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Is It Normal To Eat Your Period Blood?

So I’m looking at one of my friends tumblr pages to see if she posted any new pictures of her sexy body b/c I’m a pervert like that and not because I want to my penis to play ring around the rosy with her vagina, but i digress. When I come across a screen shot of someone searching google with the phrase “is it normal to”, then google suggesting eat your period blood.

Yes! The thing people search most on google is…. Is It Normal To Eat Your Period Blood. o_O

Ladies if you eat your own period blood know that it is not normal. If it is normal, then it shouldn’t be normal. If you’re with a guy who wants to eat your period blood shoot him. B/c he’s a vampire and not the cool kind in the twilight movies but a weird person who should be hung!
One person went to Yahoo to ask:

My girlfriend and I were making passionate love and halfway through she was on her period and there was blood everywhere. I was shocked but she wasn’t and she ate her own period blood. Should I be worried and is this normal. It’s my first time.

Yes you should be worried! You should be very worried!┬áThe funny thing is the best answer was someone who said it’s perfectly normal.

My favorite was this guy who said:

It’s not uncommon for girls to “eat” or suck off their vaginal fluids off of their fingers, or your penis. A lot of guys find this to be pretty hott (although I fail to understand why).

But no, I’ve never heard of anyone (girls or guys) intentionally sucking menstrual blood off of anything. I’m going to have to say that this isn’t normal. However, There’s nothing specific to menstrual blood to make it any more dangerous than regular blood, especially if she’s “eating” her own blood.

While the next answer suggest the guy “if i were you i would run like my life depended on it. she is absolutely crazy if she is eating her OWN PERIOD BLOOD?!?!?”

To top it off this girl was doing the same thing I was doing, minus the hot chick, and she decided to make a video about it, above.
“She who eats her own period blood is someone I cannot judge.”

14 Responses to “Is It Normal To Eat Your Period Blood?”
  1. AngieGirl says:

    No words!!! LMAO

  2. Pjai says:

    That is the wildest ish I’ve heard…

  3. @msmayfield says:

    THIS IS ONE OF YOUR MOST DISGUSTING BLOGS!!!! why in the hell would it be sexy to suck, eat, taste your period blood or anybody else’s… *stops to throw up*…. ewwwww lol

  4. AmericanBeauty1 says:

    I just can’t…. Xilla I have tons of ur blogs and i have to agree with MsMayfield,this one ain’t right hun… Not cool

  5. USayWhatNow says:

    Who in there right mind who do anything like that? That is nasty to the tenth degree…smh

  6. Hmm says:

    I actually could imagine someone talking themselves into licking their blood off their fingers or something… I know some people at least play with it, more than who would like to admit.. I could imagine the same for tasting it. It does sound gross but I think some reactions are a bit silly.. like OMG WHO WOULD EVEN THINK TO DO THAT, THEY MUST BE MENTALLY SICK… ZOMG!…cmon, ladies.

  7. teesha says:

    NO. I don’t even want to look at it… let alone… NO. Lol

  8. Aiden says:

    Just another fetish ._.

  9. Eww says:

    Thats gross

  10. Ben Coast says:

    I really enjoy eating/drinking my girlfriend’s period blood. I can’t imagine anything more intimate, can you? Think about it.

    I feel fortunate that she shares my enthusiasm on this subject.

    There is nothing quite like when taking it in while it is flowing ‘hot and free’, yet I collect more than I consume, saving it in the fridge so that I may consume it every day of the month.



  11. david leeper says:

    Country folks: ever notice that every male mammal eagerly sticks his nose and tongue into his lover’s vagina when she has her period?
    Personally, I like the latter days of a period better than the beginning. The early days the fluids have a strong metalic taste, while the last two (at least) are positively scrumptious.
    Oh, and for the record: I’m a male mammal. Cheers

  12. Penny says:

    I don’t see why not, you made it. If you eat your own shit, sure you die because it’s concentrated poison but hell you made it! If you drink your own piss that’s certainly fine, it’s sterile, but drinking others now that’s fucked up, to you someone’s piss is poison, so no golden showers thanks. But I don’t see why you can’t eat your own blood objectively, it’s yours, your stomach will just digest it as it does bovine blood, whatever. However subjectively, you’re fucking crazy.

  13. varun says:

    i do it for all five days……..its really great………..i eat my girl in morning and till late in night during her periods………….i don’t allow her to wear sanitary napkins or tampoons at home………….i just love it…………..she was my girlfriend for 7 years and we are married fron last 3 years, means 10 years…..and i have hardly missed it in any month……….its safe till you follow monogamy………..practising sex with multiple is bad idea……………

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