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How To Ride A Man: What Men Really Want Their Women To Do

Photo via Bottles Blunts, And B*tches

A lot of women need to learn how to ride a man. In my history I’ve never came across a woman who was just “okay” when it came to how to ride a guy. It has always been she either fantastic at being a cowgirl, or she’s valedictorian of the oh no rodeo. That mean she sucks. So I’ve decided to let women know a few things men are looking when it comes to riding the dick.

Don’t bust my balls. Some women think its acceptable to hop on the dick and jump up and down like a kid throwing a tantrum. Wrong! My balls are sensitive and I work hard so the last thing I need is the woman I love literally trying to bust my balls on the job. Be careful.

Practice. I am more than willing to let a woman practice riding me all night long, and I think most men are as well. If a lady said to me “hey let me practice riding you” My answer is going to be, “Okay get me hard.” Then I’ll tell her to get on top of me and I’ll explain to her how to move in order to make me feel good. However the tricky part of riding is it should also feel enjoyable for the woman too.

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Which brings me to compromise. I remember when I was dating “the girl with the dragon tattoo” she liked to get on top and grind on my penis. She told me she needed to grind the manxilla into her spot in order to cum. This was cool but the only problem it felt like nothing. Don’t get me wrong I thought I was a big man the way she grabbed on my locks, moaned and her eyes rolled in the back of her head when she had the big O, but my dick got nothing out of it. So we had a deal. She would get on top get her nut then she would move up and down on the penis to give me the friction I needed actually feel pleasure.

The key word is friction. I need friction in order for it to feel good. I yearn for my penis to go in and out of a vagina. I need for the outer layer of my shaft to push back her walls as she slides up and down my dick using her hips. If that doesn’t happen it just feels like she’s holding my cock. While that might sound like a win, after 5 second you find yourself dying from the anticipation of the ride to start. Imagine getting on a roller coaster and it right before the first big drop it just stops.

Oh the agony!

Never forget the small things. I urge all women to take advantage of the power position. When a woman is on top of me she gets free reign to plop a titty is my mouth whenever she feels like it. She’s free to kiss my lips, neck and feel on my body. While this might be common knowledge some women focus so much on making sure they are doing the right movement they forget to do everything else. For them it’s hands on the chest bounce up and down! If sex was a coloring book, that would be considered coloring outside the lines.

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I want a girl to talk to me while she’s on top. Tell me all the cliche things I say to her when I’m on top. Things like “Who’s is this?” “You like that don’t cha?!?” Slip in a few curses and mention your savior and we’ll be in heaven.

Contrary to popular belief men don’t want a professional dick rider, but rather a woman who has a few skills and is willing to learn. We want a woman we can put in our sexual farm system and nurture her into being the best.

(Farm System: is a metaphor for any organization or activity that serves as a training ground for higher-level endeavors.)

In closing I’ve come across a lot of women who say they can ride it and while they know how to get on top, their movements don’t feel good. Women need to remember all men are different. Men are like jobs, different men have different procedures and there is no one method to pleasure. So ask some questions.

Do you know how to ride dick? What’s the worst riding story you have? Has anyone ever complained? Let’s converse about this topic and hopefully we can all learn something from each other.

95 Responses to “How To Ride A Man: What Men Really Want Their Women To Do”
  1. Goldie says:

    I like to do a mixture of figure 8′s, a bit of pogo stick, some grinding, some side to side and I take direction from him. He doesn’t complain. He wants it to last forever but if I’m on top, I’m climaxing faster. Dirty talk is a must. Lol at “mention your savior and we’ll be in heaven.”

    • Xilla says:

      Wow! Great tips. Sounds like you know what you’re doing.

      • Candy says:

        That is great information! You sound like you really know what you are talking about. I love to have sex, but it has always been very intimidating to get on top. I am only turned on when he is. What are some other ways to satisfy him?

        • kqaafe says:

          Check out the girl slow riding on this video. If you can master this, you’re man will be like “F**k… Oh sh*t.. Damn…” EVERY TIME YOU DO IT.. My girl does this and it’s the best. Not just for the way it feels, but also how she looks doing it. You’re gonna have to forward a little bit to get to the riding part (5:07 – 5:40) This girl is AMAZING to say the least. Try this both frontwards and backwards.. Whew, Every time I watch this I get chills… Good Luck!!

          • maggie says:

            where’s the video?

          • Mich says:

            Indeed where is this awesome video

          • maria says:

            Where’s the video?

