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Sexual Intellectual Fact: The Kitchen Counter Looks Like A Bedroom To Me

As a sexual intellectual you know sex doesn’t have to start in the bedroom, The kitchen is totally acceptable. Basically you have to take it from the room you’re in to the bedroom. Some people might think our motto is anytime any place. What’s the most unusual place you’ve had sex? Let’s converse.

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32 Responses to “Sexual Intellectual Fact: The Kitchen Counter Looks Like A Bedroom To Me”
  1. MissPhoenix says:

    a Macy’s dressing room lol

  2. lilmufn says:

    restaurant bathroom

    • ThisisXilla says:

      That must of been fun.. I still want a girl to go the bathroom and come back out and toss her panties in my lap…

  3. twinz_84 says:

    outside in the back yard

    • ThisisXilla says:

      Was anyone around? Its a whole different rush when there is a chance of getting caught!

      • twinz_84 says:

        Actually there were people around, but I had to make sure to keep quiet so that no one would know that we were back there. It was a big rush though I thought I was going to get caught. :-)

        • ThisisXilla says:

          yeah that fear of getting caught makes it so much better and risky! Its like sprinkling awesome sauce on yourself! lol

  4. Destinee B. says:

    I Feel So Embarassed But, I’ll Tell The Story Anyway. We Have This Thing Here In Florida Called Art Walk. There Was A Long Line For The Bathroom, A Drunk Woman Kept Kicking At The Door Yelling “I Know What You’re Doing In There You Nasty Floridians!”. Me And My Husband Were In There For About An Hour Having Sex. When We Were Done We Both Came Out Laughing And My Hair Was All Messy And His Clothes Were On Backwards…Best Time Ever! lol

  5. D.C. says:

    Professor’s Office

  6. Paris_Tokyo26 says:

    In a cave and the omnimax inside the museum center, both in the same day….

  7. Paris_Tokyo26 says:

    In a cave in the museum center and the omnimax inside the museum center, both in the same day….

  8. Paris_Tokyo26 says:

    Oh and when I was younger in the backseat of my boyfriends mom van while she was driving…

    • ThisisXilla says:

      Ha! My high school girlfriend gave me a hand job in the backseat of her mother\’s car while her mother was driving and someone was in the backseat with us… lol

  9. OKnow says:

    Lol!! A photo booth on the pier in Long Beach….. Smh. Freaky memories *sigh

  10. Kirsten says:

    The most unusual place I’ve had sex is on the roof of my ex-bf’s house.

    • ThisisXilla says:

      How many stories? You gotta be high up!! lol

      • Kirsten says:

        LOL Naw we weren’t high up. It was a ranch styled house. He had this brick wall that we used to climb up on to get on top of the roof.

        • ThisisXilla says:

          Ha! You have to experience sex at a high altitude! lol Have to, but any sex you have to climb to get is good! You get an A-

  11. Nada says:

    i had a long distance relationship and would go without seeing my boy for long periods of time, so when we were together it was pretty much a fuck fest, so there are a few. starting with the first time i ever blew him, it was in a national park with lots of asians around. and we had sex on a rooftop car park, and yes there were people around, infact there were high rise hotels surrounding it. airport carpark, the fire stairs of a shopping centre. toilets of a restaurant, in my car in a random street infront of some randoms place around lunch time lol and the most embarassing one is at a storage shed and a security guy came up to us.

    sorry for the long post :)
    love from down under (aus)

  12. ZY says:

    The Korean War Memorial in Philly. Wow, I haven’t thought about that in years. Good times… lol

  13. Huh??? says:

    I have three that stand out. I had sex in the basement and the coat room of a night club. Two separate incidents….same night, same woman, and her boyfriend was in the club partying too which really made it hot. Another time I had sex with someone on the main stairway of a dormitory at 2 in the morning. I think we both wanted to get caught lol. The last was a work situation. A frequent customer was giving me a blowjob in a supply warehouse while my back was against the office door. When one of my co-worker’s/friends tried coming in the door. I pulled her up and bent her over. He was pushing on the door and thought I was pushing back being funny. Finally I asked him to give me a minute lol.

  14. TD says:

    omg I googled my business name for a client and i just saw this post! lol. that’s my photo! =p thanks

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