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Cinderella: The Industry Girl

When she told me she could deep throat a carnival lollipop, I arranged to meet her that night. As I waited loud music howled from the speakers, the air was sprinkled with the essence of patron, vodka, hot wings and PBR spilled on the floor by a guy who had one too many. She walked in wearing a huge smile that glared off her small body. She was such a geek, but I found her wildly attractive when we locked eyes at an industry event.

I order drinks, and the conversation began. Small talk about the internet, twitter, blogs I wrote, where she grew up, where she worked and other bits and pieces of information were exchanged. It’s funny how good a discussion can drown out the screams of music. After she finished her first drink she reached in her bag and retrieved a huge carnival lollipop. Her smile turned into a seductive grin which was warning that she was about to do it.

She prepared the phallus of sugar for entry, exposing it’s colorful stripes. She licked it slowly in between our conversation and every so often she would make eight of the ten inch treat disappear down her throat. “I’ve been sucking on it all day,” she said. I was in love.

We ordered more drinks, and drank until it wasn’t safe for drunk people to be on the subway alone, so I talked her into getting a room with me. Once we got inside the door, I kissed her. Her lips were soft, her skin was softer and my dick was hardest. The ManXilla erected a tent in my jeans and stuck her front side. We tore our clothes off and were all over each other.

I proceeded licking her nipples, her small chocolate breasts were perfect to me. Not too big and not too small. Her brown complexion was a complete turn on. Something about a chocolate girl that’s just down right sexy. Her stomach was flat, absolute perfection. Her legs toned, and her hips complemented her booty.

As she laid on her back, I began to move lower, and lower. I stopped and took time to savor her exceptional body. I worked my tongue to stimulate the senses in her belly button, before I ate her pussy. I wanted to make her love me.

Her pussy smelled like nothing, but on my face it reminded like paradise. I began by licking her clit up and down, and swaying my tongue left to right letting it move like a feather in the wind. I let her moans dictate my next move so I went lower she got louder. I stayed there for a minute. My tongue glossed and glazed her lips as we went from a tongue spanking to a clobbering and conquering. I lifted her legs and sucked gentle, but with enough force to let her know I was in control. My breath smelled like saliva, pussy and liquor as I ventured up towards her mouth, my dick close enough to feel the warmth from her vagina, I leaned in and kissed her.

I got on my back and told her to put her mouth to work. I made her suck me like a carnival lollipop and from the moment I entered her mouth I realized she had a good head on her shoulders. She sucked with force. Being a master of the sloppy blow job, her mouth formed bubbles like a jacuzzi as spit flew everywhere when my dick plunged deep down her throat. She kept gagging herself with the ManXilla using her saliva for lube to stroke me with her hand as she sucked. Up. Down. Twist. Suck and repeat.

I was on the brink of explosion, before I grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth off of my penis. I swear I heard a pop when I broke her suction. When she looked up she was out of breath, a string of saliva dangled from her bottom lip. “Lay your sexy ass down,” I said as I got up from the bed.

I walked over to stuff, grabbed the magnums out of my bag, ripped open the box, and rolled the rubber down to the serial numbers. She laid on the bed with her legs open and I got in position to enter her.

When I introduced my penis into her vagina the sensation left me astonished. Her pussy was so good that it grasped the manxilla in a vice grip of euphoria as soon as I entered her. But she had read my blogs and she talked a lot of shit so my goal was to clobber her pussy. I pulled my dick back to the tip, then hurled it crashing inside her. A precise pounding intended to knock her walls down.

I continued going in and out penetrating her deeper with each stroke. Her pussy would massage the ManXilla, it’s warmth and wetness would soothe me. Her insides were silky and moist.

From our earlier conversation I knew she liked it rough, so as I tried to total her vagina, I wrapped my hand around her neck and choked her.

I began to squeeze her throat briefly as we fucked. Two drunken bodies, interlaced in acts of lust. I told her to roll over, I wanted her from the back. She got on all fours, and I tried to fuck the shit out of her little frame. My big hands wrapped locked on her waist as my penis filled her as it slid in and out of her brown body. I pumped and it felt good, so good I decided to eat her from behind.

Yes. The lick and stick. As she sat bent on all fours I licked her pussy from behind, and licked some more. I wanted to taste her, so I flicked my tongue all over her. I also needed a breather because I was about to nut.

After my snack I entered her again. My dick looked huge as her pussy engulfed me from behind.  I lifted my hand up and slapped her ass! I smacked it again, and again and again! Every time I pulled back I tried to make it bust through her uterus, pulling on her hair to make her feel it more.

Stroke after stroke, the sweat poured off of our bodies. She continued to work her kegals while I was inside of her and I came. I came hard, I came strong and I gave her an intense orgasm. We both passed out and woke up still drunk the next morning.

After a couple of more drunken nights of lust we parted ways. It’s sad because I still read her tweets and facebook updates and miss her, but I’m still looking for my Cinderella. .

12 Responses to “Cinderella: The Industry Girl”
  1. Mary Joseph Jr says:

    Everytime I read these Cinderella stories; a little piece of me thinks I can find my Prince Charming. Then I get horny and realize I just need to release. ;) Thanks Xilla keep em coming!

  2. Prada_O_Says says:

    kegals!! lol! very important! Great post xilla!

  3. nicole says:

    OMG!!!!! Loved this cindy story.. I smiled the entire time.. just wonderful.. “from the time I entered I knew she had a good head on her shoulders” loved it.. All I can say is just omg.. Xilla do not stop writing these..

  4. Brit says:

    YES!!!!!!!!!!! This is exactly what I needed to read right now.. you posted this cinderella story at the right time. I swear you never disappoint!

  5. Keysanna says:

    Thank you for the story!!! They are my favs and the main reason why iI visit your site. Dont stop writing because many of us will be disappointed.

  6. ginobli says:

    where is this young lady at xilla lol

  7. ImperfectAngel says:

    I still love these stories. I especially love how this one ends. You still read her FB statuses and tweets? That’s so freakin’ cute! I love it. I wish that I could write stuff like this but since I’m not looking for my Prince Charming, I’m cool. I’m comfortable with Mr. Right Now.

  8. Yanni says:

    Yes!!! loved it…as always you never dissapoint!!! I love the cinderella stories. Don’t stop them xilla…we love them! SN: Kegals are the key! :o)

  9. Kryptne says:

    i absolutely love this. You always leav me wet and yearning for sme

  10. Denise says:

    Xilla, I love your Cinderella stories, please keep them coming

  11. SoEasilyComplex says:

    Yet again you’ve managed to draw me into your story. I needed that pick me up…thanks, Xilla ;)

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