          • TK says:

            where is the video

          • Becks says:

            I would love to see this video. Where can I find it.

          • WET says:


          • ClarqueKhent says:

            Absolutely hilarious. I was imagining this smoking hot babe with a tiny, toned waist, some curvaceous hips, and an apple bottom doing the holy grail of all dick riding moves on some lucky bastard while he was explaining this awesome video and offff course…….no video. However…..maybe kqaafe is on to something?? I sure as hell had vivid imaginations while wondering what this video would entail. Maybe what Kqaafe was saying, is that its all in our minds!! If both parties focus their collective energies on pleasure, sexual intercourse with that partner will be the climax of your sex life. Wrap it up if you both haven’t been tested for the “big one”. That designed disease has been implemented into our society to clean the Earth of the weak. When the sky opens up and the source ends this experiment, those who have actually listen and applied the principles of its infinite knowledge will ascend to the “heavens” and become 4-Dimensional beings (Spirits,ghosts etc). All the fuck nuggets who “sinned”(did “bad”) are left on Earth. Lava rain storms, hail the size of beachballs, earthquakes, hurricanes, blah blah blah, pretty much what the books describe as Armageddy or somethin like that. Survivors are left to roam the Earth alone with Lucitan the Great Deceiver (i made him up too lol) and no one to tempt for 1k years. Just he and survivors. Some were forgiven, and ascended to the 4th dimension, and the rest, were wiped away along with Sin itself by the Designer to make room for a new Earth and a new Heaven. Moral of the story, fuckin someone feels great, but is just another void filler like cigs, booze, weed, drugs, eating, etc. Making Love will always trump a quick fuck. Get love in your hearts everyone. All of the “good books” preach of it. Without it, our world as we know it is doomed. Yea, so what her waist is tiny and that ass is perfect, chasing after her not for what’s in between her legs, but whats between her ears and shoulders that will make alllllll the difference. But hey, we’re human. Any bad bitches out there tryin to fuck?!?

        • alicia says:

          oh wow! && I thought I was the only one! smh…it is a MUST that I learn how to ride a dick! I feel all useless and shit…like I cant do anything to please my man. now, my head game and my “throwin it back” skills are the SHIT! but riding…I just cant get with it. I’ve seen in the comments below that someone said they watched porn but is still confused, me too! lol they do so much shit that I get lost. but I’m also in the same boat as the lady with the big bottom. my ass is heavy and huge! which I think gets in the way…and not to mention my thighs. lawddd! I just wanna be sucessful in the bed room bc what you wont/cant do another bitch will!

          • tara says:

            oh my god I though I was the only woman in the world that didn’t know how to ride my man, I feel so useless

          • Honey says:

            Girl plz!!! You say what you don’t do another Bitch will??? Lol! I don’t give a damn if yo head game was on point. If your riding skills made him scream or if you throw ass back like a pro…..HE STILL GONE LET ANOTHER BITCH DO IT! PLZ don’t get it twisted. Women have such a horrible misconception. Regarding riding a man…. No real man is gonna let you be on top and u don’t know what you are doing. He will guide you or get on top. If u want to learn…just ask him to show u how to please him. Simple.

          • Sandra says:

            thats wats up!!! Girl you are on top of the GAME,for real tho just get up there he will surely guide you if you dont know what you doin, believe me!

  2. precious says:

    xilla get at me you sexyyy as fuckk!!! lmaoo

  3. CC says:

    I’m pretty new to the game so I need more advice! This article only gave me a little of what I really need to know as far as riding. I was once told that riding can hurt the guy and ever since that I just dont grind, I always go up and down cuz I thought that was what would feel good for him but I get bored with it because I don’t know what else to do and I don’t want to look stupid lol so I just let him take over and he pounds me while I’m on top. I like that but I wish I knew what I was doing so I could provide more than just amazing dome and a nice body lol I wanna learn!

    • ennxb says:

      dido..i get bored riding him,i know he enjoys it buh i try and make moaning noises to pretend im enjoying it., and then i let him take over, buh my bf is skinny af and its awkward i feel like im squashn him,’lol

  4. MissNovember says:

    OMG, this article is so me. I am like the girl who just wants to grind on the d**k and not really move up and down, but that’s no fun for my guy. So I am have to put my game face on because he says I’m scared of it, but I just need some more practice and a little coaching.

  5. stepcorbett says:

    I told my new buddy that I didn’t know how to ride, which is the truth because I’d never really done it before him. So he tried to coach me through it.. and after it was all over, he called me a liar lol and said I knew exactly what I was doing. I still don’t believe him but I’m always open to learning more.

