAD at her not folding the laundry lol

    • Xilla says:

      I disagree. Side chicks have a lot more power than we want to give them. The main chick is replaceable. The side chick can slide right into her place. lol

      • ifkyng says:

        I disagree! If the main chick leaves, the side chick, who was only filling 5%-10% of the relationship void begins to fill 100% but she is STILL the side chick! She’s only playing a role like she was from the beginning. As soon as that man finds a proper replacement, the side chick is placed on her rightful seat as back-burner. There’s always something missing when it comes to the side-chick, for it weren’t, then he would have left the main in the beginning for the come-uppance…it’s usually respect that’s missing and no man is giving exclusivity to a woman he doesn’t respect.

    • ifkyng says:

      Girl, she and I had it out. At first I was really upset and not b/c he was cheating but b/c these broads only do what these dudes are telling them to, or they’re only reacting to whatever he feeds them. She really came at me like we were in cool competition. And I blame him. He led her to believe that she could say whatever to me, he made her feel comfy enough to come out her face. And I was the fool b/c I had to fight both of them for the respect I deserved…she got snatched…he got left…and I got right.

      • teesha says:

        …and that’s where men go wrong — not letting the side chick know her place, making her think it’s okay to disrespect the main chick when the main is the innocent one!

  7. heatherw says:

    Side chicks have NO power they barely get the best out of the man there trying to be with. If they main chick is replacable then why is she given the title of the “main” cheating should never be encouraged just because it exist.

    But just like some people feel that some are only meant to be “side pieces” some people are also meant to never find and have true love either.

    I guess that’s why the idea of cheating and rules for side pieces is always gonna be around cause those people need something to look to.

    • Xilla says:

      Side chick have mad power b/c anytime she wants all she got to do is show her face and the main chick will get their silky panties in a bunch and leave. Run from her man. Leave him for cheating when in actuality all he is doing is taking what the sidechick is giving away. Its a simple. The side chick wins. Because she doesn’t give him a headache she has the upper hand b/c she knows about the main chick and the main chick doesn’t know. So she wins. b/c her her leave her panties in his car… then what you gonna do?

    • teesha says:

      What?? The sidechick has ALL the power! All she has to do is mention what kind of shampoo the main chick uses (from seeing it in their bathroom) and she can make him lose it ALL! LOL

  8. heatherw says:

    She has the power to ruin another relationship wow good for her. Either way like a said side pieces need something to look forward to and someone to stick up for them.

    Cause a man may leave his girl or his wife for u but u will never be wifey just the chick who is to easy to question and yoo ignorant to leave men in relationships alone.

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