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Just “Stick It In”, Already! Foreplay Ain’t For Everybody

Some girls don’t get foreplay. That’s just the nature of the beast.
I am a proud sexual intellectual, who takes pride in his ability to eat vagina, stimulate nipples and give massages so good that women want to pay my bills. But, just because I’m great doesn’t mean I’m going all out for every chick.

I read a blog that said you can’t just stick it in, well I call bull shit. I just stick it in all the time.

All girls don’t deserve foreplay. Now, if a girl thinks she does, and doesn’t get foreplay, well her man felt like she didn’t deserve it. We live in the casual sex era where intercourse happens before we decide if we like the person enough to be seen with them in public. So what I look like running my fingers through a chick’s hair and I might not take her to Walmart? **Screw face**

Yeah, she’ll let me pull up to her bumper in my long carmel brown limousine but I don’t expect her to blow on my ear and give me a back rub. That’s just ludicrous.

We need to understand that times are changing. With a struggling economy we are facing cut backs everywhere. Foreplay is no exception. A woman shouldn’t expect me to lick her twat because she read my blog about how to eat pussy. Hell, she could give me dome and I won’t lick it before I stick it.

I even follow this rule myself. I’ve ate vaginas plenty of times and not got got head in return. You gotta earn foreplay and that’s a fact.

So the next time you’re expected to do a little dance, to make a little love, tell em: everybody don’t deserve foreplay and just stick it in.

14 Responses to “Just “Stick It In”, Already! Foreplay Ain’t For Everybody”
  1. BK_mami says:

    I agree… sometimes its all about hitting it up! Especially if the guy isnt good @ eating it up.

  2. Curious Valencia says:

    “We need to understand that times are changing, with a struggling economy we are facing cut backs everywhere. Foreplay is no exception. “


    • Xilla says:

      That’s the truth tho!! lol

      • Curious Valencia says:

        Sometimes I really don’t need foreplay. . . if dude looks at me the right way, can get me hot and bothered with just one innocent touch to my arm or wears a cologne/oil that has the Axe (mannequin commercial series) lets just go straight to the main event.

        Not everyone knows how to eat a peach right, I’ve only had one man that had me begging for more with tears (wonders if C.A.L. is on Facebook)

  3. iSayHotDamm says:

    Agreed! I’ve been with the same peen for 14 years, and sometimes there is foreplay, sometimes not! Last night I wanted foreplay, but he hit me with a 7 pump hitta-quitta n the rest was history….i take the good with the bad cause sometimes i only want the D, and he oblige

  4. iSayHotDamm says:

    @the hallway It is…been together since 20….creativity n role play, thats the key!

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