  6. Alias says:

    i have had a girl exactly been my dick while she was riding it hopping up and down too much, but i really like when a woman takes control when she’s on top get a good grip on me like i might slide out of place smack me in the face when you tittes kiss me talk to me gotta use a combination of techniques just grinding or bouncing is boring mix it up bounce on it grind on it wiggle on it spin around and do it reverse cowgirl without taking it out but of course you wont b able to do all of that off top you will have to practice but its like some females dont believe putting in some work during sex or something…

  7. Mhr says:

    I love to grind on my man as im grinding ill alternate and lean forward so my ass is in the air and start bouncing up and down on his cock. Ill grab his hands and put em on my ass so he can bounce me harder he loves the view and i love the sensation.

  8. Nicole says:

    Ive found the most pleasurable method is to squat to ride it. If your thighs get tired, you can use the headboard, sofa back, etc for leverage. It feels good to him because he can go deeper and it feels good to me because it’s hitting my inner “hot spot.” It also gives your kitty muscles a little extra grip. (Comes in handy if you find yourself with a cutty buddy who’s not so well endowed.) Throw in some intense kissing and nipple action and I’m hooked…..

  9. bd says:

    Hi I need help I don’t know how to ride either. I try to make it seem like I only love it from the back. But the truth is I don’t know what I’m doing when I’m on the top. I want us to both enjoy it and I’m to afraid to ask him to let me practice. Can I practice on a vibrator

  10. Nikki says:

    Okay so my man loooooves ass so therefore he loves when I ride him backwards which is GREAT I love it too HOWEVER he is the type that wants that constant bouncing on it which makes my thighs burn like a mug (lol) and there isnt a whole lot of leverage for me to hang on too….so I catch myself laying my body down and just bouncing my ass on it for a minute just so I can get a break….but any tips on what else to do that will still drive him mad crazy but not kill me at the same time?

  11. Ash says:

    Im always worried I’m not doing something right..but my baby never complains and comes back for more….i do like leaning forward more cause then I can bounce my ass on it…knowing how to dance comes in handy…just get nervous when I sit up thats where I get a little lost…

  12. Shorymane says:

    I understand exactly what some of you are saying. As for me I’m a big girl and I love riding my baby dick, but he always wants me to ride it from the back and squatting. Now you know this squatting makes my thighs hurt like a muther man, but anything to please him. Just wanted to know how can I get a little relief and still satisfy him.

    • says:

      You all sound like curvy black girls.

    • Ms.Parker says:

      It seems like whenever I ride a guy that I choose to sleep with he wants me to do it all the time so I must be doing some thing right. First off it’s not so much in the bedroom but more so outside. Start to work out ladies. Do squats, leg lifts, dead lifts and lunges. Stomache exercise is extremely helpful too. This will help you keep balance and stamina. Next you gotta dance on his Dick. pop that pu$$y up and down on it using your muscles to pull his penis as you come up. Form a rhythm on it and do your thing. Play with him in this position if you have a tongue ring state at him intensely and flick it all around while you dance on his penis. Do reverse cow girl and look back at him like your his possessed go. Have fun with him….etc. I could go on and on but it starts in the gym. Get your weight up!

  13. TahjShardae says:

    I’m happy this article is from a males perspective because it helps out alot. I’m not that sexually experienced and im especially not experienced when it comes to takin over, usually I just let my dude be in control. I’m in a new relationship and we’re ready to explore each other, the only thing is Im somewhat self-conscious which will play a big role in this position. He said he’d teach me how to ride but obviously I’m on here to find any little tip or trick so he doesn’t have to find out I’m completely no good at this lol.

  14. Miss Freak says:

    Hi ladies. I understand where u all are coming from. U’re already on point. Its ok if u get tired. Thats where the grinding comes in at but u have to know how to grind on him in order to make him feel good and u too. My man LOVES everything I do. And the laying down bouncing ur ass in him, thats a killer. Enough said. Being fit gives u a pretty good boost too! U can most definitely last longer. Try riding him backwards (reverse cowgirl) and see how that goes.! I love riding. That way I could get feedback on what Im doing or aint doing. But I always get positive feedback. Its no bad thing to get feedback from ur guy if he says well “oh, u need to do this or u’re not doing that”. Take it into heart and get better. Once u do, u’ll keep him coming back for more every time. I cant keep my man off me! Good luck!

