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Cinderella — The Business Trip

I had to go out of town on a business trip to conduct an interview. Since it was my first time in this city I sent out a few tweets and Facebook messages to see where I could find good food and better drinks. What I got in return was a Cinderella story I almost forget.

One of my readers hit me up and inquired why I was coming to her city, I told her it was business and I’d only have a short amount of free time. She asked what I drank, what I smoked and where was I staying.

Vodka, dont smoke, a hotel. I answered all of her questions. When I land I texted her because I was hungry as hell. Nothing like a half a can of soda to make you want food. She replied quickly, asking for my hotel name. A few minutes after I checked in she was on the elevator headed to my room.

She was a school teacher who was very outspoken about her sexual intellectual ways. Her gravatar was a picture of a booty, and since she had sent me pictures of her before after one particularly hot blog I knew it wouldn’t be long. When she got to the door she was dressed like a teacher. She wore a black dress, her huge chest tried to escape from the top, and she clenched a bottle of Grey Goose vodka.

I poured us a couple of drinks, we talked and drank. I didn’t have much time, and I was hard from thinking about all those booty pictures she had sent I made a comment and before I knew it The ManXilla was in her mouth.

She moved her tongue up and down the shaft, licking that vein. She has paid attention to my blogs because she knew I loved Sloppy blow jobs and that’s what she gave me. Her saliva covered my dick, her hand slide up and down. Her lips made a sucking sounds, slurp and the occasional loud pop with my dick would fly out of her mouth and the suction released.

I reached back on my bed, I grabbed my camera and began to record her sucking me off. She didn’t mind the camera only made her go harder. She sucked and twisted with two hands as i filmed. I couldn’t control the camera for long. She was sucking so good that I got tired of holding that damn camera.

I laid back on the bed my feet on the foor. She was on her knees sucking and stroking. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I grabbed her hair pulled her up. I stood up and she was relentless on my dick and before I knew I was busting all over her face. She smiled happy to have tasted me. I was happy to have received her oral skills.

I had to check in for a meeting on my business trip so she had to go, she said she had to hang with her girls, but she wanted to come back later. Me trying to maximize my night, asked her to bring of her friends back she said she would try.

It might of been a business trip but I was going to have the time of my life. For the rest of the night I was being served drinks. It was like the Goose on the rocks with a splash of cran never stopped. I think it got to a point where were started drinking Long Island Ice Teas.

By the time I got back to my room it was damn near 2 oclock in the morning. I stumbled up to my suite got a text message and it was my reader. I dozed off when I got a call from saying she was at my door. I answered. She was at my door wearing a trench coat and some sexy ass heels. When she walked in She dropped the coat to reveal she had nothing on.

I cannot quite remember everything after this moment, but I vaguely remember her going into the bathroom. I laid on the bed to wait for her to come out of the bathroom. I thought about all the things we were going to do. I imagined how I would slowly slide my dick deep in her pussy and give it to her all night long. I wanted to hit it from the back, smack that ass and let her ride me as I reached up and choked her.

Only thing is that she took so long that all I remember was her waking me up around 6 am with a kiss on my cheek and telling me she had to go. I walked her to the door, she kissed my neck and went on her way. I walked back to the bed I realized I was butt ass naked. I looked on the side of the bed and there were used condoms on the floor, and night stand.

I tried my hardest to remember what happend and nothing. I picked up my phone and called her back. I heard the clicks of her heels hitting the ground as she walked in the winter cold with nothing but a trench coat and heels. I asked her what happened.

She answered with you were amazing. I wasn’t sure about that. I came flat out and asked did we have sex? She said yes I said you were amazing.

I apologized because I couldn’t remember anything. I begged her to come back and even though she was right about to get in her car she came back anyway. I told her I didn’t want to come all the way to her city and not remember what we did.

So when she came back, it was on. She put my dick back in her mouth and moved her tongue all over it, she got it went and hard, I rolled on the condom, and slide inside of her from behind. Her moan was loud, and the crack and smack of our bodies played off her moans like music. I slide in and out of her body, grabber her butt and smacking it.

I wanted to hit hard in order to make up for the night and me not remembering. I grabbed her hair and told her to fuck me. She threw it back and the things she did made me know I was with a real life sexual intellectual. She said the right things, a bunch of fuck me daddy, take this pussy and more.

As flipped her on her back, put a leg on my shoulder and slide in half way, pulled out and corkscrewed myself inside of her as I sucked on her tits with a circular motions. Her nipples belonged to my mouth at that moment. I wrapped my hand around her throat, choked her and gave it to her a few long and hard strokes.

After a while she took me into her mouth and finished me off. Her head skills were a plus and she took me in her mouth this time swallowing me.

12 Responses to “Cinderella — The Business Trip”
  1. twin says:

    YOU!!! forgetting what you did last nite, good rebound on the second round priceless!!!!!,great post xilla

    • Xilla says:

      I’m really glad you enjoyed the post. That means a lot to me. I really flirted with not bringing these back but decided to see how it goes and with just 2 comments and one of them not being impressed…. not sure if I’ll give that peak into my life.

      • twin says:

        No!!! please keep the stories coming. Me and the other facebook readers love the Cinderella story. Personally I feel these story coming from a guy trying to find his Cinderella(beside the panty dropping and mind blowing sex):-) is the reason I keep coming back.

  2. Nicole says:

    xilla, I’m an avid reader of the cindy stories and let me tell you that I was not at all impressed by this one it just seems as if it was lacking a lil something.. I’m just saying. But I love the fact that you are bringing them back

    • Xilla says:

      Note taken. I mean I don’t remember half of it…. so it was hard to get detail down. Now If I was like most of these other blogs and just made stuff up then it would be one thing. but these CINDERELLA stories are 100% real. 100% my life so its not like they are all going to be panty dripping sagas. Believe it or not I am human.

      I don’t eat every pussy, and even sometimes I have avg sex. So I apologize if this one wasn’t up to par but I’ll try to make up for it the next one.

  3. LiveALittle says:

    Keep the Cinderella stories coming Xilla they are my favorite part of the site and what initially got me interested. Please dont stop!

  4. Nessa B. says:

    I kept my promise on FB and commented. I absolutely LOVE the Cinderella stories and this one i feel the same way! I find myself “rooting” you on the whole way! Keep them coming for sure! (And the Jerk Journals too :-) That’s old school Xilla for you!

    Random Question: Any of your “Cinderellas” read about themselves?

  5. WhiteGirlWasted says:

    I loved this. My pussy got wet from the thought of her with your dick in her mouth what a lucky girl. The end was lacking like you said but the dick musta been good since she came back for more.

  6. Nafeesah says:

    I read the Cinderella stories often and I love them. Let’s just say they have inspired me to write as well. Sad to say my stuff is fictional lol. Keep sharing!!!

  7. Sunny says:

    Keep the Cinderella stories coming Xilla

  8. Sheedah says:

    Ow Ow! I’ve been following your blog since my Freshman year of college and my oh my have you taught me some things… :-) I am SO thankful you started writing these again.

  9. SoEasilyComplex says:

    Hmmm…not my fav out of the bunch, but it can pass. I honeslty thought she was going to come back with a girlfriend or two. *shrugs*

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