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Your Facebook Relationship Status: What Is it Saying About You

The Facebook Relationship Status (FBRS) is stupid and I’ll never do it. When I am married, I still won’t because it will still be dumb! It could very well be ruining your relationship as your read this. The Facebook relationship status ranks among the world’s worst things, Murder, Nestlé Bottle Water, Bossip, Sandusky and FB Relationship status. In my humble opinion, they are all in the same boat. The bad part about the FBRS is that it’s saying so many bad things about us and we don’t even know it.

Think about it, change your relationship status from “In a relationship” to single and you’ll get 50 people who LIKE it. You think you’re popular but in reality all of your friends are saying they are glad you’re heartbroken, crying and they like the fact that your significant other is now playing CSI on another person’s private parts. Cotton swab please!

It also sends an invitation to a dude like me, to spray my manxilla juice all over a girl’s lady lumps because she’s on a break with her man. I am not above being a rebound while on my quest for great loving and a true Cinderella.

What happens when the comments ensue and your friends start to chime in, things only get worse.

“What did so and so do now?”

“You know I saw him with that big butt bitch who also posting in our Facebook group!”

“She was a broke hoe anyway! You know she let John smash in 10th grade!”

Then those same friends comment, “congratulations” when you change your FBRS back a week later. Less people seem to like that update of course.

I guess my issue with the FBRS stems from the fact that we get into arguments over our relationship status on the socisl network. I spent every single day with this one chick, and she got angry when I wouldn’t change my status on my facebook page.

In my own mind I consider myself a public figure. My page is public, I have 2964 friends on facebook and I probably know 50 of them, personally. So excuse me if I’m not pressed to give them a glimpse into my personal life, more than I already do. I don’t even have my mom listed as my mother on facebook, because I like my privacy.

There are a lot of pros and cons to the social status of your love life but when you start to get into arguments over Facebook you soon realize the FBRS is the devil of love.

If the person you are with starts to feel insecure enough about your relationship they need a Facebook status update so they know it’s real, then it’s probably time to call it quits.

Another reason I hate the relationship status is because I’m not a “defriender.” My facebook friends list contains ex girlfriends, ex jump offs, ex flings and a bunch of blog groupies. So if you’re like me changing your status to “In A Relationship” with (Insert name here) now gives all of your exes the ability to stalk your current boo. This is all bad.

But the main reason I don’t like the FBRS is because it means nothing. If my relationship status needs validation on facebook then it’s probably because we don’t have a real relationship, but rather an internet one.

You know the type. The one where people tweet all day and tag each other in facebook updates. That ish is for the birds! If I’m in a true relationship, my girl is going to meet everyone important to me in real life before anyone knows about it on facebook. I’m just saying.

If you do want to change your mind about the facebook relationship status, Mashable can tell you how to change it without alerting your friends.

What are your thoughts on the facebook relationship status update? Do you do it? Are you against it, is it not that serious? if its not I urge you to rethink your stance on it. End the FBRS update today.

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9 Responses to “Your Facebook Relationship Status: What Is it Saying About You”
  1. ladycandice says:

    …And I faint. I talk about this ALL THE TIME w/ friends (female and male). FBRS is a set up and people who are not married should not post their status unless they are single. When engaged, don’t link the person. What happens if it doesn’t work out? Everyone will want to know why it didn’t work out/exes, stalkers, etc will come out of the woodwork. The people who are your true friends know who your spouse is.
    My status is single and will stay single until I get married. Even then I’m not linking who I’m married to unless he’s a public figure/famous and everyone knows who he is.

    • Xilla says:

      Exactly! It gets to the point where it’s like damn! Is this person with someone just got the recognition that goes along with it. It’s just weird. Relationships last longer when its not on public display. As they say too many cooks in the kitchen.

  2. Kneesocks says:

    Either that or, make sure you’re with a person that understands that a FBRS is just that… A status. It’s nothing concrete or relationship changing. I do agree that I hated when my bf and I broke up the one time and I was being a spite biznatch, I changed it to Single and good Lord… Why did I do that? I had thirsty dudes messaging me like I just cured AIDS or something. Never doing that shit again. If I have to change it (and I haven’t since then and it’s been almost 2 years), I’ll just try to do that -ish incognito.

  3. Gem says:

    I agree with this post! FBRS is just as retarded as 4-square. I don’t CARE how much of a discount you get. Why the eff would you tell all your followers exactly where you are down to the latitude and longitude?! A mess…

  4. MaryJosephJr says:

    This is the MF-ing truth. The FBRS is pointless. If you’re mine and I’m yours, we don’t need to blast it all online. That shit is for the social media dope fiends lol Those that worry about what’s going online about their mate is definitely losing precious intimate real life time with them. Linking who are with and what you “do” is only allowing those who have been wanting to snatch a better opportunity.

  5. Drea says:

    Agreed!!! Post was on point

  6. BK_mami says:

    Personally I just hate when ppl post “Married” and they aren’t.

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