  15. flawless says:

    I cannot ride to save my life.. I watch flicks but they confused me cause some go up and down while others go back and fourth.. What’s the correct way? And what’s a comfortable position are we suppose to be on our toes or on our knees???

  16. Ginger Leigh says:

    I have been traumatized being on top. The first time I ever did, I was a teenager, and my monthly visit came a few days early. In the middle of my rodeo. I cried. He flipped. Not a pretty situation. After that, it took until I was 20 to get back up there. This time, I thought I was doing pretty good, but then my boyfriend at the time says, “yeah, ok. Just get off me.” So, I’m a 24 year old woman, who is scared to get on top.

    • sarah says:

      just had the same experience this morning – it was awkward, and just horrible. and my guy even told me so after. HELP

  17. Lexi says:

    I know for damn show I cant ride… so I make sure I it down pact when it comes to head. But Im am so tired of not knowing how to ride in the bed and I know my man is too. I just think i got too much ass and too many hips to ride in bed. every time i started it was cool but i would make him sit in a chair lbvs and even then i thought i was hurting him so i would just stop. how do girls do it with a heavy bottom in bed?

  18. Nikki says:

    I’m not super experienced with sex, I’ 20, but whenever I try it’s a struggle for me because it hurts when I try to bounce on my partner’s penis. :/ …and I’m kind of intimidated and reluctant to really take control when I get on top because he’s far more experienced than I am. I like the article and all I read all of the comments…very insightful.

  19. Hershey kandy says:

    Well this has been a lil helpful for me..I’d like to know when should u tighten up on him when going up or coming down? I havent rode one in almost 3yrs but im ready lol

    • Hogboy says:

      @Hershey kandy My girl was good when she first rode me. She asked me what I liked and I told her a few things and she experimented with a few things. What she does now is as follows: (Facing me) on the way down she swivels her hips, once she has all of me she grinds foward and back as she massages my chest, then she slides back up to the tip while squeezing me with herself. (rinse and repeat) Within a matter of a few minutes I need to decide if I am going to let her finish me this way or we need to change positions “whew”

  20. nicole says:

    riding a dick is easy for me but i am not going to lie it took my man a while to teach me the ropes.but i got it now.he says that i get better each n every time. when u ride you wont to allow your body to relax and float on his penis.your feel the fiction against your clique and his shaft stroking your body as if you were one.tricks to te game come natural after you get the glide 101 together.lean forward n try dont that look back dance on his head my man loves thatn i do too!! ridng is all about keeeping your back straight and arching!! im a grider and a upndowner.both used together! very wise

  21. nicole says:

    wow errors are a mile long . lol .learn how to clap your ass that helps

  22. brittany katelynn says:

    In a bathroom on top on the toliet <3.
    Bouncing and leaning.
    Ass Smacking.
    Moaning &&* breathcatching.
    Feels Fucking Good .
    Downfall is your theighs hurt &&* you walk funny After getting up.
    I personally like being dominated(;
    Haha. i gave him head andd i could feel his dick getting bigger in my mouth (; Woahh.
    If your not usually on top and hes doing the work.
    Your vagina will stretch lol annd when you sit on his dick it feels "Stretching" but feels good when bouncing hard. Dueces.

  23. Ss says:

    This article very much so came in handy as well as all of the comments. Its rare that I ride because its either not much pleasure for me or it hurts to bad lol. I feel like having a tight wet kitty, talking kinky, switching to random position with the right movenment and throwing it bck while he’s vehind is good enough. Ive even master giving head making him have a double orgasm. Truth its not enough(in my opinion). I wanna put in more work. I wanr him to “lay bck and enjoy rhe ride” I mean I know what to do in order to ride and I do the bouncung and turning and bckwards and squats and he seems to enjoy it, I just personally feel like Im not doing it right. Ive always wondered if riding is really inportant or just a simple plus.

  24. ursula says:

    Im 41 yrs old and Ive never rode a dick. So 1 night I was with my partner and I could never get it. Can someone tell what do I need to do to get better at it.

