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White Girls Give Better Head! — Sexual Intellectual Tip

Written by @LifeWithNeCee aka Eskee For

Why? Because white girls just DO NOT CARE. And when it comes to getting fellacied that is man’s sweet dream. Forget about technique, tongue usage, tricks and all of that. Sometimes, you just want to nut in a mouth and go on your merry way, and my Caucasian women are all down for that.

My best friend told me about his escapades with the whiteys and all the things they would do that black girls wouldn’t. He told me about this one girl who gave him head who literally stopped breathing for 2 minutes to deep throat. 2 F@#*%$ MINUTES! That’s dedication and that’s all what its all about.

Are my beautiful black women willing to let me nut on their face, are you gonna lick it off of your face afterwards? Will you bop me off while I’m brushing my teeth in the morning? Will you fall asleep with it in your mouth?

My homie (aforementioned) nutted in this white girls’ hair by mistake and she was running late for class, so she rubbed it in like Cameron Diaz in “There’s Just Something About Mary”. Now with all this being said, is it that hard to see why Kanye left that ass For A White Girl?

All Photos via Carlos Nunez

9 Responses to “White Girls Give Better Head! — Sexual Intellectual Tip”
  1. Rebecca says:

    This is interesting! I just had a talk with a friend and he said that is why most white woman last with black males because of the oral. I guess black woman are more selective about who they give oral to.

  2. Ms. Dee says:

    Hmmm, I have to disagree with this a bit. I don’t think white girls give better head than black girls, it’s just that certain women enjoy giving head and others do it as if it’s an item to check off their “This is how you sex” list. You can differentiate the two by HOW they give head, not by what race they are. I’m a black girl who loves giving head and it shows through actions. These questions right here:

    “Are my beautiful black women willing to let me nut on their face, are you gonna lick it off of your face afterwards? Will you bop me off while I’m brushing my teeth in the morning? Will you fall asleep with it in your mouth?”

    Check, check, and double check. Why? Because I enjoy it, it’s not a job to me. I could care less about it being in my hair or “hair” or it being on my face (Once i caught it in the eye…burned like hell….hows THAT for love lol) or clocking in during random hours to give head in unusual locations….those are the things that make sex fun! Anyway, I said all of that to say before a dude looks to leave a chick for a white girl she supposedly gives better head, maybe what he needs to do is find a chick that enjoys head period, no matter her color.

    • Jackie Rayne says:

      I will agree with Ms. Dee! Giving a “blowjob” is an art not just a job. Women you have to enjoy doing it. I’m a black woman & I have experimented with a white woman & her black boyfriend. I gave better head than her just because I enjoy doing it & that turned him on. Just like Ms. Dee said I’ve had a man nut in my eye by mistake & that shit burned like no other, but I was cool with it.

      I’m willing to try anything once to see if I like it, that’s just me. Women enjoy giving ya man head & trust he won’t leave unless you doing something else wrong #imjustsayin!

    • Achy says:

      I really wish my girl could have the same attitude. She thinks its nasty, and when she does it it’s always for 30 sec or less. And she is black. Smh

  3. StaffWriter says:

    Love black women, Ima marry me one when I decide to actually be in a serious relationship. But sometimes Black women are so self conscious bout things during oral, and white girls don’t really care, the most conservative white girl in the world will most likely slop you off…I commend you Jackie & Ms.Dee we need more women like you


  4. Barb.Black says:

    It has absolutely nothing to do with being black or white. Most black women don’t give head because majority of these NIGGAS don’t deserve. Period.

  5. mscaligirl says:

    I’m a black girl, well multi racial but still black and I LOVE giving oral just for pleasuring. I date white guys mainly and they have said I was the best out of prev relationships/partners…I guess they’re right they always exploded in less than S minutes so yea its all about the talent and if they like doing it…not race.

  6. Akee says:

    If you love what your doing 9 times out of 10 your partner will enjoy themselves because it affects HOW you do it. Ladies if a man is down there acting like he doesnt really want to be you will be bored. If a man is licking & sucking you like there is no place he’d rather be, like the taste of you might make him come you probably will.

    The best head I ever had is a three way tie between two black women and a Puerto Rican. All three loved oral sex. One of the black women always wanted me to come in her mouth. When we were having sex she would stop me before I came and beg me to come in her mouth. The Puerto Rican had an oral fixation period. She lived around the corner from my job and would cook lunch for me everyday. I would walk into her kitchen, she would sit me down at her table, bring me a plate, and then crawl under the table and have at it while I ate. I miss that damn girl lol. I’ve been with a couple of white women and believe me when I say they dont all give good head.

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