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Sexual Intellecual Fact: Great Love Requires An Audience.

Sexual Intellectuals know that some times great sex needs an audience. What are your thoughts about doing the do in front of people? Do you mind? Would you do it? Is that a complete no no? Depends on the person? Let’s converse.

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16 Responses to “Sexual Intellecual Fact: Great Love Requires An Audience.”
  1. LetsFilmThis21 says:

    I’d do it. I don’t really see the big deal about it since everyone is doing it ‘behind closed doors’ so just open it. And everyone knows that having an audience just makes you want to go harder. Lol.

  2. Rach says:

    I’ve done it- small scale (with one person watching) and at lifestyle parties (with roomful of people watching). I guess I’m an exhibitionist! Lol it doesn’t bother me at all. Some folks like to watch and some like to be watched- I’m both…

  3. ZY says:

    i’m not sure i want my lady bits splayed out for everyone to see. lol. i’m all for some fondling and kissing in public but there’s specific shit I like to keep indoors. though, I will do it with the blinds up and the lights on with reckless abandon. LOL

    • ThisisXilla says:

      stop being stingy with your lady bits! lol just kidding! How have you been? I love to show that same reckless abandon when i am in hotel rooms.

      • ZY says:

        my lady bits are shy amongst strangers! LOL!! they like a little mystery (like in hotel rooms with the curtains WIDE open, hell hotel rooms are practically no-holds barred. or in the house with the shades up and the windows open…something like that turns me on immensely. i have love for exhibition, but on a smaller scale,lol) I just can’t be splayed in a room full of people I don’t know, Ms. Kitty wouldn’t forgive me for that. although, put me in a skirt or a dress, sans undies, in a dark corner of a club…that’s a whole different story. LOL

        chillin’ hun, how are you?

  4. LiveALittle says:

    As exciting as it sounds, we are in a time where everyone wants to record and take pictures of everything an put it online and because of that it would remain something I am only sexually curious about.

    • ThisisXilla says:

      That adds to the experience as well, but unless you're trying to hold public office you have nothing to worry bout. How many times have you logged on to walmart and been like you're the girl from the sex tape video i seen o nthe internet? None right?

  5. SailorMoon says:

    Its kind of a rush to have someone else watch as you feel like you gotta put on the best show ever. I definetly having got to level of groups of people watching but definitely open the idea.

    • ThisisXilla says:

      I never feel like i have to put on a show. I just feel like i need to show up. maybe not I feel like i need to show off. I never thought about it like that. Like I didnt' need to stunt. But shit if i can stunt i might as well do it right?

  6. TheSUNK says:

    I haven’t actually done the visual audience, but since I’m still in school most of the chicks I deal with live in an apartment setting with other roommates and I put it down just so they can hear the sh!t. I’m usually in there knocking pictures off the wall, it’s pretty good PR for my D!ck and it’s just a turn on to know her roommates can hear me f^cking her unconscious.

  7. Loze says:

    Just like Janet says (anytime & anyplace) I totally think its sexy when you are in the view of others while you and ur man are getting it on. Its just something so uninhibiting and free about it..not to mention is just exciting, and such a rush.

  8. s says:

    one time we were at a party and went outside to get it in in the car. the next thing we knew there were people outside the car watching lol

  9. Kirsten says:

    I think everyone has had some type of sexual experience in front of an audience. Girl chilling with her guy friend and the guy ask his girl if he has a girl for his friend type of situation and each couple doing their own thing. I’ve been in situations like this before but I think the diffence is that I wasn’t sure if the other two were watching or not. I don’t think i’ve ever had like a legit audience there to watch me fuck or do whatever iam doing. But I don’t think I’d mind it ;)

  10. no thx says:

    I’ve never done it and don’t plan on it…its not a turnon to me so i’ll pass but i’m not mad at anyone who likes it…just a big nono for me

  11. loze says:

    Just like Janet says “anytime, any place”. If me and my man are really ready to get it on we will find a closet, car, or whatever! Sometimes sex can’t wait. But, there is definently something sexy about a little audience…on the balcony in our hotel (come to find out we were on the security camera the manager told us the next morning during check out), in the club (on the bar stool like I was giving him a lap dance), and of the course the pool (i felt a little bad since kids were around) lol but what they don’t know won’t hurt them!

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