  25. chocolate says:

    I’m nervous to ride but I think I have my movements together. I like to go up and down slow then I switch it up and roll my hips. I do it best to music I flow with the beat

    • ohhme says:

      Oh gosh, you are right you do need to move your hips. go up and down his choice of pace, but a nice pace for yourself also. while on top make a circle on the dick, ride backwards, front&side wards, grind if it feels good too him, your partner may not be digging it too much. get up on your feet and lean backwards & go to work, all i can say is watch some pinky lol :)

  26. kk says:

    im loving this tutorial, but sum of the men on here r making it sound like women r lazy n dont wanna learn.n A- if u dont kno wat ur doing u dont wanna,learn on sum1 u really pike n look stupid, its alot of pressure since men watch our every move.. N B- have u rver done squats like 6 inches off the ground n grind n bounce while u already r hot as fuck n tired, first of all its harder than humping sunthing believe ne, harder than it looks, and then ur concentrating on not looking stupid n ur legs, thighs, ect are killing u.. Which means ur not enjoying it at all n ur minds 2 occupied 2 think of titty in mouth ect.. Just had 2 say that.. My problen with being on top is, my man is huge n muscular n im petite in height n weight so he can man handle me pretty easily.. My problem is, when I’m on top n i start getting into a groove that feels good 4 both of us, ge gets mad excited n starts bouncing me himself n basically man handling me, which i think i speak 4 most ladies, FEELS AMAZING! But i cant even attempt 2 show him how good i am on top cuz ill b doing him good n he’ll take over cuz hes excited..

    • eyeswideshut655 says:


  27. marie says:

    Wow!! I never thought in a million years there would be guys look you around… I have been with my Bf and are sex life sucks, really he says I’m the problem. In all honesty his my first, so everything we do is all new to me. He ask me to ride him I say no, cause I have no ur how to and I really don’t want to embrace myself. I really wish my boyfriend rook the

  28. I am new to sex….me and my nd bf have been together for 2years and are sex life sucks cause of me.he expect me to be able to do everything. Now we bearly have sex. But after reading ur tips tonight help. This is exactly what I needed which I think he should see it to.thank-you very much for the tip.

  29. Michelle S. says:

    Just because you don’t like the woman grinding forwards and backwards doesn’t mean that most men don’t. I think it depends on the curvature of the penis.

  30. Andrea says:

    Thanks! You clearly know what you like and can express that clearly as well, must be why your sex is good.
    Women dread getting on top and doing all the heavy lifting with no pleasure, this quickly turns them off. Remaining sensual is key. After reading this I got on top and plopped titty in my man’s mouth. He nibbles and pinches both of my sensitive nipples, I get really turned on.
    If I could also give the author a suggestion – alternate between grinding and sliding in short intervals instead of taking only one turn. This way after her climax she isn’t just working out while waiting for the you to cum. Make the intervals shorter and harder every time, building up to a mutual climax.

  31. Vivian says:

    I love to get on top. Yes it takes practice but I mean that’s what sex should b relaxed fun and a lot of practice. Have confidence in urself girls. Trust me. Get comfortable with ur man. N just have him tell u exactly wat feels gud for him. But remember its a two way street he can’t forget Wat feels great for u !!! Gud Luck.

  32. hiks says:

    I want a girl to talk to me while she’s on top… I thought ivery wise to have some smooth kiss, tit, neck, etc and sharing every problems between… Smoother Slower…. Faster n harder…
    Why? Logically a Man must be bigger n heavy than woman or womansss..?

  33. hiks says:

    Michelle : I do love every style of woman want to satisfact her man. But I do really love when my future heart breaker do sharing every thin of her daily or hole problems. It’ll be quite smooth for the beginning and mad as cowgirl when holy waters from both blown out from. Grind, slide, pump, vibrate, etc. In the other words she’ll be frsh from her problems and than the man will feel that all energy after his daily work completed by his… Btw I’m looking someone for complete it… That’s my opinion with my own analogy english…

  34. TheReal says:

    I have always enjoyed being on top. I’m a wild one though. I love the exercise and the feeling i get when i know i’m pleasing my man. I usually start off slow. Men love when you slide your self up over his head and sit back down, barely letting it go in it out. My favorite position is probably reverse cowgirl. The key to riding is grinding and pulling your hips up at the same time, doing figure 8′s and all that. It comes natural to some but some women are super shy. Take control. I’ve always been a hair-puller, neck kisser, and a little bit of a biter but needless to say i’ve never left my man unsatisfied.

