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Jenna Marbles – Bounce That Dick (VIDEO)

Cocktopuss || Dickeroni and Cheese || Shake Your Dick Bitch || Yeah this happened. This joint from Jenna Marbles took over twitter and wow! Just wow!

3 Responses to “Jenna Marbles – Bounce That Dick (VIDEO)”
  1. Jessica Whitifled says:

    Haha Wow i live in hawaii girl it is beautiful. I moved here from Illinois its a hell of alot better than the midwest haha. But anyways i moved here cause my boo is in the army haha;]

  2. SERIOUSLY! I thought Trina, Kim, or Nicki would’ve created a dickeroni and cheese song. Ummm.. WOW.. No need to force penis shaped objects into the mouths of hetero men.. #jussayin

  3. Hey I love your blog, come check out mine too if you can!

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