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3 Reasons Why Women Cheat And Why Men Let Them

This weekend I did some thinking about my love life. I realized that I’ve been in a ton of relationships, and I’ve rarely been cheated on. I think out of all the women I’ve been involved with, only like two of them cheated on me. This made me think even more because I’ve been the other man a million times. There was the track star from Clark Atlanta who made my bedroom her home away from home. The aspiring doctor from Howard, who let me hit in a bathroom in a 4 level club in DC, and plenty of other women who came to me to lay the pipe like their shitter was broke. There was a good 4 year stretch of my life where I only had sex with girls who were involved.

So why haven’t I been cheated on? After reading this article in Esquire’s Sex And The American Man issue it dawned on me. I must have been cheated on numerous time, and just didn’t know about it. So I called up a couple of my home girls and engaged in a nice conversation and quickly realized that women are way better cheaters than men.

My home girls who both asked to stay anonymous told me women cheat for two main reasons. They began to break it down for me in a way that surely goes against every word in the woman’s code of ethics, but I digress. After getting this information, I quickly realized that most men are too busy looking for the “twenty-seven-year-old cashiers and the dark-skinned Jewish brunettes who perform sure-footed blowjobs,” to even realize that their main girl is sliding off with another man. So from the bat, women almost never get caught.

Then add in the fact no man wants to be the whiny wimp who cries to his girl about how he thinks she’s cheating on him because being a jealous person who THINKS his girlfriend is sleeping with every guy she knows is lame. Even if the woman is cheating all she has to do is paint her guy as a derange psycho who is always accusing her of cheating. So she’ll leave before she gets caught or blame his allegations as the reason why she cheated in the first place. Brilliance!

While my home girls gave me the same two reasons why women cheat, I’d like to throw in a third reason. If you’ve been reading my blog you know I believe that women enjoy being the other woman. So they add in those women who do, like being the other women and understand they want a taste of having their own man on the side. Those girls are easy and probably never meant to be in a relationship.

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As Lisa Taddeo writes on Esquire, “Every time I meet a married woman, I think about the things she does that likely annoy her husband.” I related to that line most because I think the same thing every time a woman tells me she has a man. I go the friend route, and check her twitter and facebook pages and if it’s not polluted with the images of a happy couple my job gets easier.

I know most women don’t want to cheat, and only do it a few times, but if she does post pictures of her relationship on her favorite social network I still know it’s just a matter of time. Her man will mess up eventually, and she’ll be sitting in a bar with me, sipping a patron margarita that taste like happier times as the DJ starts to play Trey Songz or one of those mushy Drake songs then I’m in there. Like Swimwear.

Its those two reasons which make it all possible by fueling a woman’s rationale to cheat. By now most of you women reading this know the two reasons or are wondering what they are, so I’ll inform you.

Women cheat because they think their man is going to cheat on them. Things start going bad in the relationship and it’s an eye for an eye. Women will step out if she thinks her man is not treating her right, or if he is sleeping with another woman at that point they’ll end it or cheat.

Then it’s another factor. One which is probably why women came to me, because their man couldn’t give them what I could. Women cheat with their vagina and not their heart. So if her boyfriend, husband, or man is giving her everything she needs, but just not doing shit in the bedroom, she’s going to look for a pipe layer. She’ll only let him satisfy her sexually and her heart won’t be into it, and if and when her heart does get into it, that is when she’ll start to leave her man.

Well at least that’s what they want us men to know. So I came to the conclusion that I’ve been cheated on, and I never knew about it, and each woman I’ve been with has that mental victory over me. Oh well. I thank them for sparing my feelings.

Are women better cheaters than men? Why do women cheat? Are you a woman who cheated before? How did it make you feel? Do you envy the other woman?

23 Responses to “3 Reasons Why Women Cheat And Why Men Let Them”
  1. Okay So says:

    women are already paranoid because of the reputation men have for cheating so we’re looking for the signs anyway. men don’t even suspect it from us unless we’re obvious

    • Xilla says:

      Exactly! I never thought my chicks would slide off on me. and when it does it shatters us dudes! We don’t want to know. Women are slick with it.

      • Okay So says:

        thats why men are usually so distraught when we cheat. ya never see it coming. lol

        • Xilla says:

          LMAO! Distraught tho! lol Yeah we break up bad when we realize our girl is cheating. It’s not that we care like we are heartbroken it’s our ego is bruised! Shattered and destroyed. SMH! How can a woman do that to a man?

  2. Tanisha M says:

    I’ll admit I’ve cheated before, and none of my men ever found out. So yes women are better cheaters den man we just don’t want t admit it. lls

  3. White Girl Wasted says:

    Surefooted blow jobs! #DEAD! I don’t know about anyone else but I don’t think there are reasons as to why we cheat. It’s easy for us women. specially with dudes throwing the D at us. Its too easy for us to get some.

  4. Red Shoe Princess says:

    This is my first time commenting, but wow! You hit this one out the park. When I cheated it was purely a sex thing. I felt terrible tho and i’ll never do it again.

    • Xilla says:

      Welcome to the blog! POP! Consider your blog cherry popped! Don’t feel terrible about cheating you learned you can’t do it and that’s a valuable lesson to learn. Hope to see you around the site more! Thanks

  5. Sport Jones says:

    Very true breakdown, and very realistic for today’s relationships.. Back in the days everything was more discreet nowadays its in your face… Deal wit it…

    • Xilla says:

      Yeah times are changing and it’s giving male and females a greater understanding to each other tha we never had before. Glad you enjoyed the post.

  6. weeknd says:

    Come on Xilla. What do men look like snooping through a girl’s phone? That’s why they don’t get caught!

    • Xilla says:

      that’s my point tho!! We ain’t going to put ourselves out there like a woman is… but that’s why they get away with that. I feel worst now knowing that i might not know ive been cheated on! lol feel me?

  7. eame says:

    Women practice more discretion cause it’s less acceptable thus it’s easier for us to get away with it. Whereas it’s moreso expected of men so ya’ll can be sloppy with it. And most men tend to have that “not my girl” mindset. I disagree that being the sidechick lends any appeal
    I’ve cheated once and it was purely sexual. I definitely suffered guilt. My man pleased me in every other way but was lacking in the bedroom. And most women I know who have stepped out, feel the same. They love their man but sparks weren’t flying between the sheets.

    • Xilla says:

      Yeah thats very important to women. Its only so much they can hold out if a dude isn’t putting it down in the bedroom. Monkeys do that too tho. I’ve seen the nature shows where the monkey female would cheat on the dominate monkey male because he wasn’t doing it right. It’s apart of the business.

      But i do think women secretly admire the other woman. Some women at least. They think about it and wish it was them.

  8. eame says:

    “If” women admire the sidechick, I think it’s purely the eroticism. The notion that your “pussy” is so good (which it is btw ;-), that a dude will risk his happy home to have you. Everytime you beckon, he’ll come running. Drop everything for it. But unless you just have no place for commitment or have serious issues, no woman endeavors to be the side chick. Some women might have the “I wish I had the balls to cheat” feeling. If so, I understand the admiration. It’s the novelty of being the “bad girl.”

    • Xilla says:

      Oh it is huh? Nice! lol but I agree with you. We all wish we are something else other than what we are until we are in that position then we want to go back.

  9. eame says:

    True indeed. Yes, it is …;-)

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