  35. eyeswideshut655 says:


  36. kushitequeen says:

    When ever ive riden mi man i get told u know mi cum quick when u ride …is that good o bad.? I love it sensual

    • paul says:

      my girlfreind loves being on top and she loves to grind which brings her to climax within 10-15 minutes every time…if i can keep it up that long! the grinding does nothing for me but when i let her know politely by lifting her by her lovely butt and suggest the up and down movement for a minute im all good to go grinding again and i get really turned on when she does reach climax, and she also knows exactly how to make me reach the point of no return within minutes so we spin over and i go at the same time as her second. she does only go on top after a good hour or so of several limb bending positions and we are both getting knackered though. i think im a very lucky chappy ;)

  37. Cali rules says:

    Uck my god , you either got the skills or you don’t ! I’ve run into both types. But then there’s the cheese grader type! Ladies a mans package is not a toy, it’s a body part. Grinding the shit out of your mans Johnson can go wrong. Example try not to ride us when you just shaved 3 days ago causing your tarantula like sandpaper pelts to scrape the shit out of our wangs = irritated . If you can’t mimic a porn actor then your probably not shaped like one and might be a lil too heavy to be on top in the first place. To tell you all the truth, having you on top really ain’t fun after 5 mins … I’m a man I like to pound you out ladies, it’s my job to beat your pussy up like mike Tyson. Real talk I think a better issue is woman who suck at doggie and sucking dick! How hard is it to arc your back n stick your ass out like a porn star? And wtf is up with you ladies that arc your backs the wrong way like a hunchback mid thrust, similar to a scared or angry cat. I start losing my hard on when that shit happens. Bad blow jobs are tragic, if you can’t suck dick right then your worthless and no man will really want to marry you. Finally ladies, some of you ( and I’m sure there’s alot of guys guilty of this) smell like shit, clean your pussies, I live in the bay by sf and I’ve had to leave several girls mid for play due to their vaginas smelling like pier 39 so ladies don’t go out with stank vag .

    • millie says:

      For a guy like you to talk shit about girls and talking like you’re the superior gender, learn to spell and use proper capitalization. For someone who is getting dirty pussy, you’re probably paying prostitutes. Don’t complain when you pay your girls, you get what you get and don’t act like you’re all that when you’re not.

      • Hogboy says:

        @millie I have to agree with you 100%. Cali rules needs to learn how to treat women, then maybe he might qualify for a quality one. He won’t get anything but trash and ladies of the night if he can’t talk to them better.

  38. Markeeya says:

    This just might save my relationship <3 thank you

  39. Rickey williams says:

    One of my girlfriends best thing is domination while she is on top on me.She will tease me when I reach for her boobs she will grab my wrists and pin my arms down and fuck me very hard while holding me down.It drives me crazy when she teases me this way.What makes it so bad is that I cannot even defend myself I just have to take it which really not that bad.

  40. G says:

    I ride dick so good. I can make my man cum in 5 mins.

  41. clare says:

    I can ride and I dont need a horse when I get to ride my man every day, he loves it, Ive been riding for years ut some of my bfs Ive never gone on top because they were skinny guys the best rides are the bigger built guys I dont mean their dicks, my husband was a fat guy and I could ride him and make him cum in about 7 mins, my new guy comes in 3, the last guy wanted me to do that sit up and rode it but thats hard on the thighs. I always alternate like I do a bit of sticking my tit in his mouth and a bit of sticking my finger in his mouth and a bit of story telling but its different for every guy the new guy is easy as pie hes never had a woman go on top before and he loves looking at my fit body when I ride him , best for me was the other day in his van I held onto the bit you hang your clothes on and that meant I could get in hard and it felt sooo good, he must have likes it too he came in 3 mins

  42. Amy says:

    Reading this got me so horny that I called my boytoy and asked to be a student. Fuck. Thanks for the tips. Xoxo Amy

  43. nicola says:

    I’ve been wit my bf for 2 years bt had no other partners but him, I’ve got on top quite often, bt find that he doesn’t really enjoy it, I’ve tried grinding and up and down? I really want to make him climax while sitting on him? I keep trying in hope that practise will help but so far it really hasn’t so far its really affecting my confidence as he’s had a ffew previous partners who were a lot more experienced than myself so makes me paranoid and tips and advice would b very much appreciated x

  44. Stacy Mrsbeingbad says:

    damn email me tell me how to grip it matterfact show me :-) ill send u a pic

  45. Cherish says:

    This helped alot thanks

  46. perfection says:

    So I know how to ride a dick you gotta work it bounce that ass grip their hair tell em how good it feels. Grind and ride pound it hard, work that shit. Make him moan and speechless. Turn around face the other way on ur knees and bounce that ass. They love that shit. Then while ur facing away from them on ur knees arch ur back qnd put ur hands on both sides of his chest and bounce on that dick. Tell him to grip ur hips. Let ur moans out. Express yourself. Trust me he will love it. my dude told me no ones ever rode his dick that way before. Most girls suck or are scared. Let loose. Show your man that you want to please him.

