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Three Ways Men Choose Women To Settle Down With

Since love is in the air I thought I’d tackle a particular subject. How do you know you found the one? That person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with watching Law and Order reruns all day long because that’s what old married coupled do. Well that and go to Walmart but I digress. How do you know this is it?

A long time ago I used to work for a company named FuelMan. We were the people behind the poorly drawn gas tank cartoon that are on the pumps at gas stations. Anyway I sat across from a young southern player who drank on the job and a smooth married man who swore up and down he was Goldie from the Mack before he got married. I believed him because his wife was fine as all out doors and he worked for FuelMan.

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One day we were sitting around the office referring to women by body parts and who they slept with, because that’s what men do. The conversation took a weird turn.

“Hey you say what big booty Judy wore today?”

“Oh my God! Did you see the shirt becky with the big titties got on today she isn’t wearing a bra!”

“You know who fly though? Tasha, is banging on the low!”

“Which Tasha, the one with the the pretty eyes or the one that used to mess around with Erick?”

“The one with the pretty eyes! I want to make her my wife!”

That must of been the segue into our next topic. How do you know you found the one. The three of us all had three different ideas but when we were done I was convinced that the old man’s wisdom was right and just and his answer stayed with me until this day.

The Southern Player Who Drank On The Job based his future wife on a set image and personality. His wife would have a nice booty, give good head and not trip if he wanted to hit up Magic City or King of Diamonds on payday.

The downfall to this preconceived woman is that it would block other totally qualified women from getting a chance. I look at like sure candy is great during the middle of the day, but we all know vegetables are much better for you. Get it?

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The old me thought that the woman I settled down with would be one who would never change me. And I’d know she was the one after a magically blow job that made my toes curl. That along with other qualities would signal if she deserved a ring.

The downfall to that is that if I never changed I’d never grow as a person. I’d never get better and getting better is the key to any relationship.

The married Mack then told us something that changed my life. Looking back it reminds me of those Kobe Bryant commercials. You don’t know what the hell he is talking about but it all makes sense.

The way he said it was sincere, when the words left his mouth I knew he was speaking from his heart and he truly believed what he was saying.

His words were:

“When you find the women you’re going to settle down with you will just know! From the moment you lay eyes on her you will start to change your life. You’ll start doing all the things you need to do to have a wife. You’ll Get your credit in order, start dressing better, and a bunch of things you never done for any other woman in your life.”

He told me when he met his wife he thought he was a player but the moment he laid eyes on her no other girl caught his attention. He told me he started saving for a new car, stopped running the streets and changed his entire life to be with his woman.

I took those words to heart. And to this day I never really doubted those words even though I have never felt that way about a woman. Well that is until recently. We’ll see how it goes, but now I am trying find love while trying to reach success at success.

This should be fun.

Now do you know you’ve found the one? Are you married? How did you know your husband or boyfriend was the person for you? Do you think couples settle for 2nd fiddle just to be in love? Let’s converse. Get engaged!

6 Responses to “Three Ways Men Choose Women To Settle Down With”
  1. Reana says:

    This reminds me of my husband. He tells me this is how he knew I was gonna be his wife. On the other hand I knew he was gonna be my husband when I was in Puerto RIco and my only concern was getting home back to him. He made me feel like the only women in the world. Even when he did things for me that have been done before it was always different because it was genuinely done with love and without expecting anything in return. :)

  2. It'sMe says:

    When a man first see’s you he knows the types of plans he has for you in his life, either your there for a moment or you stay for a lifetime!

  3. candancesmith says:

    I don’t think she’s the one if u say when u see her you will know but by you saying “we’ll see how it goes” its clear you already have doubts.

  4. KK says:

    This reminds me of my ex sadly. He started making a lot of those changes when we got back together. Our breakup is another story entirely, but I think a part of him knew.

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