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Stupid People Shouldn’t Have Sex… And I Mean It

There are a bunch of stupid people in this world and I firmly believe that stupid people shouldn’t be allowed to have sex. Case in point this stupid ass married couple I’m about to write about today. The wife writes:

“My Husband Fell Asleep With Rubber Bands Around His Testicles For 4 Hours, Will They Have To Remove Them? We were fooling around and we both fell asleep, I think they are dead, we took them off but they are cold should I take him to the ER”

First off who wraps their balls with rubber bands? Secondly who falls asleep with rubberbands wrapped around their balls? Ladies if you don’t know balls are sensitive. I’ve had women lick my balls too hard and hurt them. This one chick was sucking on my balls and one of them rolled out of her mouth and lightly grazed her teeth and it hurt so bad that I almost started to cry.

Now, imagine rubber band wrapped balls.

Now third. She didn’t take him to the ER, she didn’t call 911, she got on a damn message board to question if her husband’s balls would need to be removed. If I was that guy I would divorce this dumb chick yesterday! If my balls look dead! Or feel cold and instead of taking me to the hospital you get on an answers website to find out what to do, I’m going to petition for your right to breath to be revoked.

I commend the people who answered her question. I’ll share just a few:

BALL-LESS BOB said: “I have to say that I know exactly how you feel. I did exactly the same thing and the result was I had to have my testicles removed. I have to take testosterone to keep my sex drive up, but the end result is incredible SEX!!!!”

SANE SALLER REPLIED: *wide eyed, open-mouthed, in shock*  OMG!!! I cannot believe you put rubber bands around them. I can’t believe he was comfortable enough to fall asleep with them on. Take him to the ER immediately!! Why are you even on here? GO!! This must be the craziest thing I’ve ever heard.

MR. TELL’ EM WHY YOU MAD SON said: “Please cut them off,  in fact please remove both of you from the gene pool”

My sentiments exactly. Check out the actual question and answers by clicking here.

8 Responses to “Stupid People Shouldn’t Have Sex… And I Mean It”
  1. fancy_o_83 says:

    lol. who does that?!

  2. Prada_O_Says says:

    What was the rubber bands suppose to do in the 1st place? I guess being dumb should be labeled a type of fetish too.

    • Renee says:

      Well usually you can buy a cock ring in the sex shop that’s kinda like rubber and you can put it around the guys penis and balls it makes him last longer they thought they were taking the shortcut by using rubber bands… Jackasses. This is a lesson don’t take short cuts or if you want him to last longer just change the damn position! Distractions work.

  3. MsWalton says:

    *SMH* Hol’ up!! How the hell do you SLEEP with rubber bands around your balls? These two deserve each other. I hope they don’t procreate. Stupid+Stupid does always equal smart.

  4. Miss Mallory says:

    What in the sam HELL? Where did you even read about this?!

  5. UltimatePK says:

    See that’s what men get for wanting to roll over and sleep after sex! LOL. Seriously though, I was also thinking it was an attempt at making a homemade cock ring BUT the keyword is COCK! I didn’t know it was supposed to or even could go around your balls as well! So many questions! lol

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