  47. Jay says:

    So here’s what I do. I’m 5’9 and BBw I have thick thighs and an hour glass shape.
    I like to sit on top and make him scoot down until he’s at the entrance. I lower myself down and lean forward. My hips become his handles and I start to move up and down slowly. When I feel comfortable and I’ve got a good grip on him then I let loose. Put your hands either on his chest or on the bed on either side of his head and then let go of your center( like dancing) your ass WILL bounce naturally without getting tired. The key here is not to move your whole body just you use your core and your weight will propel your ass up and down. The key is to sync up with him. The faster you go he should thrust to meet you. If he doesn’t then spread your legs wider to get a lower position on his dick. WATCH his face. You will know if he’s feeling it or not. If he can talk or stare in your face then you need to move a bit quicker to create the friction that gets him off. It’s easy. And I suggest belly dancing classes. They stregthen the core muscles giving your hips and pelvic area release.

  48. TisSian says:

    Well I think I suck at riding and I wanna be better. My Bt gets so tired of me riding he gets back on top. I love the way he putting it down but he isn’t which is killing our sex life!!! HELP!

  49. Vanessa says:

    Dis has hlpd me a little bt i wnt to knw if der is any video which teaches on how to ride a dick

  50. Hush83 says:

    I have to admit, I dont typically like riding. It tends to get painful near my belly button. Do you have any tips on how I can fully enjoy him being fully inside as I ride. I normally tell him not to pump and let me do all the work while im up there.

  51. BigD*ckrider says:

    How I learned to ride my man til he and I both cum (who has a very big d*ck btw) I use dirty talk & nasty attitude to ask him “like this? Tell me what you want?” In a low, sexy voice. Once a man understands you will do anything to please him & help him get off, he will take advantage of the opportunity!

    So whether I ride backwards with my knees against my chest & feet flat on the bed or facing him and leaning my chest on his chest or the scissor style where my legs are over one of his legs & Im holding his other leg up in the air (yes while Im on top) as long as I keep talking dirty, he’ll tell me to switch it from hard to slow then we both win.

    The key ladies: let your man tell you how he wants it. Not all men want it the same just like giving head!

  52. Blasian says:

    I’m in love with my Bf he always wants for me ride but a girl gets oh so freaking tired to make a long story short he take forever to come even when he feeds my I know my vagina is good Im guessing this dude maybe popping pills or something lol idk

  53. Laura says:

    The best thing to do is talk. Like everyone said ask that question your afraid to ask. “Can we practice?” This will definitely get your man curious on what can happen and what you are willing to do to satisfy him while the “practice session” is happening. Of course we all know that once the “practice session” is done the real one begins. Lady you have to be comfortable with yourself!!! Free your mind and relax enjoy the session and KNOW you are the BADDEST thing around like a porn star! Let you man know he can get whatever he wants out of you while you guys are going at it. Giving good dome is always a plus but man love the fact they can see their dick going in and out. Let them see it! bounce it in a comfortable position either in a squat with your feet by his sides and push your back out… have him put his knees up and use that as support if you can’t arch. Lean forward and concentrate on your ass bouncing on him. Pop your back. Of course not literally but have him help you as well. Guide his hands on your ass, lean forward, and continue bouncing. Alternate movement by putting your hands on his chest and grinding… not too hard… and ask the question in a sexy voice. “Do you like it like that”. Talk dirty like “This your pussy baby” while moaning. “You want this pussy to come” in a powering voice but maintain it sexy. Otherwise it will sound freakish in a bad way. You can turn around hands behind you and your feet like in a squat position as if your going to to an arch and start grinding back and forth. I know my man likes it like this because he can feel his magic stick touch all his favorite spots in me. Make sure to keep your pussy tight while doing this…. He can also help you bounce in this position while grabbing your hips and moving you while you do the same to reach further climax.

  54. Lola says:

    Wow, love the way you write, blunt, sexy and idk, I just trust you.

  55. cc says:

    These tips are soooo awesome. I feel like I’m already great at this but after reading all this, wow!! I cant wait to go practice on my husband and become the star of the rodeo! Thank you everyone! Real talk on this blog, I love it!

  56. kemron says:

    OK here is my tip for you girls. And I can guarantee this will make your boyfriend come as a little boy who just found out about sex. Now here is the trick: When you get on the top of him, sit on the penis. Then lean forward to have your boobs in a reachable distance to his mouth and spread your knees far enough so that you can lay your belly against his. Stick out your bum and start moving it up and down. Make sure it’s only your hips moving and upper body is almost not moving. Put your hands on his chest to make yourself comfortable (and men like it).
    This is called riding! It is almost like performing a booty shake on his penis.
    The first time I tried it with my girlfriend, she also got really excited as apparently when doing this her clit also got quite a bit of pleasure as it was touching the penis. The best thing ever for both.
    Good luck

  57. Jake says:

    What video are you talkin about

  58. meme88 says:

    Just turn on some music and do yo dance on his dick

  59. yeezy taught me says:

    I lost my virginity to my bf about 9 months ago and naturally i was excited and willing to try all positions and please my man… Till i attempted riding. I just couldn’t get it right; I’d try for a few seconds and my thighs would start killing me and even worse he wouldn’t feel anything, or he’d feel just pain from me “bending” his dick and always end up taking back control. We even dedicated an entire night to practicing but it was such a fail.. I felt so embarrassed and inadequate and ever since then i avoided getting on top like a plague.

    But yesterday, i don’t know what happened… I found myself on top of him, riding away and it was just so easy and natural and he couldn’t control himself! My baby came in less than 3 minutes.

    Thought I just got lucky so I tried again, a few hours later… Same fucking result!

    I officially know how to ride and it feels so damn good to have all this power

  60. shanel says:

    What video are you talking about? And what us grinding exactly? Is it like going back and forth or going in circles? Me and my bt are together for over a year….a few weeks ago he got mad because I sucked at riding his dick. All other t j ings I do best but that is the only thing I can’t do. Please help me…I am willing to learn.

  61. Ally says:

    My boyfriend wants me to ride him and i’ve never done it before, i need tips on how to do this. i’m pretty self conscious so i’m not really sure what to do, i also need to give him a lap dance, any ideas? Please help, i’m ready to learn, please email me

  62. She says:

    Love this article.

    Not that good at riding when he’s lying down, at all but I’ve gotten better. When I make him sit on the toilet seat and ride his dick like I’m doing squats; he claims it’s the best he’s ever had. I would love to practice all day if I could lol I ask him & watch porn regulary to learn. (I’m a big freak so I’m determined to be one of the Best at all this shit or me) lol But I think he get sick of me. Him “baby you’re good, I swear.” What’s a woman to do? Lol

  63. WET says:

    If she tells you she’s coming
    Keep fucking her like you are because sometimes our orgasms can last for A FEW MINUTES & if you change the rhythm, you might mess it up. keep fucking.

  64. Minky says:

    So , this article was really helpful. I’ve had one 8 year relationship where reverse cowgirl and me on top was norm. My new relationship is 10 yrs in and he thinks he does all the work and is mad he holds my hips when I’m on top. I’ve never had an orgasm on top before but hope too. There’s lots of ways to ride your man on top , so this seems like it could be a fun time .

  65. Zam's Girl says:

    Okay. I’m a virgin and my boyfriend an I have been talking about him taking me. He is going to let me be on top so we can go at a pace I want so he doesn’t get to rough and once the pain settled I can move again. Anyway I don’t know what to do to make it pleasurable for him cause I’m a virgin never looke up porn or played with myself, so yeah I don’t know what to do so please a little help. I don’t understand the movements you talk about

    He’s had a few partners an was rode once before so I want to be better than her and I know at first I’ll suck and I’ll need instruction from him.


  66. Rose says:

    I’m dating this guy and he’s a virgin. We tried twice and he got hard but got so nervous when he’s on top. So I tried to get on top but he went completely flat. I always attempt to get on top but I don’t know how to ride. I want to learn so when the time comes I can just get on top and do the work for first time. I could probably begin the process and he just get into. But how can I do that? I have had experience with other guys but never with a virgin who doesn’t know anything because the guy was always on top. Now I have to learn for him.

  67. Bethany says:

    I’m a thick, curvy girl, and I just started having sex with my partner. He is new at having sex as well. We both love to have casual sex, but the problem is that he doesn’t last long to satisfy me. I do know that riding a man can make a man last longer, but every time when I try riding him is hard because his dick slips out, my ass too big, or my inner thigh muscles hurt. So I would like to know some tips to how to ride him while being comfortable for me and him, what places are best (bed, floor, chair, sofa, etc), and pleasurable?

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